Twist Yarn Sale

One of a Kind yarn, in stock and ready to ship PM me for invoice at wmdress at sbcglobal . net -remove spaces replace @)

Fairy Fine, 490 yards $22

Fairy Deluxe, 820 yards $30 - would work really well with the skein above.

Milky Silky 70/20/10 SWM/wilk/cashmere 430 yards $32

Maroon Bronze

Blue Bronze

Sea Bronze

Italian Silk Sock 435 yards $39/each


Shot Sock $23.00 each 3 full, 3 half skeins, normal price $104 sale price $95

Micro Mini's
10g 45 yards per skein, great for painting gradients

Old Friends solid
10 skein sets, $23 per set
only 1 set available

 Old Friend's Multi
 Micro Minis  10 skeins per set
2 sets available

Micro Mini's 12 skeins in color, black/white can be added
 $2.30 per skein total $27.60 (without the black)

ONE sets available

40-50 yards per 100g, dyed $9.25, Ecru $8.50 each, Ecru only $7.50 for 10 or more. Now can be dyed in saturated gradients, PM me to order any color.

Ecru-each individual OOAK

SPANKIE SPUN is now in the house and available! Sqweeee! See here for more breed information.
We have a VERY limited amount of this so far. Please order enough to complete your project. Would be fun to make hats from, not to mention super warm. Only a small amount available, please order soon. ONLY 4 undyed skeins remain

 Spankie Spun, the mill shipped the very last back to us.
Each has a slight gradient and variation between cones. Green has blue, purple has a bit of blue or brown, you'll find flecks from the entire rainbow in here.
Choose green or purple, just $19.25 per 3.5oz skein.


USA SHIPPING add to your payment (outside USA will invoice you after placing your order.)

1 skein $5
2 skeins $7
3 skeins $10

4-10 skeins $13
11-16 skeins $17 more PM me.

First to pay “wins” their yarn. Go to click GOODS,(page one) wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ and .) Make sure your address in paypal is correct as I will use this to ship by and give you a free delivery confirmation.  On page 2 at paypal, scroll down and into the comments copy and paste number and name of your choice of yarn as well as the price of each.  Add shipping above (USA pricing) PM me if out of the states. Any questions, please PM me at the above address. 

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