What you've all been waiting for, aching for, needing badly,,, Neverland, where boys never want to grow up.  A Yarn Fairy all original lace pattern, fully shaped Faroese shawl with hood.  Inside you'll find mermaids, fairies and woods for the Lost Boys to play in.  The second star on the right would be lost without Big Ben, who actually has a charm for a face!

We are going with our 1300 yard/100g super wash merino for this one to get the colors and  yardage we need.  You'll receive 2 skeins of your color choice.



Lost Boys

Mermaid Lagoon
Cause we all love them and we all gotta have them.


There are several for this shawl, we have 8/0, Swarovski crystals, Czech pressed 3mm and the clock face.  Each kit will contain enough to finish your shawl.  Small warning, do not lose any of the stars or clock face charms, they are expensive and you'll get exactly what you need.  We will ship more then enough of the 8/0 and 3mm.  You will need 2 hooks to place these, a 13 for the 8/0 and a 16 for the 3mm.


Of course the lost boys have to make an appearance, so here we have charms for you.  A set of 9 loop markers come in your kits. Charms subject to change without notice, certainly will get one lost boy and one mermaid for sure.


For this KAL we need a compass, everyone know's X
marks the spot... where we dig to find the buried treasure.  FUN! compass hangs off of an 24" chain.


In case ya'll want to get together for a a read-a-long, or just for fun.  We have this wonderful, commemorative, bookmark for you.  A real Swarovski crystal is between the silver coated marker and the dangle.  She's a mermaid riding dolphin, cause there can never be too many mermaids.

Lovely antique brass veined leaf clasp, 56x23mm. Perfect finish for your shawl, will keep the shawl in place and the hood from slipping back.


YES! Finally! We have a bracelet for you, full of our lost boys, Indian's, and even Captain James Hook's pirate ship cresting a wave at midnight. Little Michael is in his pj's kneeling in prayer, Big Ben, mermaids,  we've got it all. This bracelet will garner many compliments and will be a hit at knit night.

Reticule FREE 
Can't you just see Mrs. Darhling walking out with one of these lovely bags?  Made from organza, velvet, satin, lace and multiple types of beads, strings and trims... these are all very lovely bags. FREE to the first 50 "Kit 1" orders. Please allow us to choose the color.

 IMPORTANT INFORMATIONPlease read this before ordering. 
  • The address on your paypal account is where we will ship to, if your e-mail or address is different please change it before you place your order. If we need to get in touch with you we have no other method.
  • Sign up here for our Newsletter to know when we are dyeing and shipping. Also free patterns are given away, join to win! (this page, go full screen: bar on right, top button).
  • Pattern is sold separately at Ravelry you're responsible to get your copy.
  • Chat happens on Ravelry, in our group. There are contests at YF with prizes just for knitting on anything! Come join the fun.
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for us to dye, pack and ship the first orders. 
  • KAL will begin in August via Ravelry updates to the pattern.
  • Any questions, please PM me wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace at @ and dot.)
Kit contents

Kit 1:  yarn, beads & charms, stitch markers, compass pendant, bookmark, clasp and chunky monkey bracelet. Less 17% discount already deducted.
Kit 2:  yarn, beads & charms, stitch markers, compass pendant, book mark & clasp
Kit 3:  yarn, beads & charms & stitch markers & compass
Kit 4:  yarn, beads & charms & stitch markers
Kit 5:  yarn, beads & charms 

ORDER HERE-If you are outside the USA be sure to order additional shipping below AND send me your telephone number, it's mandatory for some countries now.

Out of USA Ph #

EXTRAS - additional items also available separately


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