Siren Yarn

Ya'll asked for it, we got it, more high end luxury yarns.  Without further ado, I give you the Siren line.

SIREN MINK - 37/18/12/33 mink/cashmere/wool/rayon 327 yards/50 grams $17.50
This is an amazing yarn which appears to like kettle dyeing. Stormy and Luscious in stock, the rest are sold and can be redyed. We can do up ANY color for you.


Poison Frog


BOTH Mink and Yak in the same photo so you can see what happens.
Pink I think
Yak on top
Mink on bottom SOLD-

can recreate in either this pale color or the new darker

SIREN YAK 100% Tibetan Yak 490 yards 50 gram $25

Stormy 3 skeins

Poison Frog

Bloody Hell


Siren Yak in Greenwood
Siren Bamboo 65/20/15 SW Merino/bamboo/silk, 380 yards per 100g $20 each skein

Cafe Au Lait



Cafe Au Lait SET SOLD can repaint even darker

Miss Violet
ORDER HERE You can get ANY color you'd like, even from our old colors or a photo, any color. Additional shipping will be sent via invoice, please make sure ALL paypal information is current and up to date including your e-mail address.

NOTE: Change quantity for sets, 4.  The Yak and Mink are shown here in single skeins of only 50g, change quantity for sets to 2+.

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Siren SILKS Amazing, lovely, silk that still smells like silk after it's been through our process.  This fingering weight is perfect for tops, skirts and even undergarments.  Can't beat the price either! 100% silk, 437 yards per 100 grams.
Siren Silk - Seaweed
Siren Silk for V6 top
Siren Silk Lace weight, yup this comes in a lace weight too for the same low price. 820 yards per 100 gram skein.

Siren Silky Merino 50/50 Merino/silk, very soft and luxurious. This one is much finer in hand then any of the previous we have tried. 765 yards per 100 gram skein.
Ships at Night

ORDER SILKS HERE - if you order more then 2 skeins (or are outside the USA) we will send you an invoice for shipping.

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