You love them, you want them, we got em! Now taking pre-orders for the HiyaHiya small project bag, perfect for this KAL as it's a peacock motif. Purple bag with feather fabric, all lined, zippered and the handle can go into the center or on the left or right sides.
 These bags are so well made, they measure 7 tall x 8 wide and stands on the flat bottom. Wanna see how much can fit into it?, Watch our "pack it all in" video. Bag must be ordered and shipped separate from the yarn order.
ORDER BAG HERE:Cart only charges enough shipping for the USA, International and Canada will receive additional shipping invoice.  If we can ship with your yarn order you will get a refund on shipping charge. 
   Yarn Fairy and Sivia Harding bring you Peacock, an MKAL which will began in August. 
   The shape is interesting, it's out of the box, so totally Sivia. Not a triangle, not a faux Faroese either, the center back panel increases in width as you go down the back of the shawl, FUN! This makes the shawl easy to wear. Worked in a gradient hand painted sock weight, this shawl packs a punch.  We are using YF Medium Sock which comes in 20, 50 and 100g sizes in order to blend colors throughout the shawl.  There will be more then enough to complete your shawl, most people had about 40 grams of the largest skein left over plus some of the smaller skeins.


     Gotta have our goodies, for this KAL we have 2 lovely necklace sets to choose from, both following the peacock theme.
     SILVER, the set on the right has a lovely peacock focal on a silver plate snake necklace chain that's 16" long. It comes with solid sterling silver hook earrings.  Yes those are real button pearls in peacock color way.  Earrings in photo have sold out, we are replacing with a white pearl on sterling lever back, see photo at left. This also sold out and we are replacing it with another white pearl. You'll either get a hook or a post, both are still sterling silver with real pearls. 

     Yet another Peacock, can you see him?  He's there in the rhinestones, standing proud on the right. There's even the top feathers that come out of the peacocks head.
     This is a kilt style type of clasp that will be a great finishing touch for your shawl.  This one speaks for itself.

     We went wild with this one, I love all of the different clutter beads in this set.  We only have 20 of the large lampwork beads. When they run out we have a different beads on there way from China to replace them.  

The new large bead is not like the old but they will do the job. Here's where I say: beads and charms subject to change without notice. :-)
    There's also another charm that I'm going to include for you it's this lovely little peacock in antique silver which will hang from a loop. I found him late in this process but you can see why I had to have him. You get the large lobster and 7 loops to play with. 

Original item now b/o and unavailable. We will be making up our own 6/0 rainbow hand mixture in a rainbow of blue purple and green. They are costing more money but they are so worth it as I'm sure you will agree.  We are not passing the price hike onto you but will absorb it. These will be lovely on the yarn and set it off perfectly.  Your kit will contain over 53 grams of beads, more then enough to complete your shawl. 

 IMPORTANT INFORMATIONPlease read this before ordering. 
  • The address on your paypal account is where we will ship to, if your e-mail or address is different please change it before you place your order. If we need to get in touch with you we have no other method.
  • Sign up here for our Newsletter to know when we are dyeing and shipping. Also free patterns are given away, join to win! (this page, go full screen: bar on right, top button).
  • Pattern is sold separately at Ravelry you're responsible to get your copy.
  • Chat happens on Ravelry, in our group and in Sivia's. There are contests at YF with prizes just for knitting on anything! Come join the fun.
  • Purchase of any item from site constitutes a legal and binding agreement per our return policy found here. But we expect you all to be ecstatic with your order and that it's not needed.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for us to dye, pack and ship the first orders. 
  • KAL will begin in August via Ravelry updates to the pattern.
  • Any questions, please PM me wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace at @ and dot.)
Kit contents
Kit 1: yarn, beads, stitch markers, necklace, shawl clasp, includes 10% discount
Kit 2:  yarn, beads, stitch markers, necklace 
Kit 3: yarn, beads, stitch markers 
Kit 4: yarn & beads

ORDER KITS HERE-If you are outside of the USA be sure to add shipping below.

Choose Kit
Choose Necklace (Kit 1 & 2 only)


For people who's cat jumped on their lap and spilled their beads, you can get more. 
Need more beads? No problem, we'll ship an additional 20 grams, just need to know if you want the dark iris or the lighter ones?



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  2. Question - the only shipping I see is Canada and International - I am guessing USA is under International?

    1. When you place your USA order you will see shipping is added into the cart at that time.

  3. Is this still available for purchase? When I try to add it to my cart, it launches PAyPal, but the item doesn't appear.


    1. Yes indeed, we are still taking orders.

  4. Hello, I just placed my order for the Peacock yarn kit/KAL (yarn only). I hope you're still taking orders. The yarn is beautiful!
    Thank you,
    Kathy (PokyJo on Ravelry)

    1. Yes indeed, we are still taking orders, just bear with us as it's taking a great deal of time to dye them all. We will push the KAL start date off if need be until everyone has their yarn.

    2. Hi again, my yarn arrived today and it is just gorgeous. That was speedy. :D
      Thank you so much.

  5. I have a quick question. I believe my order went through the other day, but I did not receive an email confirmation. May someone please verify that my order was received? Very excited for the MKAL!

  6. I have a quick question. I believe my order went through the other day, but I did not receive an email confirmation. May someone please verify that my order was received? Very excited for the MKAL!

    1. If the order was under Victoria Reyes we did not receive it. Once your order goes through you should get a confirmation via Paypal. If you have further questions, please feel free to e-mail me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ & . remove spaces-keeps spammers from getting it)

  7. What is the fiber content of this yarn?

    1. Merino/nylon, not one of the cheap ones that are itchy, this is a soft and lofty base that takes color really well.

  8. If I order this now is there any chance I would able to get this in time for the KAL? Sorry I just found out about it. Thanks so much!

  9. The yarn is now pre-dyed and we are shipping shortly, if you get your order in today we will ship it out asap.

  10. Hi! I just ordered a kit. I know I'll be behind for the MKAL (I just found out about it today and fell in love with the colors), so no worries!

    1. Not a problem we will give yarn support on this pattern for life.

  11. I ordered this past weekend Aug 21 and I was wondering when this will be sent out?


    1. If you look above under Important Notes you'll see we allowed ourselves 3-4 weeks for processing. It also says we have lists and groups where you can get updates. That said we are dyeing all this week. Peacock is in the mix and we are attempting to get it dyed up in advance so as to have enough to ship as orders come in. We tried to do this the last 2 times we dyed for this KAL and so far it hasn't happened. Just went we go to ship, all the yarn's accounted for. Boy where did Chatty Patty come from! What does all this mean? We dye this week, label and pack next week, hopefully by end of next week your order will ship. You will receive a notification from PP when we ship and can follow it to your destination with the tracking we put on it. ENJOY!!