Roberta Spinning Wheel

     Lowest price and best deal on the internet, only $1070 and FREE shipping, FREE: oil, lube, art batt, alpaca, locks, roving and the list goes on, read below. THE VERY BEST value for your money.  You will be able to spin more and better with this wheel.
     Been through the Tour De Fleece? Knees hurting a bit?  Need to go into production spinning? Ready for the Rolls Royce of electronic spinning wheels?  
     Let me introduce
you to the Roberta electronic spinning wheel, your knees will thank you.  I spun on this wheel for a few years doing production spinning for Pagewood Farms. I love this machine and can't recommend it highly enough. I've learned not to buy the least expensive item, hoping that it will be good enough.  Never works going with the cheap items, too loud, too shaky and even dangerous in some cases.  I've had one item actually break while spinning, fly apart and it could have taken off my head.  Please don't buy the cheap stuff Peeps, they are scary. In the end you will find it lacking and still want the best. I've learned that the hard way. This one is almost silent, sturdy and as you can see from the photo and even pretty.  A piece of equipment you wont mind leaving out on the coffee table.  
     This machine goes forward (S) and reverse (z) for plying and has a 5/8ths" orifice.  You fill the 2 smaller bobbins and then ply onto the jumbo bobbin.  The photo shows the Combo machine, it also comes as a Jumbo with all jumbo bobbins (no smalls), for those who want to spin art yarn and there's a flyer with a larger orifice for that need (separate in accessories). On the right of the machine you can see the slot where the orifice hook goes and the built in lazy kate, which holds two bobbins. The belt in the back drives the bobbin not the flyer as you might be used to.  
      You can get extra bobbins with your machine, either small or jumbo. I really recommend an additional belt, lube and spinning oil, so much so that I will be adding the oil and lube for free, the belts extra.  You can get your machine to go into the car with dual power, standard doesn't have this.  There's also a pause petal which will stop the machine for a time.  You can use this under foot, hand, elbow, whatever works for you. Into Art Yarn? There's an open flyer for that which has a large V shaped metal in front of the machine to pull in the largest of items. 
     And yes, of course, there will be Yarn Fairy videos to help with your new machine. 10 year warranty on the motor, 1 year on machine. It weighs 12 lbs and is 8.5" high by 10.5 wide and 11" deep.
        Need more technical information, please contact Eretol.  IMPORTANT I need your phone number, shipping Address and correct e-mail.  If you have no rural mail delivery, I need your PO box.  Please PM me with any questions wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace at with @ and dot with . remove spaces)
"Car voltage" means you can spin in the car.

A short video on unpacking your new machine.
 ORDER HERE must have phone number, place into notes.

MUST have phone number
ACCESSORIES there will be an additional fee for adding more then one or two bobbins from AU, if it's a large difference you'll get a small shipping invoice after we figure that out.   

     As new distributors we have a special promotion going for everyone who purchases a machine from us we will send you freebies!!!

100% Wool
     Free oil, lube and a medium flat rate box packed with our lovely fiber.  Which fiber? For sure some alpaca roving, the rest has been dyed in some amazing colors, just for you. 
Art Batt
       To get your fiber just click add to cart and it will charge you $12 for the box to ship.  Yup, all you pay is shipping. This is what the first kit contained.  
Contents of first shipment
     All of this fit into a medium flat rate box,,, barely but it made it. An entire rainbow of wool, Romney, punta, an art batt, alot of alpaca roving, mohair, oil and lube.  The box weighed almost three full pounds, the recipient will have to jump back as it was PACKED into the box. :-) Should keep her busy about a week on her new machine.


Any color you don't like?



  1. Good afternoon, I just wanted to check and see if you're still selling these! I am in the market to buy one in about 3 weeks.

    1. Are you still interested in a wheel? I just stumbled across the fiber! It's still here, let me know asap cause if you aren't interested we are going to use this fiber for a project we have to ship out in a few days. wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace at and dot)