Miss Bates

This time in the Year of the Classics we give you Miss Bates from Emma. I love this character, forever rambling on about everything and nothing at all, sound familiar? 
After a basket of apples have been delivered, Miss Bates goes on and on about how apples are ever so nice.  Everything from fresh to baked apples, to apple dumplings.
“‘Three things very dull indeed.’ That will just do for me, you know.  I shall be sure to say three dull things as soon as ever I open my mouth, shan’t I? . . . Do not you all think I shall?”
Miss Bates at the picnic at Box Hill, volume 3, chapter 7
The shawl is a stole, we are working bottom up from darkest to lightest, blending the colors. A lovely lace edging is built into the cable shawl.

Our lovely Elf Kisses, 85/15 extra fine merino/silk, 488 yards per 100 grams (give or take-these are hand wound).  You will received 4 skeins of this sock weight with incredible drape. choose from these colors or make up your own.
Frank My Boy


all skeins will be lilac purple 

(bottom being replaced)


Miss Bates
Mrs. Weston

6/0 silver lined clear they are used along the edges of the shawl. They give weight to the lace edging on the left and right.

Stitch Markers
Charming Miss Bates needs a charming tea set for when guests pop in unexpectedly. 2 pots, a bag, cup and saucer, an apple, of course. Two memento's of the great lady herself as well as 10 twisted loop markers. A very pretty set that she'd love to serve you from. The lobster claw is very pretty as it has a green/purple sheen to it and is double sided. 


This lovely matching set is something like Miss Bates would have worn. Pretty black and white set has a rose at the woman's shoulder and its worked in gold tone. A matching set, top is the earring and bottom is the necklace.

Lovely variety of cream colored pearls, some real, some glass.  

Kit 1 yarn, beads, SM's, Necklace, shawl pin less 15% sold out
Kit 2 yarn beads, SM's Necklace
Kit 3 yarn, beads, SM's

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