Kaleidoscope KAL

Time for a SNAP KAL! What's a snap KAL? It's like the pop quizzes we used to have in school, but this will be much more pleasant I promise. Remember I told ya'll that we had several circular shawls in the works? Ya'll told me that you wanted to work them into KAL's so here's our second, the first was Secret Garden and here we have Kaleidoscope. This is a very easy 60 inch circular shawl which has a basic pinwheel shape that's got such hard lines we can work it up in any of our multi colored yarns.  See Color Ways page for ideas. We also have some Quasar on the Twist page in Pixie Maxy. It you'd like a larger shawl this would be a great way to go, We'd just need to make some solid to match for the edging. The shawl was originally swatched in one of our rainbows and I intended to make the edging up in black. That would be an amazing combination. We will run the KAL as soon as everyone has their yarn, at the same time as other KAL's are going.


Poison on Fae Glamor


Kaleidoscope with Turquoise

Poison with black

Paris with Brown

Good N Plenty with Medium Grey 
     Milky Silky, a high end luxury yarn to be sure. You can literally go with any color you'd like. We recommend a multi color for the body of this shawl. The base Milky Silky has 70/20/10 SW merino/silk/cashmere this is a very soft, luxurious yarn with amazing drape from the extra fine merino and high end lux fibers.  Photo only shows 4 skeins but you'll need 2 skeins of the solid for the edging if you go with sock.  This base has 435 yards per skein.
     If you want the Pixie Maxy (100% SW merino sport weight/330 yards per 4 oz skein) for a larger shawl you will need a touch more yarn so I'd recommend 4 skeins for the body and 3 skeins for the edging just in case.  Better to have too much then be scrambling and not have enough.
     Other yarns I recommend for this shawl:

  1. Fairy Fine 100% SW merino 490 yards/100g skein
  2. Gold or Silver Shot Sock 75/20/5 Superwash Merino/Nylon/Stellina 435 yards/100g
  3. Pixie Single 100% SW merino (amazing soft! nice drape) 409/113g
  4. Fairy Glamor 98/2 SW merino/lurex which is spun into the fiber to give the silver shine 409/113g
  5. Fairy Yak 60/20/20 SW Merino/yak/silk 400 yards 113g
  6. Imp Sport for a larger shawl 70/15/15 SW merino/cashmere/nylon has been discontinued there's not much left here 375/113g you should pick this up just to possess it at this point due to how little is left. Super soft hand, same base as Kanuck

This is a 32 wedge pinwheel shawl needle size 5 (7 for sport) if you like to use markers I recommend our Just the Loops. There are no "kits" due to the variety of options.  Find these below the order button under Extras.


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    1. HAHA! We will be here, when your ready.

  2. My yarn is here in rainy England and i am itching to start eeeeeeeekkkkk. It is all beautiful thank you so much, loving the goodies they are amazing.