Stitch Marker

All items are custom made to order, PM me to place an order at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace at and dot with @ . ) Copy the name of the item, price etc and e-mail it to me.  Send me your paypal e-mail address and I will make an invoice for you.


This pretty little shawl pin states love on an infinity loop, 3.5 inches long.  Stick contains an iris green flower with, filigree bead cap, $5.50 each.

White Rabbit
Alice's White Rabbit stitch markers.  Our large lobster glass bunny holds a heart for you and has a time piece attached and placed so he can see it for he's late.  As is his friend just to the right of him. They have a bunny friend eating a carrot and another for their travels.  Of course the pearls represent the "cotton tails" from every realm.  Set of 1 lobster and 7 loops, $13.50.
The small pearl loops are only $1 and you can have as many as you like.  If you like this set, order fast as there are only FOUR rabbits remaining. NOTE: 8-26-15 we have one antique brass pocket watch remaining, after it's gone we are going to silver.


Gorgeous crackle glass two tone beads make up this rainbow set.  There's a lobster marker with a silver charm of a rainbow and a small cloud, $11.

Clutter Sets 
Got a great deal on these, just passing it along
Gray Pearls real double pearl on lobster, remainders are all glass, metal and one small real pearl in the bunch, 1 lobster, 12 loops, $8.

Red Hat Society  This one is really fun with all the red and purple in it.  Glass, metal, 1 lobster, 14 loops, $8.

Lime Teal Deal Real pearl on the lobster for you in this one.  Metal, glass, 13 loops, 1 lobster, $8.
Frozen has winter ice blue to royal blue, with crystals and pearls, think of the movie Frozen, 10 loops, 1 lobster, $8.  

There's one more set in the Clutter Club.  Coffee the last set, is cream through brown, hence the name, Coffee. Though the amount of loops will change (up or down?), still will each have a lobster, the price will be the same.

Good Luck cat, Maneki Neko or beckoning cat has a 2 inch red tassel with a filigree flat on the bottom.  On top he's got a hat with curls on it and a large lobster claw.  Neko comes with a set of 6 loops, one has a small Neko on it and of all things,,, a Geisha Girl.  Who's subject to change her bow color, size of her lips as well as her hair style, talk about tempermental!  She's a new find and we love her.  

The red flowers are perfect fit as the blessing kitty can have red lanterns and flowers nearby.  Of course you have to end something like this with what else but the yen, we all love Neko Kitty.
Old set just for show, you will get the one above with the Gisha
 Made of porcelain we have two for you in a set. 6 stitch markers with yen coins and small lobster cat.  Large cat purse fob with silk tassel, complete set of all you see only $17.50.

Will need to make a set for you so feel free to have as many in each set as you like, each loop is $1.25 and lobster is $2.50 each.
Heavenly Angels Cream Pearl
Glass and cream Swarovski pearls, 7 markers for $8.75

Angels in Envy Green Lovely green crystals with AB finish, 7 markers for $8.75

Angels in Blue glass and aqua glass two tone crystal rounds, 6 for $7.50  

Golden Angels in Gold  Teardrop is crystal AB, head is a glass pearl, both from Czech beads. Shown here, 7 for $8.75.
Shown here with two tone glass heads, brown and cream. 7 in the set for $8.75.

Golden Angel in Purple
Teardrop is crystal AB, head is a glass pearl, both from Czech beads. Shown here, 7 for $8.75.

With glass heads, set of 5 for $6.25

Swarovski pearl teardrop

These come in teal or deep purple, there are only 2 sets of each available.  Only 5 to a set as they are so dear, $8.75 per set of 5.
Shown at right in deep purple pearls.  On the left below in the deep teal color way.
Dark Green Glass Angels with glass AB bottoms and faceted heads, all deep, dark green.  Set of 7 for $8.75.

Angel in Black
Vintage black glass is used in the construction of these dark beauties,  6 for $7.50.
     We can do any color/quantity with these gold wings, just ask. Can do all lobster claws for $2.25 eac.  Will give a discount for 20+ PM me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net. 

Winter star dust, here we have all glass and metal findings.  All are lobster claws for crochet work, or I can make matching rounds in the blue crystal or aqua flowers.  Your choice, $8.50


Now we take a stroll through the forest. Where upon we see bears, hear the hoot of an owl.  Off in the distance we see and a moose.  Lampwork glass beads are the focus here.  The gold beads at the bottom, I can gaze into forever and get lost! Lovely emeralds, red and oranges are found in these foil beads.  

Matching antique brass metals with 2 different owls, Celtic braid, flower and geometric designs.  LOVE this one.  We can do it up as you see for crochet ($14) or put them on loops for knitting ($10).  Please choose standing bear with heart, seated bear or standing, 4 legged moose.  OR owl!  I just remembered we have a few ceramic owls left.  NUM, totally matching now.

Crochet Stitch Markers
NEW! Special stitch markers for crocheters.  Comes in metal colors, antique brass (photo), silver and gold.  Can make anything both above and below into these markers, they are $2-$2.50 each.

For Knitters
Each set will fit up to a size US 8/5mm needle Normally my SM sets sell for $1 for the rings and $2 for the lobsters unless there's something expensive in the set.  You may have as large a set as you require.  We take all custom orders just write me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net.
Green Leaf $6 - beads sold out
have a green with yellow marble bead, green round, crackle or faceted bead

Green Crystal Leaf Teardrops$8- 
comes in yellow, purple and black all AB

 Deep Cobalt Maple Leaf $7 with violet cones

 Orange Leaf $9 rounds sold out have a yellow/orange with gray on the side to replace with see below.

 Yellow faceted Leaf $7

Hearts and Leaves $10, multiple colors, can be what you see and so much more

Dragon and real jade $9
This has been so popular that we ran out of our rounds. Choose from the light mountain jade, bottom in the photo or the Amazonite which is Jade color.

Spatter $8 Left to Right: comes in gray/yellow, gray/pink, gray/green, blue/pink or yellow/blue all glass, shapes will change on the lobster.

Marbleized set of 7 - $7 comes in L-R Brown, Blue, Red, Yellow/Green, Hot Pink, Yellow all glass.

Supernatural Spatter set of 7 $8 comes in L-R Clear with pink and blue, Turquoise, Emerald, Pink, Pink/Turquoise, Turquoise/Yellow.  All glass, shapes will change on the lobster.

Antique cone flower set of 8 - $9 comes in violet (shown) or aqua.

Just the Loops
These rings, are fun and different. They come 16 per vial/jar, are glass or aluminum.  

Small rings fit up to a size 5 needle glass,green iris color, come in a glass vial, set of 16, $8
.50 cent for each additional marker
Medium Markers will fit up to a size 7 with glass vial, set of 16, $12.50
.60 cent for each additional marker
Large markers sold separately will fit up to size 15 needles, set of 16 $17
.70 cent for each additional marker
The aluminum have a bead covering the opening, which is glued in place.  Metal colors will vary, feel free to order more as I can fit more loops in your jar if desired. 
Crystal Blue Persuasion

Aren't these lovely!  I adore these earrings.  Surgical steel hooks, crystals and 5 petal flowers.  Can be made in any of the colors below with different beads.  $10 each and shipping.

BUTTONS and Stitch Markers

Buttons... These lovely little guys are small enough to look smashing on your projects but large enough to pack a punch. 

Stitch Markers 

 $7 each set of 5 and $2 for shipping or free shipping with a yarn order.  All cone shaped - bell shaped lobster claws are full of beads up the center. Aren't they adorable!

The beads you see are 11/0 and 6/0 and the flowers can be made in the following colors:

  • light purple
  • violet medium purple
  • pink

  • Dark Blue almost black
  • Gray

  • Pale Yellow
  • Medium Blue
Any color bead can be added to perfectly match your garments.  The flowers are 11x7mm and as you can see from the top photo there is a small post (button shank) which is large enough to have a tapestry needle pulled through.  A great, polished ending to your project.  $2.50 per half dozen.  Also available in Czech pressed glass beads.

Small abacus
Place the larger loop on your needle. Use the lobster claw beaded drop to count up from 1 to 10 by replacing the lobster claw one number higher each time you come to the abacus in your knitting. Available in all colors only $5 each!
 We will custom design any color.

Who's your favorite Fairy?


Yertle the Turtle 
I'm swimming as fast as I can!

Miss Pigabell
YUP that's a bell, hand painted with a crystal in the center of the flower on her head. Or Kitty Bell see below.

Pink Flower
Can be worked in all flower colors above.

 The dangle is actually THREE charms, 2 leaves and a grape cluster to give you something to play with when resting from all that knitting. 

Midnight Flutterby

Purple with puffed heart

Yellow Fae flower
Be sure to specify Fae and not 5 petal

Flower at Midnight

Violet Fae Flower

These little babies are great for gift giving, swap partners or Christmas presents.  $5.00 each and shipping of $2 for the first and $1 for each additional one.  There's a photo of all my charms about half way down the page, any of these can be used at the end of the lobster claw.

NEW - count to 100 Small Abacus
These new abacus have a line of beads to count to 100, the small ring of beads moves after 10 and continues on down the line with a different color at 50 and the last 4. Keep the large circle on your needles, move the lobster claw around the circle.  Move the small circle of beads down the line, $10 each and shipping.  
Knit Like the Wind Bullseye
The horse runs around the center "track" which is always on your needles. 

Rainbow Kitty-hand painted kitty is really a bell

NEW sets

Paradise Shine and Chrystal Summer Blush-small ones 

 I don't know how these extra coated items are going to react to water so I recommend that you treat all of them as fine jewelry, take them off before bathing/sleeping, etc.

Museum Antique Brass
Aren't these gorgeous?  Destined to be earrings, either fish hook or screw back.  
These gorgeous freshwater pearl earrings remind me of something I saw in a museum years ago.  Take your pick, Large Filigree Round or Diamond about 1.5-2 inches long. Any of these bases can be done with any of the beads/pearls.  All are interchangeable and fully customizable. Kite shape sold out.

Black AB crystal and glass Celtic knot on the left and Long Oval on the right.  Again, fish hook or screw back, pearls or beads.

This lovely locket style pendant watch 
comes in either brass or antique silver finish, with or without the clock charm.  Comes on a snake chain in 18, 24, 30" long.

The back is just as pretty, if not prettier then the front.

Abacus Stitch Markers
These can count up to 100, start with 1-10 then move the elastic circle of beads past a large bead and you will have the 10's count to 100. $15 each and free shipping if you order yarn, otherwise add $3 for the first one and $1 for each additional.  Will come gift boxed (if you ask for it) for your friends and swap partners. Here's a video which shows the 2 circles and how to use them.

It's not your imagination, I owe the top guy a circle of beads on the large circle.
Left shows strand style - right show circle style.
 Order top to bottom. 









Don't see yours?  Ask for your exact colors and type of beads, I will work with you sending you photos of beads to choose from. Including PEARLS and CRYSTALS!!

11 REAL Amethyst and Jade and onyx

12  Glass pearls in turquoise and cream teardrop

#5 was very popular and so these are available
Top 5 SOLD 

Bottom 5 in green and smoke

#6 done in 3 different ways since it was so very popular 

Top 6 in green and blue

Middle 6 in pink and blue

Bottom 6 in turquoise and blue                  

13  Top Ruby

14 Bottom faceted beads in blue and smoke 

15 Top green and deep burgundy AB round 

16 Bottom Pink and dark red

 I do custom work, all you have to do is ask.



These beads, on the right, have been very popular.  Shown here in a bracelet and earring set $10.   With a necklace added to the mix $20 for a set of all 3 items.


Double bubble pearl with sterling silver bead cap and black tonal beads $20 shown in black and in turquoise. Add shipping.

What follows are solid silver and solid gold filled findings. Each comes in a gift box ready for gift giving or gifting to yourself.

1-Double Amethyst corested with a silver spacer and silver bead cap.  Lovely, delicate yet classy. $14

2- Lovely - four faceted amethysts make up the bottom of these earrings, topped with a smooth round 8mm ball solid silver cap and solid silver hook.  In time the silver nooks and cranny's will blacken to give them an antique look. $18

3- These fluorite clusters are a lot of fun to play with.  Teardrops, faceted and and smaller teardrops have shades of purple, green to clearer. $14

4- Smoky Quartz in round and puffed heart these are slightly yellow in color with solid silver antique spacer bead these will only get better with age. $14

What follows is the promised
Fire and Ice!
I give you ICE

5- Double quartz with tear drop, another corseted with solider silver bead spacer this is classy yet peacock at the same time. $12

6- Smaller version of the above quartz this one has only a single bobble. $10

7- Long garnets dripping with hearts and rounds, lovely, solid silver will delight the senses. $15

8-Garnet clusters, each earring has 14 garnets in both teardrop and round shapes these are set onto large, solid 14K gold filled posts.  $20

Order by # via to wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (remove spaces change @ & .) If you already have an order up I will pay shipping if not $2 for the first item and $1 for each thereafter (USA).  On page 2 of paypal, scroll down and place the number you would like into the comments there.  If you have any questions e-mail me at the above address. 

Custom design requests welcome, just ask.

This was made for a good friend, it's all moonstones and a bit of glass and silver.  While this is not available, I can make something like it up in any stone of your choice. Just PM me (wmdress @ the spaces) and we will work out the details.  50% down payment required up front.

          CLICK  paypal click send funds to wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (no spaces change @ and .). On page 2 scroll down into message and copy the above telling me which you would like.   Add shipping as needed - shipping in the USA will be $2.00 unless you have a kit on order in which case I will pay shipping.


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    1. We do have a search in the bar on the right (use PC) but I find it's not working last I tried to look for it. What are you looking for? We don't have video's for sale, the only video's are our free teaching video's on YouTube off of the Teaching Page. Kits have all of our past KALs and some shawls. Others are found by name off of the tabs above. Sorry you just have to wade through, we will be consolidating in the next few months and all of the older KALs will go to the Kits page. PM me if I can help wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ and . remove spaces.)