Knitting Notions

Bead Organizers


Sticky Jar
 I don't recommend using this jar for storage but one of our other bead organizers for storing your beads.  This way when the jar tips you wont loose your stock.  Then too, the weight of all the beads in the jar might make the tape come off.



Cable Needle Set

Set of three US sizes 2, 7 & 9 shipped in the USA for only $3 which includes shipping.

New finger counters

These little finger counters can be used to count rows, stitches, sit ups, inventory, so many uses even outside of your knitting world.  These wee guys are dirt cheap.  I've seen these as high as $15 each and we have them for just $4.50, yes if you want a dozen we will give a price discount, just PM me wmdress at sbcglobal dot net.
We are so very excited to have more umbrella swifts for you.  
The high end wood swift on the left is the standard medium size which will work with our larger skeins.  The green is built to last forever and is very similar to the blue ones I found for you.  What's the difference? The PRICE!  These are so much cheaper then what's out there and I'm always happy to pass on savings on items that we must have.  Personally I have 3 swifts, one for every room and occasion. Seems we are forever needing more of them. I love them all for what they do and the variety of positions you can wind the plastic ones in.  Great for slickery yarns like 100% silk as it can be set up vertically.


New Goodies
Heart pins in a wheel, set of 30 for $1.75

Pins in a box, set of 48 for .75 cents

Bamboo DPNs set of 5 size 0 for just $2.50
ALL other sizes are available for the same price,
add as many as you like to the order
then in the notes tell me which sizes you'd like.

Sewing & DPN
Different size DPN?
Badge Zip line for holding keys, card keys or scissors.

Seemed like we needed a few notions and goodies  to round things off a bit so here we go. Badge zip line for holding, scissors, keys, card key, your choice what use you make of it.  On the right you can see what I do with it.  There's a belt type clip on the back, then you hang your "item" off of the plastic snap area.  Or off of the bead sides below.


Terribly cute PANDA just wants to eat.  He's on a shell, cemented onto the zip line and then encased in top coat to ensure he stays put and doesn't go looking for more bamboo.


What you get for $12.50
Fully Loaded version
Extra large 44mm round, SEVEN pieces make up this one.  I've seen one with only 2 for $25 somewhere else shhh ours, 12.50. See all the places off the edge where you can add items?  Well, I did just that, I added anything and everything I thought I would need for our trip.  Away to the office, park or on a long cruise this puppy has everything you need.  Fully loaded is in the badge button below.  Beads may change depending on availability.  You can choose your bead atop the mini hooks, as well as the stitch marker set.  Other then that expect golden and brass fittings.

Left Antique floral swirl, right side is the Celtic triple horses you see in their designs. Both are hefty metals.

Left Rose Vines Antique silver. Right rhinestones in silver.  Both are hefty metals.

New larger metal zip line, belt clip is metal, lobster has a press in latch, key ring opposite.  This one seems VERY sturdy to me.  I have a few items which will work with this one.  These larger metal zip lines are the same low price, 40mm-1.75".
Steampunk above and the following.  Left to right Rubber Blue or Pink Stripes.  Rainbow or tree, both acrylic, all 4 of these have the ability to have the loops on either end for holding lobsters and stitch markers.  As in the blue and purple flowers below. Just put into the notes if you want this option

Coin of the New America's... YUP the very first coin minted in America... well a replica.  I can't imagine how much the real one would cost.

Queen Elizabeth the 2nd in antique brass, good ole QE2. For the small black zip line.

Accessories not included.
These are a lot of fun. 
1/4th inch black glass bead which I then string a bit of wire through and leave a loop hanging on either end.  On this loop you can hang a set of stitch markers or a wooden hook for picking up dropped stitches, lobster claws, etc.  A small version of a chatelaine by the time you are done with it.

Sterling Silver Roman Coin the one that I have, hasn't been affected by time yet and is shiny.  It will age and tarnish if that's the look you want.  I have only one and believe they are close to being sold out and the last one in existence.  Loop comes off, for the small black zip line.

Lastly we have Alexander the Great, or Athena who's on the flip side. Your choice as to who is on the front.  Loop comes off, for the small black zip line.

Plastic locking stitch markers. I use these all the time to hold my dropped stitches until I can go back and pick them up. I also use them when counting stitches.  Count up to 50, place a marker, that way if you have to count again (I always do) it gets easier the second time. Set of 32, eight colors.

8 inch long DPN's, 5 to a pack 11 sets you get them all
Entire set of 8" long double point steel knitting needles.  You get everything you see, plus one not in photo.  US Sizes 000-8, set of 11.

This one has only millimeter measurements on it. 

 I'm starting to realized that this is a much more efficient manner of measuring and am trying to train myself over.

Fixed Needles you get all you see, from 00000 up to size 8

Circular fixed knitting needles. US size 00000-8, 32 inches long, you get all 13 which includes 13 peacocks and 13 tapestry needles.

Case of fixed Needles

Package of circular fixed knitting needles, isn't it cute!  You get 11 needles in all, US size 000 to size 8, 32 inches long, in one package.  

Case has size 000 to size 8 and even has a double hook
for picking up stitches and tapestry needle

Front pocket has a double ended hook for dropped stitches and a tapestry needle.

Comes in straight or crooked, I never got the hang of the crooked but it's supposed to help you know which way it up.  LOL I need arrows!  Choose from the small (11/0 & 8/0 beads) or large for the 6/0 beads.

Double Point protectors, held together with a bit of round elastic.  Just put one on either end of your DPN's and your stitches are safe. Custom made to order, tell me if you'd like them for size 5-7 or 8+. Compare at $14, since I make them I have them up at a much cheaper price for you.

Perfect tool for hooking up a stray stitch.  These come 3 to a set on a lobster claw, either just a lobster or so much more.  On the right black with red flower.  The bead caps will change as will the large lobster.  I like to think that the bead tells me what to use.

This on has a fish lobster with a wild bead.  The exterior of this bead is clear, the very center a gold foil painted with colors in the clear part.  Amazing bead that you might want to gaze into instead of getting your work done.

On the right is a lime bead with a geometric lobster. Below you can see only a few of the bead caps you will find on these mini hook sets. 

 When I do things, it's never half measure so I have bought a slew of lovely beads for my Peeps.  Here we have silver foil on the outside of the lampwork beads.  These are the bumpy kind as you can see.  Choose from (Left to right) red, white, dark blue, green or turquoise.

Then I went PINK! Crazy for pretty's in pink.  Left to right, top to bottom. Pink Swirl, Pink on white flower, white flower lampwork on pink center, gold foil center with a pink rose, faceted pink rose inside. That last bead, photos not doing it justice it's gorgeous! Bottom row, purple glass with pink and blue flowers, turquoise sea with a floaty fish followed by 3 of his green buddies with black tails, lastly this is amazing, clear outside with a gold foil covered in speckles of color.  Another bead you can fall into.
       Mini hook sets come in size 6, 10 and 14 on a large lobster, bead and cap may vary but will be of equal or greater value.  LOVE these beads! So will you.  We can use any of these beads as the main bead for a set of markers.  Or they can be put on the loops but understand, these are expensive beads so the loops will be $2 each.

Lacis crochet hook for beading.  This is labeled a size US 16/.40mm which to me means a US size 18.  Watch the video and see for yourself. Highly recommend this for fringe and size 11/0 placement method of beading.  Works really well and comes with a cap for protection.

Remember the time I skewered my hand on a hook?  I'll never forget, don't allow it to happen to you.  These handy caps protect our tiny hooks from catching on anything. Come in a pack of 10.

Stitch markers, soldered closed jump rings, come in silver, gold, copper or antique brass.  Small for size 7 and under needles, set of 25.

Stitch markers, yarn balls! 
How cute are they! Set of 6 rainbow available from HiyaHiya page.
OR these less expensive markers made from Yarn Fairy.  

Metal Swift see review video here

Saved the best for last. I LOVE this swift. 

 It will go onto your table, horizontally, vertically or even diagonally!  There's a black pinch clip to open and close.  See video in the caption.  There I identify a cream handle.  
After the video I realized that this was for making skeins out of cones!  How cool is that!  It comes in this lovely plastic holder that will last forever.  When extended to the max (60") as in the video the yarn makes a valley.  This valley brings the yarn off of the swift so easily and perfectly that I actually enjoyed winding a ball of yarn.

Kit contains one of each crochet hook we have available to us at this time.
ChiaoGoo Bamboo handle size 14/.80
HiyaHiya size 17/.50mm 
HiyaHiya size 13/.90
Lacis size 16/.40mm (should be US 18)
Lacis size 15/.50mm (should be US 17) come with caps.
Total of five different hooks 

Choose from just the hooks OR

The hooks and a protective plastic box with 3 caps to cover the 3 hooks who will come to you without caps

 Beads not included
I'm forever hearing horror stories about someone loosing all their beads.  So I needed to share my secret, containers.  
2 piece
I keep the bulk of my beads inside of whatever they came to me in and then put some into my containers.  The top photo shows a larger container made from that rubber like plastic.  The set of 2 (yes you get both) are the hard plastic and these spin. I personally have both types for different uses.

Electric Bead Spinner Bundle
Comes with the base and two containers for when you are working multiple projects.  Two beading needles and a bit of stringing thread.  The Yarn Fairy version comes with 1 of each Verna Beadle Needles (total of FOUR) which is what knitters use instead of the hook needles you see in the photo.  Using the Beadle, the curved end of the needle goes into the container and VIOLA, beads jump onto the wire ready for you to bead with.  Don't believe me? Don't know how to use it? Watch this video. It's so easy, the wire's full and ready for when you need to use it. Take the fully loaded wire, hook end towards your knitting, hook it like you normally would using crochet hook.  Then slip the bead off of the wire onto the stitch, knit the stitch. TADA! Need to see it in action?  Just ask and I will make a YF video.


Bead Spinner

Hook Bundles and bead containers

Top button ONLY for BADGE ZIP LINE for holding scissors

Choose type
IMPORTANT NOTE: If there's no photos above of the item you would like, we no longer stock the item, please don't order it. Also, don't change the quantity, the cart is not extending the prices.  Just write me a note and I'll make sure to help you out. wmdress at sbcglobal dot net.

KNITTING NOTIONS no finger counters, bamboo pins, scissors, counters, tape measures, or locking markers in stock

Additional Items- ALL beginning items discontinued only last THREE Items instock

More Items  Cutting mat, Fish Bobbins and tape measure discountinued

Notions continued 1st 3 items and blocking pins discontinued

Color of jump ring
More Notions Mini half hooks and sheep gauge available

If the shipping overcharges you, I'll refund or you can get more items. If it undercharges you I'll invoice. All shipping charges are to the USA, International welcome but there will be additional shipping charges.  Make sure you put your correct e-mail and address in at paypal as that's where we are shipping your order to.  International, please feel free to order, we will invoice your shipping when we ship.


  1. Hello Wendy; how long are the cords on the fixed circular needles? Thanks, Gaye

  2. How do I know which of the fixed circular sets I am ordering? I would like the set 000-8 in the green case, which in the description says 11 needles, however on the drop down all state 13 needles and not specify which set. Also I did notice that the lengths are not right, which you did clarify for Gaye.

    Thanks, Pam

  3. Hi Wendy, how much is the swift? I can't find it in the drop-down menus

    1. We have 2, Nirvana wood table top is $41.50 and the metal umbrella in the blue case is $42.95. You can order it above under "More items", just below Mini Cutting Mat.