Friday, November 26, 2021

2022 Shawls

Hey Howdy Hey

Hope ya'll are having a great rest, I know we are. Couple of updates here. First off, it's time! sqwee! I love to paint! Painting the Holiday Club this season taught me how much I miss the club. And so I'm very pleased to announce, 

The Fae Yarn Club is now open!

Slew of new ideas flooded in today, thought ya'll might enjoy a quick synopsis. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

2022 shawls


6 wedge starts with stars into the solider over the main divider

Clara and the mouse king, ballet splits on ends.

Needs duplicate st for Kid Silk whiskers/beards 11/0 gold/brass beads for his buttons, brim trim, hat chain. Shoulders work the drapes in knit stitch, can duplicate st in metallic, outline only of shoulder ball then draping can be added on with crochet too. One strand of black and another of gold metallic like tarnished gold Maderia.


High end lux camel/silk lace, 8/0 or 11/0 beads... tiny, fine beads. Begins with a choker in k2p2 and rhinestones to keep snug, tiny, beaded off edge at top, bottom larger. From there work 8 wedge open. Covered in lace from top to bottom, small to large, peri into flowers with more yo and finally the largest, most dense lace at the bottom. Add new designs in netting.

Lemon Drops-Twist

Sock weight so you can do multi colored collar to start shawl... several colors. All yellows for this one. Alternate colors, Country Sky and a lilac. 8 wedge shawl alternates in sections. Begins with leaves, into tree trunk on purl, lemon clusters in lace on st st. Back into tree trunks, denser, knit lace lemon sections to a pointy edging.

Wedding Henna

A circular shawl of 16 or 32 wedge mandala, completely covered as mandala design. Use beads in place of all the dots!!

All the critters

Color work shawl, in the round, complete with choker/collar. Symmetrical lines and designs... loaded with all the critters peeking out from around them.

All the critters Blanket

Worked bottom to top in strips which are sewn together. EVERY st of throw is charted. Massive tree in the center which brings life to all of the animals. Fish in the pond, owls in the rafters, even worms on the ground, the gangs all here. Rabbits riding dogs, what else will you find?

Trellis Rebooted

Worked in sock weight, full of more diamonds then actual trellis. Each diamond has it's own motif and makes a heavier, larger shape in certain areas so that there are even more designs within the design. Circular, will there be borders? Columns? Open or closed?

Monday, November 15, 2021


     Hey Howdy Hey Kiddies,,, were making with the patterns now. Just opened Dandelions which is our first  fully shaped Faoroese since Lil Red back in 2018. Can you believe it? I sorta can't. I had a lot of fun with the goodies and the pattern on this one, gave myself plenty of time to pull in all the little goodies needed to make all your little goodies. I especially love all the freebies available with Kit 1 sets. there's no photo of the bag just yet as I was hoping to paint a dandelion on it. Chances are pretty good that it will be painted in a variegate of your shawl , that way you can find it in the stack.

Not ours, just cloak

     The blanket for this year is not a blanket at all but a cabled cloak! Totally rad, love this one, cables down the back, sides, and open front. It's a full circle for twirling. This Big Bad Wolf's fully loaded, choker with lace, beads and buttons, collar, hood which the edge is trimmed in undyed fiber.  I got the idea for all these lovelies to snuggle deep into from this photo.

There was actually a red/white and black one I wanted to make from locks. For the yarn we are pulling in Imp DK, which is then painted in a semi solid, meldy deep or puddle jumper of your choice.  I can actually use any of the gradient runs as well, Cupcakes these others here. So long as they aren't too wild or too long these will work.

     The first color I'll be doing the sample on will be Lord Darnley... the pops of color will be just at one place to avoid the cables. Since it's top down, we are going light to dark. 

The way I'll break this multi down is the first hank will be all teal with the pops, then blend into teal with spruce and finally into the full Lord Darnley. And the pops will be on one area  of the yarn, I'll keep them subdued too. 

      I've also been seeing Bloody Hell into burgundy and then black at the feet/knee/thigh you get the picture, it's adjustable. 

Bloody Hell is a Meldy Deep color way in that there are like 4 red dyes used to make it., photos washed out and on yak which changes it... it's a high, bright set of reds. I'd start with the lightest and blend them into the darkest burgundy/black.

     This should be fun. If you can't "see it" to order a multi colored... feel free to PM me, lets chat cause we are doing colors now .. Tell me your favorite colors and might be I can add it to the line.  Make sure your favorite color represents.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Holiday Club

 Hey Howdy Hey Kiddies…. Needed to share my idea for the Holiday Club this year.

I made my eldest friend a special pick me up present. I had a great deal of fun doing it and thought y’all might like something like it too.

Each time I added something to the box it was because it had special correlation to my life. What I’m thinking of for the holiday is to cut this in half and give you half yarn. which would be great for people who feel like maybe they have too much. As if you could ever have too much, you can never have enough. 😇

And everything that goes into the box is going to be purchased for the box. Lorraine is a longtime friend and got things that I had on hand. I will also be making some things. I just figured out a notebook/book I’d like to make. I’m buying a binding machine. 😉
I skipped a couple but I wanted to give you the idea. The letter told her, “find and open parcel number —-“ when the text went into italics, she was to find and begin to unwrap them. Some of these had IDs on them as she dug deeper into the parcel. Then as she unwrapped each item, “I was there” to explain it.
It’s a lot of work so I’ll limit it and we’ll go on a first come, first served basis, IE order date. I’ll begin to buy the goodies now and start making all the intricacies and labels needed. Super Mondo box only, half the box will be as much yarn as can fit into the box. Of course. Should still be a good amount of yarn.
Then too if you want just the yarn, that’s still an option.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Boardwalk MKAL

Hi Kiddies, it's time, it's finally time for another MKAL. This time we have more of a garment for you, a shaped ruana. The fully cabled knit will send you, it does me. Hop on over and join the fun. Click here.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Knights Who Say Knit

 Anyone else need some yaaaarrrn?

Check out this cute little MKAL here.

The above was painted on Fairy Medium.

I'm painting up sets of 7 minis in purple blue and green with sprinkles. You'll also need 2 full skeins of a MC. Thinking pale lilac, sky, turquoise, sage, etc. You can choose from any of the minis on the Advent page. Almost all of them have matching full hanks to pair with. Just need to know your email addy, color choices and we are off.

Painted on our Cashmere sock.

Who's playing? PM me for an invoice at

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Blue Gardenia

Hey Howdy Hey, 

we are live today.

Always a good day when I get to share what I've been working on behind the scenes and today you get...

Blue Gardenia.

Can't go wrong with silk and beads. Come join us, the MKAL begins May 19th.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

A Sale

 Hey yous! Hope y’all are well and happy. I’m slower then I had been but look forward to seeing the next MKAL, Blue Gardenia coming out soon.

Meanwhile Pixie #1 is getting married, July 31st! Cause our peeps are the best peeps (and I can’t knit any more) several have asked if they could knit items for the new family and future kiddlings goodies. Yup! Our peeps are the best peeps. If you'd like to help knit, PM me at, tell me which color you like from the mountains on the table.

All of this got me digging through the stock cause I’m sending them yarn and I’m gathering everything right now. 

Which led me to find a bunch of original yarn fairy yarns. I have been posting it up for sale on Ravelry and Facebook. But ya'll need to see it too. So quickly.... I give you yaaaaarrrnn. PM me which you'd like and I'll invoice you.

Super soft 100% merino worsted weight, purple blue and green. $29 for both.

Fairy Fine, My Thang retails $22, sale price $20, 490 yds.

This is a really bad photo this is Pacifico, it has purple and green in it. This is Imp Sock, retails for $19.50 this set is just $30

Do you recognize these? They have been here since the inception of yarn fairy. We dyed these when the kids were eight and nine years old. I’m calling them Turquoise originals. There is one Hank of worsted two of Boucle and one of the handspun. $49 for the set.

Non- super wash merino lace weight in a gray black color way. This one is sticky so both skeins are selling for just $49 total. These have about 850 yards in each.

Gold shot sock, 430 yards, normally sells for $27 the set is just $65. This is our original (Name) Owl, 430yds each
That's all for now. I do have a great deal of destash, let me know if your interested and which color you'd like to see.