What you have all been waiting for! Pre-orders are now available for Queen Titania, 2016's year long heirloom MKAL.  She's gorgeous and has it all, using lovely base yarns and insanely gorgeous beads, our beloved Queen will reign from on high for many years to come.
This year we have three yarn bases for you, you will need 2 skeins of any of the following:

1-Cash Cob Blend, you've seen it, you love it.  This one is the best for getting the color into the yarn. Blend is 30/30/40 Cashmere/silk/extra fine merino.
2-100% Cashmere what more can be said of this?  It's cashmere baby!
3-100% Extra Fine Merino a lovely soft merino.


Merino Left to Right
Queens Roses 
Black Orchid (has more hot pink then is showing)

Night Forest on merino-photo was taken with crystals reflecting a rainbow on the yarn, really no rainbow on it.

Forest Magic 

Dark base on left, light on right

Merino can be dyed in any color, we also have a lovely Sky and Mint base to work with.

NOTE the light base of CashCob is sold out. 
Following are the medium CashCob base colors
Latte with Honey and Topaz beads

Deep Bronze-on Dark CashCob base

Aquamarine I know, where's the aqua?  If you look really close you will see the deep shades of aqua as I really loaded the blues onto this yarn attempting to subdue the teal that broke loose when I dyed it bright aqua.  One never knows quite what will happen until you actually try.

Blue Diamond

Queens Roses

end of CashCob

Cashmere for the most part this dyes like merino but we have to kettle it to get it as dark as merino.

Queens Roses
Black Orchid on Cashmere

and another photo
Black Orchid and Aquamarine


The necklace this year is practical as it also contains the stitch markers.  50 soldered loop style metal markers are included.

Beads are intense, there are three types, the 11/0, 3mm faceted and we are taking on bugles as well this year.  All are high end Czeck pressed beads, full hanks and 9 strands of the 3mm.

Every thing will come to you with a free drawstring project bag.

Any questions, please PM me wmdress at sbcglobal dot net -We will be out of the country until 12-15-15

IMPORTANT INFORMATIONPlease read this before ordering. 
  • You need a 00 needle and size 18 hook for this KAL, available below.
  • The address on your paypal account is where we will ship to, if your e-mail or address is different please change it before you place your order. If we need to get in touch with you we have no other method.
  • Sign up here for our Newsletter to know when we are dyeing and shipping. Also free patterns are given away, join to win! (this page, go full screen: bar on right, top button).
  • Pattern is sold separately at Ravelry you're responsible to get your copy.
  • Chat happens on Ravelry, in our group. There are contests with prizes just for knitting on anything! Come join the fun.
  • Please allow 4-5 weeks for us to dye, pack and ship the first orders. We will begin to get caught up on 12/15.
  • KAL will begin end of January or later if we can't get everyone shipped in time.
     You will need a size US 18/0.40 mm, otherwise they will break. Here's a video of a trial of the hooks we stock, our Lacis size 16, yup believe it or not, is a .40mm which is 18 in my book watch video. Hooks are available in the button below for your convenience.

NOTE: We dye AFTER you place your order, allow 4-5 weeks for shipping.

Choose which yarn base you want and order by which type you'd like.
Kit 1 Yarn, beads, Necklace, Stitch Markers, Bag less 10% Kit 2 was proposed, yarn and beads.  Less the discount came to $2 difference, so there's only one kit for this KAL.

ORDER HERE-International and Canada - additional shipping, pay charges under Extras below, use drop down boxes to order. 

Color of yarn
EXTRAS- 60" 00 needles SOLD OUT! The manufacturer has no idea when they will be back in stock for me to order more. Please do not order them.  24" still in stock.



  1. Hi Wendy,
    I did send this question to you on Ravelry but have not heard back yet.
    I'm sure you are very busy.
    Can I get custom color champagne with matching beads (no green) that I saw on the project page for this mkal. Tx, Robin Pollard

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  3. Wendy just got my yarn, it looks like deep bronze instead of black orchid.
    Can you check what you send me
    Mariet Nieskens 1808 piedras circle Alamo ca 94507

    1. Once it leaves here I have no way of knowing what you received. Although, there was only one bronze that went out and it was in a brown bag. Did you get a brown bag? I spoke with each person who was getting the bronze before I sent it out so I'm almost positive that would not have been you. Please send me a photo at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace at @ and dot with . remove spaces. There is no more of the CashCob in the Black Orchid so know that if you return it, it will have to be for a refund or for the cashmere or merino only. Write me and let me know asap.

    2. It's ok I think it has less dark less dept ,but I like the color.
      It's an adventure

  4. I'm a little confused. Under CashCob in the Ordering Section, only Black Orchid is listed, not Deep Bronze, but you say you don't have Black Orchid and do have Dark Bronze?

    1. It's difficult to change the buttons out. Below the names is Color? In that type in all caps the color you would like.