New Stitch Markers

Lobster Crochet Markers
Small glass globes with crystals inside-3 to a set

Dollies! Clay made with metal backs and
heart lobsters-5 to a full set

Lampwork Heart with heart lobster

Celtic Heart with rhinestone center and
heart lobster

Light Angels with multi colored rhinestone halo's

Black Angels with clear AB rhinestone halo's

Cola for all the soda drinkers out there

Steam Punk antique Brass with heart lobster
10 items in a full set
I'm listing these as a single item. If you want more then one, change the quantity at paypal and they will change the amount. If you don't order a full set, allow us to choose color and item. If you get a lot the cart might charge too much or too little for shipping.  We'll refund or send an invoice as needed.  International, no problem, we will invoice you for the difference in shipping.

Spring Fling set of 12

Pan and his Magic Flute set of 12

Mythical Horses set of  6

BAAA RAM EWE set of 7 wood and 5 metal

On Parade set of 7
Dogs set, many breeds represented 22 loops and one lobster
bottom right very well made
3-D cat "hanging in there" with all the dogs

ORDER HERE If you get a lot the cart might charge too much or too little for shipping.  We'll refund or send an invoice as needed. International, no problem, we will invoice you for the difference in shipping.


Bead containers with sticky lid for use with your projects.  Bottom holds the beads and top has the sticky to bring to your project.  All you kitty people... no more kitty problems with the beads.  Now if we could just wrangle those dropped stitches.
ORDER HERE USA shipping included, outside USA will cost more

All markers fit up to size 7 needles. Any can be made into lobster claw's for crocheting and marking projects.
Genuine Swarovski chandelier earrings
OOAK never going to see the likes of these again.
Took me three years to gather just the right supplies to make these $30

Genuine Swaroski inside of a glass ball.
Pendant is on a 20" antique brass chain with lobster closure $20

Yarn SM's

Small set of just a few for $10 including a wee skein of our cobweb silk yarn.

Normally I'm so not interested in our skeleton but I fell in love with these, hand painted, wood buttons.  You can have them as shown made into SM's or just as buttons.  Set of 6 for just $6, buttons just .80 cent each.

I love the trees, as is evident by more and more items, I can't seem to stop making trees! I feel like I step into a SciFi realm while working on them... they are so ethereal.

Any of these can be made in loop or lobster for crocheters.  The following are all 12mm trees, items grow larger from there. These are all just $1 each and can be made in as large or small a set as you require.  Sets of 4 loops are just $4, set of 4 lobster for crochet are $1.25 each for a total of $5 per set of 4.
Stitch markers in Antique Brass
Top "Plain"
Bottom "Fancy"

Stitch Markers Antique Silver,
Top "Plain"

Bottom "Fancy"
Double sided tree with angels
set of 8 for $10
Stamped "made for an angel" on the back of all charms


Lever back earring set $5 each set
trees will match as best we can
Silver tone earrings now available
to match the bracelet $5
comes in mostly red/pink
cherry type trees

Filigree ring,
antique brass

Matching Clippie sets, 2.5" $2.50 per set
Fancy Loop Barrettes $2.50
Bracelets, silver or brass, Tree only
Bracelets 14mm circles, 9 inches overall $10

Book mark Plain 3.5" overall $3.50 Tree or Snow

Book mark Owl 3.5" overall $3.50 Tree or Snow
 All of the rest can be made into:
1. Stitch markers with a snag free loop that and bead $2.50 
2. Lobster claw markers with snag free loop and bead $3.50
3. Necklaces of gold, silver or black cording $10
Antique Brass with tree on back 1" across Tree only 
Single side Silver Filigree 1.25" across Tree or Snow

Which one Tree or Snowflake?
 3-D available in both Tree and Snowflake
These have one on either side for a finished look.  Can be made single side but the glue will show.

3-D Silver Swirl 1" across

3-D Lace square on point 1.5" across

Which one Tree or Snowflake?

Barrettes and bobby pins

Snow Flake Barrettes $5.50 each

Tree Barrettes $5.50 each
I know, don't belong but I couldn't help myself.  I've loved the tree design since I was a child and have been utilizing it in many things ever since. These are all the same size, they look different due to the camera angle.  Each have a clip on the back that's  2.5 inches across, top measures almost 3.5".  Perfect to cover a top pony tail or two. Antique brass finished.
Bobby Pins
Again, don't fit but I love them!  I use these to allow my hair to dry back off of my face. These are all silver plated and have real shells or real stones in them.  They are all $5.50 per set. Order left to right clippies or barrettes, then tell me which color, (l to r) paua natural, paua pink, tiger's eye, paua natural (again), sodalite - stone is navy with natural white marbelization.

These were all so cute I couldn't help myself
Yellow Emojies with a Cyberman (looks like one to me)
Set will not be one of each as they didn't ship me full sets, 9 for $10

Winking Emojies with 20mm loop to fit your largest needles
there are these 6 different colors set of 10 for $10

 Wooden Smiley Emojies with 20mm loop to fit your largest needles
there are these 7 different colors, set of 10 for $10

Acrylic faceted loop markers, 8mm 11 for $5

Acrylic Black and White markers for up to 7mm needle 

Acrylic twisted markers 10 for $3.50
colors will vary

Drawbench beads 10 for $10
more colors will be added, lovely royal blue as well as more like the black with gold stripes.  These are striped and spray painted to give them this neat lookl

Puffed Lampwork Hearts with foil center 10 for $10
Order above here

Fall Harvest
Only $1 each (approximately)
email to order at wmdress@sbcglobal (dot) net
Winters coming -  All Swarovski crystal and sterling silver
6 round loops and 1 teardrop loop, 1 snowflake lobster claw $10

Pumpkin Witch hat with black 8 for $10

Pumpkin green Swarovski crystal vine leave top hat with green 9 for $10

Crochet and Knit with lobsters and loops. All high end lampwork with copper foil inside
17 for $23 or 8 for $14

Olive Leaves 18 for $18

Olive Leaves with gold veins 10 for $10

Mr. Puffy silver lined 14 for $15

Elongated rainbow leaves 10 for $10

Maple leaves 7 for $10

Mr. Puffy's friends 12 for $12

Snowflake leaves 9 for $10

Hearts set of 11 $12

Fae Flowers This requires an explanation, these are very expensive beads,,, all from one that was gifted to us... see that lovely wee ball of time frozen on the end?  That lovely little fellow started this whole thing up where I spent a small fortune on the lampwork floral beads.  The set sort of came together over a few months.  I LOVE this one. 
Total of 12 loops and a lobster for $18

Peacock Druzy set of 5 for $10
Ribbit, Ribbit
Glass Froggies

I love these little guys they are my "go to" for markers when I need them. You can have a small rainbow of 7, large rainbow of 14, OR make your own set. To make your own set change the quantity in paypal.  There are 35 on a strand but the set will not be complete rainbows as there are only a couple of yellow per strand, etc. 

Other then rainbow?
Buyers choice 
Build your own...
Cabochon Clutter Sets

Random sets of cabochons, mini and larger about the size of a dime.  These sets are just to show what they can look like since these are not available.
 This way you can pick and choose from your favorites and tell me how many and which type you'd like for your set. The cabs markers as as usual, $1 each, you can have a set with as many or as few as you'd like. 
Along with the floral (in both sizes, all colors) we also have large in: cats, dogs, cameos, purple and green AB, horses.  The smaller ones are available in: pink, many rainbow with shapes, rainbow of circles, cream pearls, turquoise, and a few tigers eye.  We can set the cameo's into a twisted braid cab setting as you see in the blue one at the bottom or put them onto the filigree flats that you see the black one mounted on in the same set. Scarabs no longer available.  If you want help making a set or if you just want a random one of my choice, please pm me and tell me how many you'd like (wmdress at sbcglobal dot net). Can also be made with lobster claws for crocheting, $1.50 each. 

Mystery and Moss 
Clutter Sets

From the minute I saw these Swarovski glass pearl mixes, I knew what they needed to become... clutter sets.  Along with some Czech, other crystals and metal beads... the result is these lovely creatures.  Each set is slightly different and there are only 6 of each set.  The quantity of markers varies, there are about 18 in each set.

These remind me of a small artists colony in Arizona, a city named Sedona.  Set of 14 loops, copper findings, glass and crystal beads.

NEW Foil & Facet

Montana many faceted crystals, pretty little things, these are Venezia and Czech crystal. Lovely high end faceted AB beads, all the caps are costly silver plate, most antique silver to for a smashing finish, 20 loops.

Turquoise crystal, variety of sizes, 26 loops

Metallic Rainbow with many colors in caps, 11/0 and 6/0 tops.  Comes with either rainbow or silver caps. Both sets have 27 loop. This bead is glass but feels like a light weight metal, it's cold and has a slight heft to it. I ADORE these beads.
Foil Rainbow Caps-27 loops

Foil Silver Caps 27 loops

NEW Clutter and Figurines
I love these sets, they are addicting to make.  These black vintage glass sparked my love of marcasite/black look.  Some of the silver filigree feels very light, I know it's not the metal coated plastic type but lace balls feel like aluminum so take care.  There are 25 in each set, 2 sets available.
Onyx & Silver

Genuine garnets and rubies with antique brass Arabesque beads and findings.

F & F choice only
New Lampwork 
and Venetian Glass
Many of these are one of a kind, a few can be repeated.  I feel hard in love with these beads, all the centers full of wonder, foil, sprinkles, flowers, so many different beauties. Order by name, before hypen via buttons below.
Lampwork mixture - with mix of silver caps 14 loops, $15
this sets sold, we can make another

Close up of above bead caps.

Glorious Teal - silver lined beads and mixed gold caps
10 loops, 1 lobster $15 per set

set is sold we can make another

Blue Flower - Italian Millefiori center flower silver lined bead
silver swirl bead cap loops.  Lobster has 2 square silver
bead caps on rectangle foil lined bead, 10 loops and lobster $15

Roses - Check Bead with rose inside
antique brass caps and loops
set of 8 loops, $15 (BTW this is the one that's $1 a bead)

ONLY ONE set remains

Rainbow Foil Rounds - mixture of 8 silver foil lined loops
rainbow bead caps as well as 6/0, set of 8, $10

Faceted Millefiori glass mixture with red faceted heart lobster
variety of antique brass bead caps
set of 8 loops and lobster $10

Panda Bamboo Leaves - Rainbow of bamboo shaped beads, rainbow bead caps, with leaves for the panda lobster to eat.
Set of 10 loops and 1 lobster, $15
Panda Bamboo without Leaves- Rainbow of bamboo shaped beads
with silver bead caps. Set of 10 loops and 1 lobster, $15

Watermelon Season - Hand painted wooden watermelon slice on lobster
of Mountain Jade, yup, it's real Jade!. Bring on the watermelon, it comes over to the loops in the colors of the 6/0 beads atop lovely leaf bead caps.  LOVE this one! Set of 8 loops and one lobster for $10 Sold, can make this in a lighter jade as well.



$10 markers-cobalt sold out

Cart will overcharge on shipping if you order more then one. I can refund the overcharge or you can order anther set in the notes section of your order or PM me for an invoice.

Summertime Shells -REAL shells and yes, you get them all.
This set is sold but we will make a similar one for you.

Knitting Queen- high end Lampwork foil/bobble beads and a rainbow of
seed beads accompany all your favorite metal knitting charms.

These have sold many times over but we are able to make more identical  sets with the exception of where the rainbow 6/0's go, 
they may vary but everything else is the same.

Real Amythest and freshwater pearl, all high end metal findings.
This set is sold but we will make a similar one for you.

Age of Brass and Steam
Swavorski glass pearls, metal brass charms

This set is sold but we will make a similar one for you.

 Lil Piggy sets come with lobster and project bag marker.

ORDER HERE--- SOLD OUT Starfish, Piggies, Ruby and Onyx, just the sets in the photos above are available.


Topaz SM's

The sets sold out in like 5 minutes but I do have more of the faceted gems available.  I can make small sets of markers very similar to these as well as a lampwork heart lobster claw to complete the set. 
10 markers, 1 lobster $15.

Clear Rainbow Spatter

These pretty beads are all clear but there the similarity ends.  Each are spatter painted, have a rainbow of bead caps as well as 6/0 beads.  FUN in markers.  You will receive a set of a rainbow of 10. When you click Add to cart you will be ordering 10 markers for $10 per set.
Row Counter Bracelet
Lovely hand made, each will be slightly different as there's only one of this exact toggle back. BLUE back in stock!
Shown here in blue, also comes in hot pink counter with purple (or green) beads. 

Made to your measurements, or as shown above, 8 inches long, $12.50 each.

Check out the resent shipment brought in,,, love it!  Looks like it came straight out of the Fae Realm.  
ONLY ONE Cosmic remains in stock.  Might not be able to get these again as I didn't get them in the first shipment.  This would look great with the green wire wrapped beads and blue faceted ones.  Or all blue and black totally up to you.



Faceted Gems

Made from Czech Preciosa faceted glass these are really fun.  Each set of 15 will be unique as they have a variety of shapes and shade inside of them. Every marker is about 1 inch long.
Fits: up to size 7 needles.  Different hoop sizes available.


Faceted Gem
Reforged Crackle

Crackled beads that look as though they have been broken and made anew stronger than ever they were.  They come two sizes to a marker, one 6mm and 8mm. 
 The markers are one inch long including hoop.  Fits: up to size 7 needles.  Different loop sizes available.



Hot Stuff AKA 
Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Hot Peppers are here!  Lamp work hot pepper stitch markers! Their size varies just like on the vine because they each made by hand.  On average they are 25x8mm. Fits: up to size 7 needles.  Different hoop sizes available.

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