Portuguese Knitting Pins

  A request was made for Portuguese knitting pins and I happily obliged.  I'd never heard of them before so first I wanted to see what the purpose was and found a good many video's on how to use this notion and knit in this technique. Looks like something I'm going to have to try in the future, perhaps when I'm not so busy.
  Without further ado I give you the Yarn Fairy twist on these pins. These are all one of a kind, first paid gets first dibs!  Order information below.
  This first set is more expensive as they have real onyx, Swarovski crystal, turquoise and a cat eye. All of these are pin back, placed at the top so that they don't flop forward. These can be replaced with a clamp instead if you like, see Love below.  These are each $15 and shipping.

Half Round Onyx with Murano Milliflore flower
 This set is less expensive, since less cost was incurred.   These are only $10 and shipping. First onme on the left and one on far right sold.

Flower Cameo with 2 lazer leaf shapes

Filigree Flower with black/gold acrylic half round

Cat Eye on Filigree with hematite beads

Acrylic faceted opal
Most of the back of the pins look like this, with the exception of a few who are made with a pin already attached to the back.  


Only $10 each.   That large disk, bottom left, is the major magnet which goes under your shirt, might even go through denim, it's 1/4th inch thick. ANY of the above can be converted to magnetic back.
From left to right:
1-Large ruffle with black and gold center
2-Blue Swaroski crystal-now comes with more options see below.
3-Spider web SOLD
4-Snow Obsidian 
5-Black faceted glass
6-Brown Cameo
#2 above, on left with pearls, on right with clear crystals
When ordering please specify which you'd like.

To order send funds via paypal.com to wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ & .)  click GOODS as I will be shipping to the address on your paypal account. Shipping, add $3 for first pin, $1 for each additional.  International PM me for quote.

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