We sell all types of roving in all the colors of the rainbow.  While we like to make one of a kind creations, we will also redye colors we have made in the past. 
We can dye semi solid, kettle, hand paint or long gradient for a single pass through different colors. 
   Here's a smattering of color ways we can redye, keep in mind these are stock photos and what you see is not what you are going to get. These were painted on superwash, if you choose a blend of Non SW the colors will be less dramatic. Hand painting replica's is tricky but we attempt to get them the same.

All sold in approximately 4 oz braids

Final Frontier on Mohair only $19 for 4 oz PM me for invoice

Final Frontier on naturally brown alpaca only $19 for 4 oz PM me for invoice

Both of these have at least 4 sets in the same dye lots.

Jammin Jam 100% black and white merino order below from buttons.

BEAST on 100% black and white merino, order below. In stock and ready to ship.

 Indian Corn 
on Superwash merino at right

INDIAN CORN on BFL (brown & white) at the right.  Big difference from super wash to non superwash to show you how differently the colors will come out.
Bollywood on Merino SW Black and White
One in stock and ready to ship

Monet on SW

Poison Frog

Frankie Goes to Hollywood on SW

Mr. No Name on SW

Gradient Rainbow on SW

Amethyst Geode SW
Amethyst Geode on Merino/Yak/Silk
The below roving are all painted on superwash merino, are in stock and ready for purchase.
Azure Calling on SW
Cherry Season

Teal Dreaming on SW

Teal Dreaming on Merino/Bamboo/Silk

Hazel Eyes on SW

Rainbow Dark on SW (sold)

Rainbow Bright on SW

Rainbow on NSW merino/bamboo

Vladimir on SW
In stock SW ends here

Night Walk on B&W merino

Limes at Midnight on B&W merino

Champagne on Polworth/silk

Limon Gradient on Polworth/silk

We would love to paint for you.  Tell us your favorite colors (wmdress at sbcglobal dot net - replace @ & .) and let us color your favorite base.  We like to keep our prices as low as possible to pass on our savings to you. Keep in mind that if you don't order a superwash, the colors will be more muted. We will also spin any of these colors for you, see contact page for fees.

ORDER HERE - merino blends, below for other fiber

Choose Base

Choose Base

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