Stitch Markers

  • Cart will overcharge shipping if ordering more then one set, will refund right away, or you can have more goodies, tell me which in notes of order.
  • If you'd like an invoice instead of using the buttons, PM me at send your shipping and paypal info for complete invoice. 
  • All loops snag free soldered closed. 
  • Standard loops fit up to size 7 needles, larger items up up to size 13, can do larger/smaller as well just ask.
  • International orders welcome, additional shipping invoice will follow order as needed. Shipping is about $25 to get out of the country.
FREE stitch marker container with every order over $20 value (tax and shipping not included)
Value of tin commensurate with size of order as we had some semi precious stones available,
now the longer it takes to make one, the more value we place on the end product
All are one of a kind, these are all gone, making more as we can, not all orders will receive one. PM me if you really want one, additional time needed to make these.
Lupus Fob
 Can be made with just the stuff on the left $15, these lobsters are used to hold markers sets. 

Or can include all of the marker sets shown in the photo here right, $25

This year saw another new chronic ailment diagnosed for me, Lupus. The ribbon is purple and the symbol is butterfly so that's where I was going with this one. I needed something practical that holds different types of stitch markers, so this is where I went. Now when I'm out I have a pretty and practical item on my project bag or purse. Figured when you look at your's you can remember to say a prayer for me. They have been trying, unsuccessfully to get mine under control now for 6 months. Time will out.
This one comes from my guts folks. If you look closely at her face you can see what the flares do to my head, empty (only bead of it’s kind). Docs changing my meds 2nd not working but at least number 3 doesn’t cause cancer! I couldn’t breath after taking the 1st, so here we go again. I’m not wanting to start from the beginning again. Wondering if the orders are all shipped because something’s coming, waiting for that old shoe to drop. Cest la vie. What we have here is something to attach to your purse/ project bag for the #knitter on the go, every time I have a dropped stitch I don’t have what I need to take care of it. This is going to fix that. You don’t have to have Lupus to need this,,, when it reminds you of me,,, please say a prayer, I can use them all.
Comes with first and second photo, 3rd shows additional markers. Lupus has the #purpleribbon and the butterfly is the symbol (totally appropriate from the Fae realm!) From Left to right on 2nd photo we have: butterfly lobster, penitent Fae, purple ribbon, crystal butterfly, druzy bead (favorite), lobster to hold your markers or scissors etc, 7 snag free pins, 3 sms that say- believe, faith and blessed. Cause I’m the end, that’s what we are. $15 as in second photo, with 15 added stitch markers (3rd photo) $25. Pm me to order.

Hogwarts/Dr Who Fob

I couldn't get into Hogwarts so I can be found traveling with The Doctor.

This 8 inch long fob has my favorite charms from both worlds. Button below Supernatural.

Squirrel and Moose on lobster claws, just 4.50 for the set.

Winter Flowers
Silver tone set of all sorts of flowers, you get all you see here for just $15

Fall Flowers
Pretty glass pressed flowers in this lovely set of fall inspired flower arranging. Entire set of 35 markers are just $19.




1) Snitch Necklace that really opens with a chime ball inside on a ball necklace

2) Snitch bracelet 

3) Wand shawl/hair stick with "Wingardum Leviosa" feather and super charged crystals, one a Swarovski the other Check Pressed, both clear AB.
4) Time Turner Necklace, love to play with this one, see video below.

5) Deathly Hallows necklace

6) Deathly Hallows project fob NO LONGER AVAILABLE

7) Copper tone sorting hat

     To order see drop down button below.
     This enormous set was such a fun to put together for ya'll, it's a really large set with a total of 38 (will vary). We've been brainstorming, set up lists and buying charms from all around the world round for about a year now.
 We have a charm for each house with the 6/0 beads in the house colors. Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs all make an entrance.
   The Philosophers stone and key, a really cool Snitch who actually spins!!! We have the goblet of fire, the diary horcrux as well as the snake fang used to destroy it and the sword that came out of the Sorting Hat, which is also included in the set and a back up dagger.
     Even though the snake was in he house set, we had to include the massive Nagini. Just a few teachers, McGonagall transforms into a cat, Hagrid flies a motorcyle (lobster claw), Madame Hooch is also flying. 
     You will find the castle, 2 children and a lightning bolt. There's the Hogwarts mascot-hog as well as 5 of the owlery occupants, they are:
Pigwidgeon (cute wee one)

     Magical creatures for Hagrid: Unicorn, Peagasus, Aragog, Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon, a pesky pixie and a sock for Dobby. Course we had to have some treats, chocolate frogs and a punkie for pumpkin beer.
 Since publication we have gotten in 2 sets of eyeglasses and the sword of  Gryffindor. Coming out in each set, no additional charge.
  • The WB logo goes blue/black as the movies progress, which is why we used these colors for the main markers.
  • Please do note, we might run out of a charm, or find a better replacement, if so we'll substitute one of equal or greater value. Since publication we have gotten in 2 sets of eyeglasses and the sword of  Gryffindor.
  • Also note that the set contains 38 loop markers and a lobster claw, normally would sell for $39, but we have this great introductory low price for you, grab them up now before the price goes up.
ORDER HERE Add shipping, it's separate and cart wont charge you. If adding to existing order, no shipping charges apply. Please don't order symbol fob-no longer available.


Time Turner Necklace in action

Extra Large DOG set

We love our puppies, there are many different breeds in this set. Everything you see,,, you get, love my puppies, 27+/- as they are subject to change with availability but the replacements will only get better. 

Pretty acrylic flowers, translucent or solid, order below.
Flowers Transparent

Flowers Solid

Love my dollies, this set has hand dyed Lincoln Locks on the young ladies and men (wood and ceramic) FUN! We have 2 Geisha lobsters, 2 Geisha bells, 4 loops and even a clothes pin. Fun set is just $10.

By special request of Miri I give you the dark, darkness of Midnight. Only one set available, lampwork, metallic, black drawbench and other high end goodies. Set is $11.

Real jade rounds, these are lovely, cold stones, love them.  Set of 6 jade loops, 2 lobsters (can be made into loops).  Jade will vary.

Hand carved, hand painted wood watermelon with jade and seed beads to emulate the rind, white, flesh and black seeds, fun. Set of 6 loops, 1 lobster, jade will vary.

JADE TYPES Choose from these different types of jade.
Left to right: Olive, Chang Hai, Jadeite, Malaysia

 Hand crafted in Peru, these adorable 3-D ceramic critters are just what you need for your knitting.  High end mat and gloss for differing textures these little guys are each only around 5/8th" tall.  Bottoms are filigree metal disks and metal balls. Set of 11 total, new animals available.


Choose Jade type

Various colors, sizes, all terribly cute. Only 3 sets available, 13 angels per set.


Gold capped cones, faceted glass cones, 10mm, 10 per set, 4 sets available.

Purple Cones, faceted glass, 10mm set of 6.

Rainbow cones, faceted glass, 8mm set of 9, colors vary per set, only 6 sets available.

ORDER HERE -shipping overcharges will be refunded or can be used to purchase another set, see top of page for more information.


RAINBOWS gotta love them, we Fae adore them all.
These are layers of resin alternating the different shades throughout the bead and then one bead has all the colors of the rainbow in it. Set of 12, colors will vary. Kilt pin sold separately, below. Revamped set, added more stripes, different sizes, set will contain all or just one, order by following: Original (top photo) Photo on right: New Small (on left) Larger Stripe (on right)

Yeah, mouth full but then these pretty babies deserve every bit of it, love the shine these acrylic beads have. No two are alike, whatever the process to make them it must be intense. Pretty floral silver tone bead cap, set of 10.

Some of our blue beads, I know that there's more of them in stock but this was enough for the set. The entire thing is all glass, including the bead caps. Lampwork, millefiori, drawbench, crackles, it's all in there, so pretty, set of 14 seed beads will vary. Kilt pin sold separately below.

Fae Flowers  a VERY popular set!! This requires an explanation, these are very expensive beads, each individually hand crafted with foil and a flower on each side.  
This all started from one bead that was gifted to us... see that lovely wee ball of pixie dust, frozen time on the bottom left?  That lovely little fellow started this whole thing up where I spent a small fortune on these lampwork floral beads.  The set sort of came together over a few months.  I LOVE this one. 

Kit has been redone (right) due to popularity and bead availability it now has 14 loops and a lobster with different shapes, colors and sizes for $19.75 only FOUR sets available.


Good Luck cat Maneki-Neko or beckoning cat
Neko kitty are all porcelain

Project bag keeper has a generous clasp for attaching to the widest of straps.  This lobster is larger then our standard large lobster.

All Neko's bottoms are decorated with metal filigree. The dangle off of the bottom your choice of: a tassel, Geisha girl looks great with a tea set, tea bag, coin or a frog eating a coin. Geisha is quite temperamental, her bow and expression changes.

Brand new ones came in the other day.
Bone on left metal on right, choose from sandels or barrel

Cute medium size Specify top row L-R
Red, white star, black wink

Slightly larger then above white and a tiny one with a paw on the back

ORDER HERE-Cart will not add shipping, placed separate inside this button if this is all your ordering.  You can have ALL items in this button for just the $3 shipping fee.  :-)

Geisha or small Neko dangle


While there are several sets out there, this might be the most comprehensive set of all and I love this set. Necklace sold out in minutes, sorry Peeps.

L-R we have the infamous Colt and it's bullets, other instruments needed.  Cass massive wings and trench. Baby, ya gotta have Baby, cassette cause, "Driver picks the music and Shotgun shuts his cake hole". Shovel to dig with and real sea salt for the bones. Salt is topped with a "Tigers Eye" for when Dean sang that song atop Baby at the end of the episode. Burgers and beer, fangs and hell hounds, didn't miss much here. Set of 20 for just $19.

Knitting Queen XL knitting set
with lampwork beads set of 12 for $15

Knitting Queen- high end Lampwork foil/bobble beads and a rainbow of
seed beads accompany all your favorite metal knitting charms.


 Star Wars bracelet or SM's first 2 Peeps to order get a free BB8 necklace $9.50

Coffee Square loop $1 lobster $1.25

OOAK 3-D Monkeys oh so adorable! $8 for the set
FREE bag with all orders, free necklace went out in first few minutes.

Chunky Monkey bracelet with 
22 cat varieties $22.50

Catsssssssss 27 different ones in all,
plus a (alternating) bird in a cage, hey, 

"We have to eat, meow"
This set has a lobster claw on the left, entire set of all 27 is just $19.50 

If you'd like the Coraline Angel kitty or the rainbow "bridge" from the rainbow crackle set (below) these can be added free of charge plus I found a tiny kitty after I made this set.  For anyone counting that's a total of 30 stitch markers! Add in the notes section if you'd like 27 or 30.
 Close up for my kitty lovers


Monkey or Coffee Square?

Here No Evil Monkey
Loop or Lobster

ORDER HERE-Ceramic sold out


Just the Loops
Choose from Silver dots (top left) or hearts and squiggles in copper, brass or silver tone. These 14mm loops are just .05 cents each.

23 mm Faith, Hope and Love just .50 cents each

Twisted 15mm loop just .10 each

Rainbow teardrops are just $1 each.

Coffee anyone?  These little cuties are just $1.25 each for lobsters, can be put onto loop for just $1

Bird watching, the binoculars actually MOVE!! I love this set.  Our intrepid bird watcher climbed the tree and in it he found a nest with pearls for eggs.  There was an acorn and a squirrel nearby and a crow flew overhead. A butterfly landed on his nose as a robin alighted on a nearby branch.  Entire set of 17 markers for just $9.50.   Flamingo sold out replaced with yet another bird.  Side ways owl also replaced. Love birds in antique brass almost sold out, order soon.

Copper Cage of rhinestones wow this one is just amazing.  So far I've only put them onto lobsters but I don't see why these can't be put on loops too.  Your choice.

If the cart over (or under) charges for shipping... I'll refund or invoice you right away. Change the quantities at Paypal for as many items as you need.

If you choose Heart loop color
Name of loop or lobster

Mayan Calendar
Double faced lobster with 6 mayan budha loops just $4.50 for the set, .50 cents for each additional loop.

Rainbow Mother of Pearl markers
$15 for a set of 23

Pearl Style mini markers on a kilt pin
you get all of these mini markers for just $10

ORDER HERE-silver foil lined sold out


The much anticipated Dr. Who set
Complete set in addition to everything below you can see the new Weeping Angel, Cyberman and the gold 2 sided Tardis, all included for the same low price.

13 loops, 1 lobster, 1 purse fob first person to order gets the commemorative tin-only 1 TIN SOLD
What you get from left to right:
1-Dalek Purse fob, "Exterminate!"
2-Union Jack, 
3-police box, 
4-K-9 at the end of Big Ben (Aliens!)
6-"Donna Noble has been saved, Donna Knoble is in the library"-book 
7-Planet charm and cabochon (colors will change)
   Commemorative for older Doc: 
10-David Tennant was revived by a cup of tea upon regeneration.
11-Weeping Angel
12- Weeping Angel with eyes covered is on it's way-allow 30 days if you want to hold for the full set
13-London Tube
14-3-D double decker bus on lobster claw
15- Cyberman 
16-2 sided gold Tardis
      Complete set with all 16 items just $15 - Set is heavy, shipping $5 in the USA.

TIN SOLD sorry only one
      What you get left to right:
1-3-D Gravy train on lobster
2-Boot from other mother
3-Bone for the Scotties
4-Mr. Bobinsky's cheese club
5, 6, 7-Jumping Mouse Circus (3 mice)
8, 9-Button Eyes (you get both colors)
10-Tulip garden party
11- Cat angel
12-black informant cat
13-dog angel

Fairy Metal Charm set
1 lobster Blue Fairy on left 
6 different loops to the set

Comes with a free ball & chain style necklace, Fairy on Moon and Purple enamel Fae.


Rainbow fairy's
Choose from type of wings, fluted skirt or tulip.



Fluted dress on left and right, tulip in center
  Long flowing train or shorter round petal, acrylic skirts.


More info?

Wooden Rainbow bunny's adorable! Set of 7 just $5, love painted onto the ears. So cute!

Rainbow butterfly buttons acrylic 7 for $7

Wooden Rainbow Kitties set of 13 for just $10

Wooden Russian nesting dolls, these are slightly larger so they got some lovely textured loops which fit up to size 15 needles.  Total of 9 in a set with a 10th for the lobster, $8 for the set.

Shawl Clasps just $2 each, top to bottom, Silver Filigree 3 inches across.  Bottom Silver or Gold Fleur 1 3/4th inch across.
ORDER HERE-cart will over charge for shipping when ordering more then one.  Will refund immediately.  If you order Dr. Who set will invoice you $2 for additional shipping.

Clasp option

Magnasite with bead caps, various colors, $1.50 each, pm me for invoice or order in button just under Bird Watcher.

Chain Mail, fun loops, these are my go to markers for everything. $1 each for loop, $1.50 each for lobster, pm me for invoice wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ & .) or order in button just under Bird Watcher.

Polymer Clay like buttons, $1 each for loops, $1.50 for lobsters or order in button just under Bird Watcher.

Steampunk style buttons from around the world, London, Paris, New York, Washington, etc. 1 for $1 and $1.50 for lobsters or order in button just under Bird Watcher.

Lobster Crochet Markers
Small glass globes with crystals inside-3 to a set

Dollies! Clay made with metal backs and
heart lobsters-5 to a full set

Lampwork Heart with heart lobster

Celtic Heart with rhinestone center and
heart lobster

Light Angels with multi colored rhinestone halo's

Black Angels crackle glass and clear AB rhinestone halo's

Cola for all the soda drinkers out there

Steam Punk antique Brass with heart lobster
10 items in a full set
Mini Kilt Pin shawl closure or for holding any set of stitch markers add to your order for just .50 cents!

       I'm listing these as a single item rather then as sets. If you want more then one, change the quantity at paypal and they will change the amount. If you don't order a full set, allow us to choose color and item. If you get a lot the cart might charge too much or too little for shipping.  We'll refund or send an invoice as needed.  International, no problem, we will invoice you for the difference in shipping. Use drop down box to order items and under Type drop down to specify which item.  

Loop Or Lobster:

Spring Fling set of 12
Flamingo sold out, replaced with bird

Pied Piper of Hamelin set of 12

Mythical Horses set of  6
antique brass dragon can be added.

BAAA RAM EWE set of 7 wood and 5 metal

On Parade set of 7
Dogs set, many breeds represented 22 loops and one lobster
bottom right very well made
3-D cat "hanging in there" with all the dogs

can be made into a bracelet or project fob also

ORDER HERE If you get a lot the cart might charge too much or too little for shipping.  We'll refund or send an invoice as needed. International, no problem, we will invoice you for the difference in shipping.


Bead containers with sticky lid for use with your projects.  Bottom holds the beads and top has the sticky to bring to your project.  All you kitty people... no more kitty problems with the beads.  Now if we could just wrangle those dropped stitches.
ORDER HERE USA shipping included, outside USA will cost more

All markers fit up to size 7 needles. Any can be made into lobster claw's for crocheting and marking projects.
Genuine Swarovski chandelier earrings
OOAK never going to see the likes of these again.
Took me three years to gather just the right supplies to make these $30

Genuine Swaroski inside of a glass ball.
Pendant is on a 20" antique brass chain with lobster closure $20

Yarn SM's

Small set of just a few for $10 including a wee skein of our cobweb silk yarn.

Normally I'm so not interested in our skeleton but I fell in love with these, hand painted, wood buttons.  You can have them as shown made into SM's or just as buttons.  Set of 6 for just $6, buttons just .80 cent each.

I love the trees, as is evident by more and more items, I can't seem to stop making trees! I feel like I step into a SciFi realm while working on them... they are so ethereal.

Any of these can be made in loop or lobster for crocheters.  The following are all 12mm trees, items grow larger from there. These are all just $1 each and can be made in as large or small a set as you require.  Sets of 4 loops are just $4, set of 4 lobster for crochet are $1.25 each for a total of $5 per set of 4.
Stitch markers in Antique Brass
Top "Plain"
Bottom "Fancy"

Stitch Markers Antique Silver,
Top "Plain"

Bottom "Fancy"
Double sided tree with angels
set of 8 for $10
Stamped "made for an angel" on the back of all charms


Lever back earring set $5 each set
trees will match as best we can
Silver tone earrings now available
to match the bracelet $5
comes in mostly red/pink
cherry type trees

Filigree ring,
antique brass

Matching Clippie sets, 2.5" $2.50 per set
Fancy Loop Barrettes $2.50
Bracelets, silver or brass, Tree only
Bracelets 14mm circles, 9 inches overall $10

Book mark Plain 3.5" overall $3.50 Tree or Snow

Book mark Owl 3.5" overall $3.50 Tree or Snow
 All of the rest can be made into:
1. Stitch markers with a snag free loop that and bead $2.50 
2. Lobster claw markers with snag free loop and bead $3.50
3. Necklaces of gold, silver or black cording $10
Antique Brass with tree on back 1" across Tree only 
Single side Silver Filigree 1.25" across Tree or Snow

Which one Tree or Snowflake?
 3-D available in both Tree and Snowflake
These have one on either side for a finished look.  Can be made single side but the glue will show.

3-D Silver Swirl 1" across

3-D Lace square on point 1.5" across

Which one Tree or Snowflake?

Barrettes and bobby pins

Snow Flake Barrettes $5.50 each

Tree Barrettes $5.50 each
I know, don't belong but I couldn't help myself.  I've loved the tree design since I was a child and have been utilizing it in many things ever since. These are all the same size, they look different due to the camera angle.  Each have a clip on the back that's  2.5 inches across, top measures almost 3.5".  Perfect to cover a top pony tail or two. Antique brass finished.
Bobby Pins
Again, don't fit but I love them!  I use these to allow my hair to dry back off of my face. These are all silver plated and have real shells or real stones in them.  They are all $5.50 per set. Order left to right clippies or barrettes, then tell me which color, (l to r) paua natural, paua pink, tiger's eye, paua natural (again), sodalite - stone is navy with natural white marbelization.

These were all so cute I couldn't help myself
Yellow Emojies with a Cyberman (looks like one to me)
Set will not be one of each as they didn't ship me full sets, 9 for $10

Winking Emojies with 20mm loop to fit your largest needles
there are these 6 different colors set of 10 for $10

 Wooden Smiley Emojies with 20mm loop to fit your largest needles
there are these 7 different colors, set of 10 for $10

Acrylic faceted loop markers, 8mm 11 for $5

Acrylic Black and White markers for up to 7mm needle 

Acrylic twisted markers 10 for $3.50
colors will vary

Drawbench beads 10 for $10
more colors will be added, lovely royal blue as well as more like the black with gold stripes.  These are striped and spray painted to give them this neat lookl

Order above here

Fall Harvest
Only $1 each (approximately)
email to order at wmdress@sbcglobal (dot) net

Olive Leaves 18 for $18

Olive Leaves with gold veins 10 for $10

Elongated rainbow leaves 10 for $10

Maple leaves 7 for $10

Snowflake leaves 9 for $10

Ribbit, Ribbit
Glass Froggies

I love these little guys they are my "go to" for markers when I need them. You can have a small rainbow of 7, large rainbow of 14, OR make your own set. To make your own set change the quantity in paypal.  There are 35 on a strand but the set will not be complete rainbows as there are only a couple of yellow per strand, etc. 


Other then rainbow?
Buyers choice 
Build your own...
Cabochon Clutter Sets

Random sets of cabochons, mini and larger about the size of a dime.  These sets are just to show what they can look like since these are not available.
 This way you can pick and choose from your favorites and tell me how many and which type you'd like for your set. The cabs markers as as usual, $1 each, you can have a set with as many or as few as you'd like. 
Along with the floral (in both sizes, all colors) we also have large in: cats, dogs, cameos, purple and green AB, horses.  The smaller ones are available in: pink, many rainbow with shapes, rainbow of circles, cream pearls, turquoise, and a few tigers eye.  We can set the cameo's into a twisted braid cab setting as you see in the blue one at the bottom or put them onto the filigree flats that you see the black one mounted on in the same set. Scarabs no longer available.  If you want help making a set or if you just want a random one of my choice, please pm me and tell me how many you'd like (wmdress at sbcglobal dot net). Can also be made with lobster claws for crocheting, $1.50 each. 
Mystery and Moss 
Clutter Sets

From the minute I saw these Swarovski glass pearl mixes, I knew what they needed to become... clutter sets.  Along with some Czech, other crystals and metal beads... the result is these lovely creatures.  Each set is slightly different and there are only 6 of each set.  The quantity of markers varies, there are about 18 in each set. All sets are one of a kind as each bead placement will change and vary, bead caps will be added and exchanged but all are genuine crystals and glass pearls from Swarovki and Czech.


These remind me of a small artists colony in Arizona, a city named Sedona.  Set of 14 loops, copper findings, glass and crystal beads.


Foil & Facet

Montana many faceted crystals, pretty little things, these are Venezia and Czech crystal. Lovely high end faceted AB beads, all the caps are costly silver plate, most antique silver to for a smashing finish, 20 loops.

Turquoise crystal, variety of sizes, 26 loops

Metallic Rainbow with many colors in caps, 11/0 and 6/0 tops.  Comes with either rainbow or silver caps. Both sets have 27 loop. This bead is glass but feels like a light weight metal, it's cold and has a slight heft to it. I ADORE these beads.
Foil Rainbow Caps-27 loops

Foil Silver Caps 27 loops


I love these sets, they are addicting to make.  These black vintage glass sparked my love of marcasite/black look.  Some of the silver filigree feels very light, I know it's not the metal coated plastic type but lace balls feel like aluminum so take care.  There are 25 in each set, 2 sets available.
Onyx & Silver

Genuine garnets and rubies with antique brass Arabesque beads and findings.


Lampwork and Venetian Glass
Many of these are one of a kind, a few can be repeated.  I feel hard in love with these beads, all the centers full of wonder, foil, sprinkles, flowers, so many different beauties. Order by name, before hypen via buttons below.
Lampwork mixture - with mix of silver caps 14 loops, $13
this sets sold, we can make another

Close up of above bead caps.

Rainbow Foil Rounds - mixture of 8 silver foil lined loops
rainbow bead caps as well as 6/0, set of 8, $10

Faceted Millefiori glass mixture with red faceted heart lobster
variety of antique brass bead caps
set of 8 loops and lobster $10

Panda Bamboo Leaves - Rainbow of bamboo shaped beads, rainbow bead caps, with leaves for the panda lobster to eat.
Set of 10 loops and 1 lobster, $9
Panda Bamboo without LeavesRainbow of bamboo shaped beads
with silver bead caps. Set of 10 loops and 1 lobster, $15


Watermelon Season - Hand painted wooden watermelon slice on lobster
of Mountain Jade, yup, it's real Jade!. Bring on the watermelon, it comes over to the loops in the colors of the 6/0 beads atop lovely leaf bead caps.  LOVE this one! Set of 8 loops and one lobster for $10. Can make from a variety of jades.

Cart will overcharge on shipping if you order more then one. I can refund the overcharge or you can order anther set in the notes section of your order or PM me for an invoice.

Summertime Shells -REAL shells and yes, you get them all.
This set is sold but we will make a similar one for you.

Real Amythest and freshwater pearl, all high end metal findings.
This set is sold but we will make a similar one for you.

Age of Brass and Steam
Swavorski glass pearls, metal brass charms

This set is sold but we will make a similar one for you.
Knitting Queen XL all the charms and lampwork beads your heart could want.

 Lil Piggy sets come with lobster and project bag marker.

ORDER HERE--- SOLD OUT Starfish, Piggies, Ruby and Onyx, just the sets in the photos above are available.


Topaz SM's

The sets sold out in like 5 minutes but I do have more of the faceted gems available.  I can make small sets of markers very similar to these as well as a lampwork heart lobster claw to complete the set. 
10 markers, 1 lobster $15.

Clear Rainbow Spatter

These pretty beads are all clear but there the similarity ends.  Each are spatter painted, have a rainbow of bead caps as well as 6/0 beads.  FUN in markers.  You will receive a set of a rainbow of 10. When you click Add to cart you will be ordering 10 markers for $10 per set.

Row Counter Bracelet
Lovely hand made, each will be slightly different as there's only one of this exact toggle back. BLUE back in stock!
Shown here in blue, also comes in hot pink counter with purple (or green) beads. 

Made to your measurements, or as shown above, 8 inches long, $12.50 each.

Check out the resent shipment brought in,,, love it!  Looks like it came straight out of the Fae Realm.  
ONLY ONE Cosmic remains in stock.  Might not be able to get these again as I didn't get them in the first shipment.  This would look great with the green wire wrapped beads and blue faceted ones.  Or all blue and black totally up to you.



Faceted Gems

Made from Czech Preciosa faceted glass these are really fun.  Each set of 15 will be unique as they have a variety of shapes and shade inside of them. Every marker is about 1 inch long.
Fits: up to size 7 needles.  Different hoop sizes available.


Faceted Gem
Reforged Crackle

Crackled beads that look as though they have been broken and made anew stronger than ever they were.  They come two sizes to a marker, one 6mm and 8mm. 
 The markers are one inch long including hoop.  Fits: up to size 7 needles.  Different loop sizes available.



Hot Stuff AKA 
Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Hot Peppers are here!  Lamp work hot pepper stitch markers! Their size varies just like on the vine because they each made by hand.  On average they are 25x8mm. Fits: up to size 7 needles.  Different hoop sizes available.
All items are custom made to order, stock photos shown. PM me to place an order at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace at and dot with @ . ) Copy the name of the item, price etc and e-mail it to me.  Send me your paypal e-mail address and I will make an invoice for you.

White Rabbit
Alice's White Rabbit stitch markers.  Our large lobster glass bunny holds a heart for you and has a time piece attached and placed so he can see it for he's late.  As is his friend just to the right of him. They have a bunny friend eating a carrot and another for their travels.  Of course the pearls represent the "cotton tails" from every realm.  Set of 1 lobster and 7 loops, $13.50.
The small pearl loops are only $1 and you can have as many as you like.  If you like this set, order fast as there are only FOUR rabbits remaining. Antique brass pocket watch has been replaced with silver.


Gorgeous crackle glass two tone beads make up this rainbow set.  There's a lobster marker with a silver charm of a rainbow and a small cloud, $11.

Will need to make a set for you so feel free to have as many in each set as you like, each loop is $1.25 and lobster is $2.50 each.
Heavenly Angels Cream Pearl
Glass and cream Swarovski pearls, 7 markers for $8.75

Angels in Envy Green Lovely green crystals with AB finish, 7 markers for $8.75

Angels in Blue glass and aqua glass two tone crystal rounds, 6 for $7.50  

Golden Angels in Gold  Teardrop is crystal AB, head is a glass pearl, both from Czech beads. Shown here, 7 for $8.75.
Shown here with two tone glass heads, brown and cream. 7 in the set for $8.75.

Golden Angel in Purple
Teardrop is crystal AB, head is a glass pearl, both from Czech beads. Shown here, 7 for $8.75.

With glass heads, set of 5 for $6.25

Swarovski pearl teardrop

These come in teal or deep purple, there are only 2 sets of each available.  Only 5 to a set as they are so dear, $8.75 per set of 5.
Shown at right in deep purple pearls.  On the left below in the deep teal color way.
Dark Green Glass Angels with glass AB bottoms and faceted heads, all deep, dark green.  Set of 7 for $8.75.

Angel in Black
Vintage black glass is used in the construction of these dark beauties,  6 for $7.50.

Crochet Stitch Markers
Special stitch markers for crocheters.  Comes in metal colors, antique brass (photo), silver and gold.  Can make anything both above and below into these markers, they are $2-$2.50 each.

Marbleized set of 7 - $7 comes in L-R Brown, Blue, Red, Yellow/Green, Hot Pink, Yellow all glass.

Supernatural Spatter set of 7 comes in L-R Clear with pink and blue, Turquoise, Emerald, Pink, Pink/Turquoise, Turquoise/Yellow.  All glass, shapes will change on the lobster.

Antique cone flower set of 8 - $9 comes in violet (shown) or aqua. LOTS of different colors available for the cone flowers, just ask.

Just the Loops in color
These rings, are fun and different. They come 16 per vial/jar, are glass or aluminum.  

Small rings fit up to a size 5 needle glass,green iris color, come in a glass vial, set of 16, $8
.50 cent for each additional marker
Medium Markers will fit up to a size 7 with glass vial, set of 16, $12.50
.60 cent for each additional marker
Large markers sold separately will fit up to size 15 needles, set of 16 $17
.70 cent for each additional marker
The aluminum have a bead covering the opening, which is glued in place.  Metal colors will vary, feel free to order more as I can fit more loops in your jar if desired. 
Crystal Blue Persuasion

Aren't these lovely!  I adore these earrings.  Surgical steel hooks, crystals and 5 petal flowers.  Can be made in any of the colors below with different beads.  $10 each and shipping.

BUTTONS and Stitch Markers

Buttons... These lovely little guys are small enough to look smashing on your projects but large enough to pack a punch. 

Stitch Markers 

 $7 each set of 5 and shipping.  All cone shaped - bell shaped lobster claws are full of beads up the center. Aren't they adorable!

  • light purple
  • violet medium purple
  • pink

  • Dark Blue almost black
  • Gray

  • Pale Yellow
  • Medium Blue
Any color bead can be added to perfectly match your garments.  The flowers are 11x7mm and as you can see from the top photo there is a small post (button shank) which is large enough to have a tapestry needle pulled through.  A great, polished ending to your project.  $2.50 per half dozen.  Also available in Czech pressed glass beads.

Small abacus
Place the larger loop on your needle. Use the lobster claw beaded drop to count up from 1 to 10 by replacing the lobster claw one number higher each time you come to the abacus in your knitting. Available in all colors only $5 each!
 We will custom design any color.

Who's your favorite Fairy?


Yertle the Turtle 
I'm swimming as fast as I can!

Miss Pigabell
YUP that's a bell, hand painted with a crystal in the center of the flower on her head. Or Kitty Bell see below.

Pink Flower
Can be worked in all flower colors above.

 The dangle is actually THREE charms, 2 leaves and a grape cluster to give you something to play with when resting from all that knitting. 

Midnight Flutterby

Purple with puffed heart

Yellow Fae flower
Be sure to specify Fae and not 5 petal

Black Flower

Violet Fae Flower

These little babies are great for gift giving, swap partners or Christmas presents.  $5.00 each and shipping. 
NEW - count to 100 Small Abacus
These new abacus have a line of beads to count to 100, the small ring of beads moves after 10 and continues on down the line with a different color at 50 and the last 4. Keep the large circle on your needles, move the lobster claw around the circle.  Move the small circle of beads down the line, $10 each and shipping.  
Knit Like the Wind Bullseye
The horse runs around the center "track" which is always on your needles. 

Rainbow Kitty-hand painted kitty is really a bell

Abacus Stitch Markers
These can count up to 100, start with 1-10 then move the elastic circle of beads past a large bead and you will have the 10's count to 100. $15 each and free shipping if you order yarn, otherwise add $3 for the first one and $1 for each additional.  Will come gift boxed (if you ask for it) for your friends and swap partners. Here's a video which shows the 2 circles and how to use them.

It's not your imagination, I owe the top guy a circle of beads on the large circle.
Left shows strand style - right show circle style.
 Order top to bottom. 









Don't see yours?  Ask for your exact colors and type of beads, I will work with you sending you photos of beads to choose from. Including PEARLS and CRYSTALS!!

11 REAL Amethyst and Jade and onyx

12  Glass pearls in turquoise and cream teardrop

#5 was very popular and so these are available
Top 5 SOLD 

Bottom 5 in green and smoke

#6 done in 3 different ways since it was so very popular 

Top 6 in green and blue

Middle 6 in pink and blue

Bottom 6 in turquoise and blue                  

13  Top Ruby

14 Bottom faceted beads in blue and smoke 

15 Top green and deep burgundy AB round 

16 Bottom Pink and dark red

 I do custom work, all you have to do is ask.
Museum Antique Brass
Aren't these gorgeous?  Destined to be earrings, either fish hook or screw back.  
These gorgeous freshwater pearl earrings remind me of something I saw in a museum years ago.  Take your pick, Large Filigree Round or Diamond about 1.5-2 inches long. Any of these bases can be done with any of the beads/pearls.  All are interchangeable and fully customizable. Kite shape sold out.

Black AB crystal and glass Celtic knot on the left and Long Oval on the right.  Again, fish hook or screw back, pearls or beads.



These beads, on the right, have been very popular.  Shown here in a bracelet and earring set $10.   With a necklace added to the mix $20 for a set of all 3 items.

What follows are solid silver and solid gold filled findings. We will custom design anything you can dream up and many you can't. :-) Special requests and bridal parties welcome. 

Garnet Fire
Long garnets dripping with hearts and rounds, lovely, solid silver will delight the senses. $15

Garnet clusters, each earring has 14 garnets in both teardrop and round shapes these are set onto large, solid 14K gold filled posts.  $20

Questions to wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (remove spaces change @ & .) 

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