Twist Yarn Sale

One of a Kind yarn, in stock and ready to ship

Spankie Spun, the mill shipped the very last back to us.

Slight variegation within each cone. Either green or purple, special new lower price, just $12.50 per 4 oz skein.

7-15 all one of a kind not to be repeated
For your perusal we have Imp DK, 250 yards per 113 gram skein, $18.50
Thee Blue 2 skeins available

Gray blue
Purple Heaven Fae Transitions
Fairy Single just $18

Purple Swirl this will swirl up 60 stitch
or puddle in the same place LOVE this plum color
Fairy Medium $20 
Wedgewood Fairy Medium  $20

Blue Berry's Elf Kisses Sock $21 per skein, 3 skeins available

Purple People Pixie Mazy sport weight 330 yards/113g $18 each

Watermelon Dark Milky Silky Sock $32 each

Sunshine Fairy Single 409 yds/113g $18 each 4 available

Elf Kisses 85/15 merino/silk,worsted 218 yards, each 100g skein is $21, half is 10.50

Mojave Inspired Gradient 
worsted 6.5 skeins $136.50 & shipping
218 yards per skein approx 1400 yards

Pirates themed yarns yummy! Went with the International photo for our Captain Jack, love it. I'd like to sell these as set but will begin to break them first week of July. Stats on each base can be found on Order Yarn Here page.  Change the quantity or just PM me for an invoice wmdress at sbcglobal dot net

First paid gets it!
Capt Jack on Fairy Fine $22 each
only TWO remains

Up is Down Fairy Medium $20 each
only TWO remains

Captain Jack Fairy Medium $20 each

Imp Sock $17.50 each

Coral Reef
only ONE remains

SPANKIE SPUN is now in the house and available! Sqweeee! See here for more breed information. We have a VERY limited amount of this so far.   $5.50 per ounce. Undyed available to do as you wish with, this is a much less slubby yarn. Again was supposed to be sport but I'm finding we are getting more like 175 yards to a 3.3-6 oz skein.  We had a LOT of trouble hanking this into skeins since there's such a wide variance in the yarn. So consider this a heavy worsted, light bulky, same pricing $5.50 per ounce. Please order enough to complete your projects. Would be fun to make hats from, not to mention super warm. Only a small amount available, please order soon. ONLY FOUR SKEINS REMAIN!!

Elf Merino! a very high end merino, extra fine, non super wash for a super low low price.  We can paint any of our colors just $13 per skein!  Yup, you heard me! This super fine, super soft and sprongie yarn that you've come to expect from us with the below market price tag of just $13 per 288 yards/100 gram skein. The best part, we can make your skeins up in any size you want.  Desire a gradient hand paint? We can make these up in 50g hanks if you'd like.  What one of the older colors from the base page? Feel free to ask for it, lets get this amazing yarn in your hands so you can feel the majesty.
Blue variegate in stock
can be done in any color
Elf Kisses
Brand new base, both to us and the market, so we have some below market value introductory pricing for you. The yarn is 85/15 Extra Fine Merino/silk for those of you who know micron count this one is 19.5 which is mighty fine merino. The silk gives it an amazing shine, the extra fine merino makes it feel like cashmere. Yes, I do recommend them for socks, the silk is strong, almost like nylon. Speaking of which you can carry a clear nylon filament along with the yarn for the foot and turn any yarn into sock yarn.
Blue for lace $18.50 each


USA SHIPPING add to your payment (outside USA will invoice you after placing your order.)

1 skein $5
2 skeins $7
3 skeins $10

4-10 skeins $13
11-16 skeins $17 more PM me.

First to pay “wins” their yarn. Go to click GOODS,(page one) wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ and .) Make sure your address in paypal is correct as I will use this to ship by and give you a free delivery confirmation.  On page 2 at paypal, scroll down and into the comments copy and paste number and name of your choice of yarn as well as the price of each.  Add shipping above (USA pricing) PM me if out of the states. Any questions, please PM me at the above address. 

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