Sunday, July 8, 2012

Glacier yarn

WOW Chatty Patty here.  Funny I haven't looked at my e-mails since Friday (I think) due to my ailments but here, I sure have a lot to say.  I don't want to keep you so just quickly...

      There's a color which I have under my belt which I have long neglected and ignored.  Glacier!  I used to do it as a hand paint and worked up a pair of socks in it.  This was well before I invented my Meldy Deep technique.  If you are interested the two put together should have some smashing results!  
       We are also going to be working up 1400 yards of a long strand.  I made 14 hanks of 100 yards each.  I'm thinking about going through either the entire rainbow,
 or... gradient from purple through blue to green... with slight variations through each hank for a very subtle color change.  We wont "take orders" for these but only do them as I feel the desire due to how much work goes into each skein.  They are great big hanks O lovin!  I'm going to do socks though that I might have found resolution on the technique to take it from white to dark of one color... in two smaller balls.  
You can't really tell but this turquoise does just that.  I can't wait to share all this stuff with you.  There are several different techniques to try. 
1-the hanked gradient shawl, 
2-2 ball white to dark sock, 
3-2 color sock ball. FUN I can't wait.  Those black and white ribbon socks I shared,,, I can so see them in option 2 with the dark color at the toes to white at the tops.  OOO and I can paint them in the gray and put a yard of red at the start and end!  FUN!  I can't wait to play!  For now I will let you go.  Happy Monday one and all!

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