Color Ways

Regina from Once Upon a Time
A page to drool over, Yarn Fairy AKA Evil Queen Enabler brings you the best of the best.

Fantastic for cables and lace, these colors work great on any of our super wash bases.
Left to right - top row:
Blood Lines, Blueberry Pie, Bloody Hell
bottom row:
Big Bad Wolf, Mysterious Forest, Magenta

Looks amazing on 50/50 silk/merino
but will work on any super wash base
Here you can see it worked into the toe of a pair of socks.

top is "pale" --- bottom is "dark"


Summer Lovers

Back In Black Series ask for more color or Meldy Deep with the colors peeking through the black. For lace weight we highly recommend Meldy Deep of black.


Cherry Tree


Lady of the Lake




Spruce Forest 
Sultry Valentine

Mesa shown on BFL/silk
will be even more striking on 100% super wash

Scotland with half skeins and minis
Scotland shown with our Clan Crest, makes even more sense when seen here.

only for superwash bases

Mysterious Forest shown here on Fairy Medium Fingering,,, looks best on a SW base.

Ocean Depths-shown here on Fairy Medium Fingering,,, looks best on a SW base.

Oil Slick

Ultra Violet
Pantone's color of 2018 has been transformed in our studio. Top down, both SW Multi, Semi solid (can be done in any shade, L-D or all in one skein). Last 2 skeins are what happens on NSW, can be done but isn't as dramatic. The photo we took the multi color inspiration from is here. When painted on our Imp bases (very thirsty little imps) the results can be very saturated. When placing your order, tell use how deep you'd like your yarn to be.

Glazed Burgundy

Glazed Burgundy close up

Glazed Azure

Glazed Azure varies


Maleficent on BFL Silk Cash

Wall-e Foreign Contaminant

Pulse on Imp Sport


Amethyst on BFL/silk

Lord Darnley on Cash Sock

Magic on Medium Sock

Maroon Rainbow

Find your Fade, just $90 (and shipping of $13 in USA) send funds via paypal to wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @&.)
Gunslinger on Elf Kisses Sport


Maroon 5


Striped Sock yarn
Yarn that will make stripes when you knit with it. Fairy Medium Sock, $26.75 per cake, 463 yards per 100g skein.  These can be painted whatever color in however many stripes you'd like. If you would like to wind your own ball you can have this yarn for just $20! and we'll leave the winding to you.  We have a video to show you how to manage it, click here.
Final Frontier (minus pink)

London Calling
Or choose three colors you love and we will paint your favorite socks for you.

Violet Vale on Fairy Medium

Hummer on Imp Sport

MarBrisa (A side) on Fairy Medium
 MarBrisa (B side)

Nemesis on Fairy Medium
proceed with caution, this is your Nemesis
has hot pink blobs

Sea Dragon (Side A) on Fairy Medium

Sea Dragon (B Side) on Fairy Medium

Raven's Brother on Imp DK

Vampire Lestat on Imp Sport

Cask of Amontillado on Imp Sport

PIXIE DUST can be added to any color
Luscious shown with Pixie Dust

London Calling shown with Pixie Dust close up

Cask of Amontillado on SW lace 

Dark Shadows Windows





Chocolate Covered Cherries


Violets Saturated

London Calling

Earth Fairy

Snow Bunnies

Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Mr. No Name

English Cottage

Dark Orange

Julia Rocking the Orange

Plum Varieties






Victorian Valentine
from Dusk to Dawn painted on a slew of bases

this shows you how different a non SW and SW will act

Colt 45

Green Man
Aqua Bronze

Dark Rainbow


Pansy Fae
Dark Raspberry

Mermaid Lagoon
Indian Corn
Rainbow Bright

Rainbow Muted
Aurora Borealis

Scary Sisters
Dark Rainbow Turquoise

Final Frontier

Berry Crush

Like a G6
shown on silk but works on SW too

Final Frontier on Silk
Arsenic and Old Lace
you will find pink and purple thoughout
Luscious on Silk sock
All That on silk

Bloody Hell on Siren Yak
Chevy Impala on Silver Shot

Glacier Dark on Right
Mate of Glacier Dark on Left
Trees in the Dark

Turquoise - ALL solid colors can be done
just ask for the color name specifically, not just "pink"
but magenta, etc.
Earth Dragon

Fire Dragon

Amethyst Dragon

Turquoise Night Dragon
Royalty Maroon, Luscious Emerald
All painted on silk for Lady Rose MKAL
L-R Greenwood Dark, Bark, Green Man Light
Painted for Mirkwood
Hook from Neverland

Peter from Neverland

Mermaid Lagoon from Neverland

Lost Boys from Neverland

Colt 45 on Single


Sand and Sage
Golden for SSS

Green from SSS

Purple for SSS
Bloody Hell on 80/20 lace

Don't see what you want? We do custom colors all the time. PM me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net

 Keep in mind when ordering that the dark, saturated colors must have a super wash.  When ordering (On the Yarn Page) do give me a method to contact you if I have any questions or problems with the base/color combo you'd like.  Some of these dark saturates can be painted on the non super wash, depends on the base and we've had experience with all of these bases so if you have a question, just ask. wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace at and dot with @ .)

Keep in mind, these are individually dyed after you place your order.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for us to dye it up.  Also keep in mind that these colors were dyed on different bases and that what you ask for will look different from what is shown here.  If there's a blip of color you MUST have on your skein, please tell us. If you expect an exact replication, please do not order.  Much of Indie Dyeing is the fact that you will get much of a one of a kind yarn, you chose the base and color and perhaps the colors never been dyed on that base. :-)  That's the part we love... that all skeins are unique.  ENJOY!


  1. How do I know which colors are Kettle dyed and which are hand-dyed?

    1. Hi Alicia, we have many different techniques we use to dye yarn, most of our are making and are original to us. Don't think of the technique so much as what base you'd like and begin from there. If you want one that's a non super wash we have many way's of making the base take the color but it will be lighter then the super saturated ones as seen in the Santanico shot with all the skeins lined up. We can kettle and either shoot for a semi solid or we can add more colors to the skein, or we can paint it. All up to the end use. PM me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ and .) and I can help you figure this out.