Raw Fiber

Rambouillet lovely, softer then silk-so soft you'll want to make undergarments from it, gorgeous fiber.
These are all merino/rambo blends, each with different uses.
   For example, the white is amazing raw, oh so clean, very little VM. I'd spin these 5+ long locks just as they are in the grease. Feeding one after another into the wheel from shorn end to tip, saving the washing for afterwards. The Dark Chocolate has these luscious tight curly locks. 
I'd love to see a sweater made using this fiber. How? By using a rug hook, I'd adhere each lock at the shorn end to the sweater, sort of like a fleece of my own. Needle felting as needed. Completely radical fashion statement, sort of like the wedding gown made from locks. If you need any help figuring your project out, we'd be really happy to help.

White and gray in photo are not washed, beautiful, pristine fibers, both with low very little
     White and caramel can be dyed any of our colors charcoal will take hot colors like turquoise and fuchsia. Do note, when white is washed the locks will not stay in their current form. Fiber available: raw, washed or carded in 2 oz batts (minimum 4 oz order). Note color when you order.

Washed Taupe Rambo-No more Raw

Dyed Taupe Rambo-photo doesn't do it justice

ORDER HERE-outside USA will receive separate invoice

  photos will follow                                Unless otherwise specified
OTHER FIBER           Cost per 4 oz
Alpaca (finest)              $12
BFL Cormo x                 $10
Cotzwold                      $6
Dorset Down                 $6
Jacob                            $6
Navajo Churro               $6
Romney                        $6
Romney Leicester x        $8
Shetland                       $6
Texel                            $6
Teeswater Long Locks    $7.25 per ounce
Wensleydale Locks         $7.25 per ounce
NE Fine Boston Baked Beans $8

We were working on building a wall of fiber along the book case but without a firm foundation of boxes, and a nice width, it just keeps falling.

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