Fae Transition Yarn

Our latest dye experimentation, our Fae are taking a step out of the light and into the dark with Fae Transitions Yarn.  This is wound up larger then our standard skeins which allows us to work up lovely long color changes.  These will make amazing socks, stripes seamed up into a vest, sweater, scarves, gloves, skies the limit.

Lemon Crush


Raspberry Beret sold can be redyed


Lady in Red

St. Patty
Spruce Forest


Purple Heaven


Brown Bear
he's sold now so you can either order
Medium Sock, Pixie Single or another of our SW bases



Samples will come to you on the base it's shown on.  If the sample has been sold out, we can do this on any super wash sock base we carry.  I recommend Fairy Fine, Fairy Medium, or any of the Shot bases. Order here. Be sure to specify: base, color and that you'd like Fae Transition method of dyeing. Would be amazing to have a rainbow sweater, shawl, vest, coat, blanket, you name it out of these.

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