Gradient Sets

     The much beloved mini's we call them My Mini Me's. They come in silver shot or our medium sock. Different from Cupcakes which are blended, these are hand painted and will have more then one color on them to make the blend happen. 
Order here Change quantity at Paypal to get the correct number of skeins you want into the cart. Outside the USA will be sent additional shipping invoice. If the cart overcharges you shipping, will refund immediately, or will ship you goodies, or extra yarn, your choice.  wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ & .) 

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New Color?
Elf Kisses
Brand new base, both to us and the market, so we have some below market value introductory pricing for you. The yarn is 85/15 Extra Fine Merino/silk for those of you who know micron count this one is 19.5 which is mighty fine merino. The silk gives it an amazing shine, the extra fine merino makes it feel like cashmere.

Gradient blends of sock weight, 488 yards per 100g

Elsa  6 - 25 gram skeins 732 yards $28.50
sold can be redyed with more or less skeins

Mojave  7 - 25 gram skeins 854 yards $33.25
Dakota 7 - 25 gram skeins 854 yards $33.25

Sylvan 7 - 25 gram skeins 854 yards $33.25

Gunslinger on Elf Kisses Sport
Barn, London Calling, New Brown, Paris, Colt 45, Vladimir
this base is $21 per full skein, can be halved as needed

Can be painted in any color, or photo, pet? whatever you'd like....
Rainbow Minis
Photo shows 19 skeins
$95 for silver shot, $85 for Medium

Shown here on 50g half skeins, can be done in any amounts

Phoenix in Red-purple 
Love it! Red to purple to blue in a gradient fade
This set only uses 3-50g and 6 20 g, you can do as many or as few as you'd like.

An edition of Vladimir Gradient on Milky Silky
BTW, the photo below, it's washed out,
original is red like above.

Phoenix in Purple

WB Logos from Harry Potter

Blue Eyes
on Silk Sock base

Silver Roses

Unicorn Love painted from below photo

Purple Rose
Special order, worked on 100 & 50g skeins

Maroon 5

Night Watcher
On the Fairy Medium this is a lovely base with an amazing blend of colors.  Can be done on more or fewer skeins, your choice. 

Lord Oberon's Sunrise
 Taken from his favorite photo of the sun rising, which he'd never have been able to snap unless the car had broken down. Worked on the silver shot base this is an extended sunrise... can be done on as few as 8-9 skeins.
       Moonrise Dark on Silk Sock

Moonrise inspiration

Worked in 50 gram skeins, there's a 100g skein in blue that didn't make it into the photo.  This was based off of a few bright minis I made, the customer then filled in the blanks and it made this smashing mix.  

My Thang
Why My Thang? purple, blue and green are my all time favorite colors, I had to paint them.  Here the green is teal with blips of bronze to it.  They fade slowly in and out of turquoise and into deeper blues and finally purple.  This will make a nice sized shawl with the 2 50 gram skeins and the b/o edging will be worked in the final 20g skein, just over 1100 yards here. 7 at $4.47=31.29 2 at $9.95 $19.99=$51.28

Daisy's in the Sky
A customer ordered this for their Bar Maid so it's shown here in worsted weight but would be fun in a variety of mini's as well.  

From the recent contest we have our lovely bird on mini's.
We can focus on less green, more purple as you wish anything goes.  Shown here on 10 skeins of 20 gram minis. 

ABOVE Yarn information
Fairy Medium
92 yards/20 grams $4.47 each  
230/50 grams $9.95 
460/100 grams $20 

Silver shot
92 yard/20g $5.50 
50g size $11.75
430/100g $23

Multi color gradient lace
  We paint our multi colored skeins in dots of color so that they blend better then a large patch of color will.  Patches will make large pools of color when knit up.  We aim to blend our paint well so that there is little work for you. 
    Yarn out of stock can still work these up on SW merino for more depth and range of color.


Chocolate Covered Cherries 

Vladimir - red, not pink

Royalty into Luscious

Aqua Land


50/50 merino/silk

MOONRISE This color screamed to be painted on silk sock but it can be done on other bases.  I just felt this was an excellent fit.  Skeins can be varied as you wish. Due to this having to be hand wound it's a bit more expensive.  There are 3.5 skeins here (437 yards each) and the winding comes to $102. 
Moonrise Inspiration Photo

Shown here on Medium Sock this too can be worked on any of the bases. Set as it's shown has 6-50g and 2-20g skeins but can be done up in any variety, $75 1564 yards as shown.
Cocoa Bench
Inspiration photo

Shown here on Silver Shot Sock, this requires only some reskeining.  We carry the 20 and the 100g so the 50 gram has to be reskeined.  These are 435 yards at 100 grams and there are 3 full skeins and 2 - 20g skeins in this creation.  You can have any work up you'd like though.  This one needs another 20g between the purple and the pink... possibly 2, otherwise there's a hard line there, which was intentional but can be erased. As is, yarn is $76 and the reskeining fee is just $10 total of $86 for 1570 yards of silver shot sock.


The buttons for the above skeins don't exist, to order PM me at wmdress at sbcglobal. net

Made for a very large shawl this has 12 skeins of 50grams each.

The 20 gram skeins can be used to make this blend more through from the orange into the red and then the red into the green.  We need about 2 skeins between the red and green to make the transition. Fun though.

All the colors of the vine and the leaves surrounding them.

CUPCAKES For these sets we developed a new washing technique which makes one skein very similar to the last due to the new method. 
We use our Medium sock yarn in 20, 50, 100 gram (92, 260, 460 yards) $4.50, $9.50 and $20) skeins to make exactly the yardage you need in your blend.  We are using them as repeatable color bases and will redye any that you'd like. 6 skeins of 50 grams are only $59 for the set. Or mix and match to get the yardage you need.


A call for a flamingo brought forth this new color way.

Named for the creatures in Harry Potter who gave such a good chase. These blend from sky blue through to a nice purple.

Ya'll know how in love much I'm in love with the waters of the Caribbean.  Washes from pale turquoise to dark turquoise and then into teal.

 I adore this one!  For years I've attempted to catch a sunset, here I have finally caught the part I adore,,, the color of the sun as it falls onto the clouds.  Washes from a pale pink through subtle oranges into a deep golden.

Limes At Midnight Originated from a custom order but loved it so much that we added it here.  You can change the chartreuse into any color you'd like. 

Chocolate Covered Cherry's 
 Our Peeps loved this color so much, we had to include it here.  Going from a maroon cherry into the bark of the tree.

Vampire Lestat 
The vampire we all know and love from the Ann Rice novels. Going from true red through purple into a purple with a touch of black added for the dark night.

BLARNY  And where would the world be without a bit of Blarny?  Washes from pale emerald, darker through to teal into a blue teal which is more blue then teal.

I love me some summer berries, don't you? Beginning in pink we travel through maroon and end in the deep dark purple of the Logan berry.

     In making up your own colors... any two are fine so long as they are close on the color wheel, we can paint it.  Choose two colors or send me a photo. Please be specific, not just purple but lilac, not just red but vermilion.  Have fun choosing what color we make up next.  You can even name the color. Any color can go into black, red to black, etc.

ORDER HERE - Additional shipping needed for outside of the USA. If you order more then 1 item, cart will overcharge for shipping.  Will refund immediately, or we can send you goodies.

Your color?

We can and will paint anything which isn't nailed down, send us a photo to paint from and tell us which color are important to you. Or we will work up a list of colors for your approval.  Once the set is dyed you will get a photo, again for your approval. PM me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net.  (replace at with @ and dot with .   ----  why do I write it like this? Done like this to reduce spammers getting my e-mail addy with their trollers.) 

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