FIXED CIRCULAR NEEDLES here super sharp, great for socks and lace knitting.  Very versatile in all these different sizes.  We carry the Sharps in 32 and 40 inches, sizes 0-8. The tiny Micro needles are found below.  Order the quantity in the size you need then add the size in the drop down box below.

Choose Needles
Choose Size
Notes or size 8:

HIYA HIYA YIPEE!  See the video here.  Shows everything on this page.  Watch out for the snips!  I snorted, IN LOVE!
Fell in love with these Crystaletts so I had to hunt down their distributor and we are now officially HiyaHiya distributors!  Yeah! What are Crystalettes?  
They are these lovely 3mm faceted button which has a shank on the back.
Delightful addition to any knitting we will be designing and adding them to our designs.
Here they aren't $1 each which I found on Etsy, not for the .50 cent each I found them at other places but only .45 cents each (minimum of 20) or $45 per 100. They come in many colors and I have them all in silver tone.

Pin sets are available.  These are gold tone pins that contain a button, without the shank. Just like a locking stitch marker these will add some bling to your knitting.  Come in a
set of 12 snag free markers. Set of 6 silver pins are available in the drop down box as well.

PROJECT BAGS OUT OF STOCK! We are working with the manufacturer to get you all a special deal, please don't order here.  Shipping isn't charged and there are too many variables for me to stock them all.
  The first thing that jumped out to us all is how well made these are.  The zipper top can have the handle in the center, fully open or on the side, your choice.   Measures 7 tall x 8 wide and has a flat bottom to stand up with. They say there's enough room for at least 1 ball (possibly a skein around it), needles, keys, markers and a pattern in this bag.  HUM, I wonder how much I really could fit in there, see the "pack it all in" video.

Cable needles seem to come in solid as well as with glitter inside. You get a set of small medium and large.

Darn It needles have a curved tip and come in three pack of three different

Stitch holders 
come in a set of 3, small medium and large.  Great for holding stitches when you need to come back and make a pocket later.  The large will hold up to half of a bodice.

Tape Measures adorable pandas in various acts.  Pull out tape, zips right back into the round.  Fits everywhere.  These have both inches and centimeters.

Locking Stitch Markers
Great for runners, dropped sts, marking your place with a practical item.  For more whimsy see Crystal Locking Markers above.

SNIPs are so tiny, see the video I was and AM so very pleased with these puppy's and kitty's. They are almost 2 inches tall.

There are some new snips coming out I have ordered Octopus, Panda and sheep.  I don't know when they will be available but I had to have them as these are adorable! Isn't he cute!  

I have them on pre-order with the company and if you pre-order them with me, you will be the first of your friends to have them in your hot little hands.  When you place your order, just put into the notes that you want one of the Panda, Octopus or Sheep or all 3) you will be the first person you know who will own one.  Take them to knit night and be the envy of all your friends!

Panda stitch marker is holding a needle, isn't he adorable?  I LOVE pandas so I can't help but love all our goodies.  He is very small but can fit up to about a size 10 needle.

The Panda parade continues...

Cable end stoppers (they fit on ChiaoGoo too!) as well as the HiyaHiya cables. I adore how cute these make my projects.  Need a needle and have the size on something your not working on?  Just put these little guys to work holding your project together while you use the needles for something else.  These come in red or pink socks and are size SMALL.

Point protectors which also work great as scissor point protectors. These look identical to the stoppers but have a small hole for the needles to go into. We only carry the size SMALL for both of these items.

We now carry stork and butterfly scissors, really inexpensive.  I want to put the point protector on a chain and attach it to the scissor handle so that you can never loose him.  More to come.

Tag A Stitch have a ton of different items in them.  Everything we need to mark stitches from words to numbers and letters.  There were too many to go through but you can see them on the video URL above.  I was shocked at how many are in there, you will be too.
 You will want to order the silver unadorned markers to go with this.  Get a lot not just the single set as there are about 100 markers here-no I lost count, it's a LOT.  You put the one you need on the silver pin and place it onto your knitting to know what you are doing where.  Say you can't remember if you are to SSK or K2tog at the left or right of a sweater.  Well, this now takes the guess work out of that. LOVE these!

Rainbow stitch marker 

set of 6, aren't they cute!
Made of rayon with a loop large enough for your biggest needles.

Super fine needles  With all of the super fine work we are doing, getting smaller each and every year, we need new tools... super fine needles.  The size 0 needles are ALL "Sharps" these are the only ones I could get in Sharps as the micros are so fine you don't need Sharps, they are already very sharp.  You will want the 000 size for working with the silk cobweb, finer if you are a loose knitter.  These fixed needles come in: 
32", 40" and 60" lengths, 
Size 0, 00, 000, 0000, 00000, 000000, $8.50 each
A full set of six needles, one of each size in one length is just $51.  
NOTE: Currently (2-13) the 32"00 and the 60" 5-0 are on back order.  For the 40" they are all in stock. If you want a full set we will hold off shipping until they are all in stock.  Or we can ship them as a back order when we get them in, your choice.

A new table top swift has joined the ranks. As you can see this one has many holes for the pegs to fit into. It will wind anything from real small up to 2 yards.

ORDER HERE Use drop down boxes and button below. Update quantities for more then one of the same item.  International and heavy items will receive a shipping invoice as will anything that can't ship for $5. I only put shipping in the first button so if you only order from the second button you will be getting a shipping invoice. 
BE SURE your address and e-mail are correct so that I can reach you if I have any questions. Any further questions please PM me at wmdress at sbcglobal.net

Crystal color
Crystal Color
ADDITIONAL ITEMS & small project bag

Color of Bag


Choose length
Size of needle

Kit contains one of each crochet hook we carry.
ChiaoGoo Bamboo handle size 14/.80
ChiaoGoo Bamboo handle size 16/.60
HiyaHiya size 17/.50mm 
HiyaHiya size 13/.90
Lacis size 16/.40mm (should be US 18)
Lacis size 15/.50mm (should be US 17) come with caps.
ORDER hooks with or without case and caps.


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