Cobweb SALE

Priced to move at our cost! Shipping $5 for the first skein (not set), $7 for 2 +$2  for each additional skein up to $13.  We can get about 15? skeins into a medium flat rate box.  Cones will need to ship in the large flat rate box which is $20.  Larger orders, we'll figure it out. Send funds via Paypal to wmdress at (replace at with @) 

First up our super soft, extra fine 100% merino. These originally sold for $45 for 2 skeins 2400 yards per 100 gram 

Single skein Beige $14.50
three of these, all beige but different shades and tones
do not match

Merino Beige Cone 830 grams $120

Slightly olive tinged mint 222g
Khaki Gray 628 grams $95

Beige 256 grams $38

Khaki Gray 468 grams $70
Also available 3 cones of Beige bagged 1696 grams $254 

Light gray 1 cone about 500 grams $105

The lovely blend of 30/30/40 cashmere/silk/ex fine merino.  Both super soft and super strong. Originally sold for $66 per set you can have them for $43 per set.

Fawn 926 g $190

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