Fae Yarn Clubs

Yarn Fairy and the Pixies Present 
Fae Yarn Club 
2nd QUARTER 2019 

Years of Myths and Legends

For one of a kind skeins, only found in the club, join now as we delve into myths and legends of old.

You sign up for three months, shipments will come out at the end of each month.  

1-Frugal sock
2-Frugal Sock w/Goodies
3-Frugal lace
4-Frugal Lace w/Goodies
Frugal explains it, any yarn we can buy for you that normally has a selling point of $22 and under will be in this camp. If you choose w/goodies, you will receive something of $5 value as well (often stitch markers).
The others are:
5-Luxury sock
6-Luxury Sock w/Goodies
7-Luxury Lace
8-Luxury Lace w/Goodies
Think high end here, camel, cashmere, baby alpaca, Italian silks, YAK!, yarns that have a selling point of about $30-45 per skein is what you will find in this club. Nothing but the best.  If you choose 
w/Goodies you will get $15 value goodies with your yarn every month!
 I'm going to spoil you ROTTEN and your gonna love it! 
     Each kit will be sent during a 3 month period. At the end of each month the yarn will exit the realm of the Fae and wing it's way to you.  All of them will be wrapped and gifted like birthday presents, and you will not know what you are getting until it is in your lap. I can guarantee, it will all be beautiful and very usable yarn. We use different techniques Meldy Deep, overdyed, multi colored hand paints and some will be puddle jumpers. There will be other techniques but shush, as a fairy must have her secrets, we wouldn't be Fae if we didn't have any. 
    Remember if you are tempted to join in more then one club division... the color will be the same for each club, each month.  BUT they will be on different bases which will take the dye differently. YES, feel free to join more then one club, one lux and one frugal has worked very well in the past. The lux sock club has some amazing very high end luxury yarns in it.  
     You will get a minimum of the industry standard of 100 grams for each month. For sock that will mean 350-500 yards, lace 600-1300 yards.  I have been known to even ship two skeins in a single month.
      In the buttons below you are paying one time for everything including shipping, everything's in there, yes everything!  Yes, they are inexpensive, if you want to overpay you will have to look elsewhere. :-)  
     International always welcome, be sure to add the shipping outside the USA, buttons below cover all three months.  We love our friends outside our borders.  No monthly payment options available but you can pay later via Paypal. ENJOY!

    NOTE: when ordering please do not include anything else on your order.    Be sure that your address and e-mail at paypal are accurate as that is your shipping address and my only way to contact you. Thanks!

ORDER HERE Outside US please add shipping below. ---✈✈✈International shipping below✈✈✈

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  1. So if I join a club, say the Luxury lace for $180, I get (at least) one 100 go skein even month?