The lure and adore which is ChiaoGoo.  What does it mean? "Crafty Lady", how cool is that!
For YEARS I have been telling you to use only ChiaoGoo hooks for placement method of beading size 11/0 beads.  I even made this silly video about how widely manufacturers differ and that only ChiaoGoo actually delivers a size US16/.06mm that will work with the size 11/0 seed bead.  I stand behind the product so much that I'm now selling them.  You may want to buy several as Queen of Hearts is normally around nearby screaming, "Off with their heads".  If you pull too much yarn through you will see her too.  I recommend splitting plies when it comes to that.
 These are stainless steel and bamboo, which warms in the hands. I also use these to do fine work on size #30 crochet thread as well as placing size 11/0 beads,they are $3.50 each. Also comes in a size 14/.08mm which is great for 8/0 and 6/0 placement method of beading. Many beads can be loaded onto the bead and then stand inside of the Bamboo Holder for safety.  I used to recommend a shot glass, that was before I impaled my hand.

   The holder is 4x6 tall and is an actual section of Moso Bamboo with a beautiful laser engraved ChiaGoo on it. $8 each  I had no idea how beautiful it was from their photo, check it out!  Gorgeous!
     In the ChiaoGoo video I went into detail about these stitchmarkers, we love them!  You get 4 full sets of 10 markers for a total of 40!!!!  They are like rolled candies which are then cut. 
 There is no mark where they cut them or to show how they were engineered.  Just soft, smooth lovely markers at a dirt cheap price of $4 per set of 40.

FIXED CIRCULAR NEEDLES Red cable for Lace knitters, these cables have metal inside so they come out of the pack straight and will stay that way.  No more fighting with the cable. Get them singularly here or the Interchangable kits below.  If you want a full set (0-6) we can give you a 10% discount in the form of a refund or goodies in your parcel, just let us know in the notes of your order.

NOTE: cart shows 60 inch, these are NOT in stock but if you order a full set we will purchase them for you. You can still order them individually but they will be on back order until we can get up another purchase.
NOTE: size 5 out of stock, still in stock in the HiyaHiya sharps

Size and Length
Needle size

SHEEP Needle Gauge

Just in, this fun sheep needle gauge comes in both US and MM sides.

Goes from the largest size 19 down to 000000.  

Very practical, I will have one in each place I stash my needles.  As you can see this is a high quality item, thick and only 4.5 inches stem to stern.  I just love them.

In our "Year Long KALs" we focus on modern heirloom and super sized shawls.  To take a photo of such a large shawl I recommend 4 size 0- 60" long needles.  Simply knit the shawl onto the 4 needles.  Put tiny rubber bands on the ends of each needle to keep the stitches from slipping off.  Now you can take a photo of the entire shawl instead of having to wait all year to see how it's progressing. All our heirlooms are made on size "0" so I have these available to you as well.  These are the Red Lace for sharpest points. $9

Thinking of you all, I wanted nothing but the best, this is the DPN's I'm forever asking you to add to your circular projects. For c/o, edging, I-cord, socks and so much more. 

These are 6" long and come 5 to a set. Sizes included are US 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 as well as a needle gauge and some ring stitch markers in this lovely holder.  There's a zipper on the back of the cover that contains the gauge and rings.  
These covers are padded, fully zippered to keep everything in and the highest quality I have found yet.  We are also carrying the dark bamboo set this is identical to this one. See 2nd button to order.

YF Special LACE knitters DPN set
The only set in the world as I have compiled and made them special for you. I have a video where you can see the goods here. Note: Instead of increasing price, SM's and gauge removed to keep price down.
This set is specific to lace knitters needs.  These come in handy when you are knitting up anything that starts with a circle to c/o, like a circular or square shawl. This one costs me a lot more to make then the ready made set's but it's worth the loss to me to help you with your needs. Inside the white ribbon black and white case you have:
  • Size 5 inches long
  • 6 needles of sizes 0, 1, 2 for lace weight 
  • 5 needles of sizes 3, 4 and 5 for sock weight
These are all made from Moso bamboo wood as we find that works best to grab the stitches, anything to make circular c/o less fiddly.  Order in the top button below, Double point for LACE YF Special.

These DPN kits match....

Interchangeable Red Lace, 5" long points and size Small for all our lace needs.  These are the size and shape I recommend for the Yarn Fairy KALs and all your lace knitting.
 Set comes with needles sizes 2-8, 3 small cables and I purchased more at 93cm ($6) and connectors, 1 comes in the kit (you can get more for $2), comes with gauge measure, T pins, 2 end stoppers. A great lace kit in a lovely cover which is very well made.
 Here's a photo of it open, see all the space you have to add more needles!  Sizes 9-15 can be added on the other size, there's enough room in here for several complete sets.  Plenty of room for growth.
    It only comes with 3 small cables which is why I bought the more for you along with the connectors. I recommend at least 2, 37" cables and a set of connectors so you can make a 72" cable or to add to the smaller cables.  We now carry, 14", 22", 37" and 50".  Use the connectors to make them even longer.  This way you can pin out a large circular shawl and see it without having to put all the stitches on a lifeline and then pick them all up again... that's the hard part.
On the left you see the 37" long cables.  Below are the connectors you need to make them longer.  See how tiny they are?  They are just over the name there.  The entire things 1/2 inch long, most of which goes into the cable, the there's 1/16th an inch in the center which will stick out... that's all!  LOVE IT!

  PERFECT for the stitches to just fly right over them.  This junction will not catch your knitting as some of the other kits will. I tell you I'm in LOVE with these needles and you will be too.  I'm going to treat myself to a set and one of each needle size as well as more cables and connectors.
       These will be your "go to" needles, they have the hole to use for threading a life line into the project as you work.  The be all, end all in luxury for your knitting at a down to earth price. $95 for the kit.  Tips are now available separately, I don't know about you but I need LOADS of tips AND they come in different sizes.  For instance, did you know that there was a 2 AND a 2.5?  I didn't so I ordered them both.

Thrilled to be able to offer this to my special Peeps, our niche now has an interchangeable set of needles,,, for our heirloom knitting. One of these days I'll be able to keep them in stock that I'll actually get a set for myself. This pouch is designed to fit inside of your Interchangeable sets of larger needles. Kit comes with everything you see here.  Yes, we'll ship overseas, I'll send you a shipping invoice after you place your order.

Tip/cable size?
Yarn Butler
Keeps your skein perfectly adjusted while you pull from the outside.  This would be PERFECT for our silk lace to tame the Snargles! There are ball bearings between the wood pieces so it twirls as you knit.  I LOVE this thing and can think of so many uses for it.  See the video here. Additional shipping required for this item, total only $7 though.

Order in the 2nd button of goodies, Additional Items.

Nostepinne - HUH?  What's that you say? These are for making a center pull ball by hand.  See this video for the how too.

The "Amish" table top swift I love this thing.... compare at $85!!!  Yeah, but this ones the best on the market and ever so much cheaper.  Best if your ball winder is level with the table... or even attached to the same table as your swift is on.  Works with the Nostepinne too. See video here where I demonstrate how simply it goes together. Additional shipping required.
  Check out their site for the low down as well as other items I can purchase for you.  Just let me know what you need and I will add it to my next order. PM me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net. (Replace at @ and dot . and remove spaces).  If you don't see what you need in the first button, check the 2nd one.

ORDER HERE use drop down boxes below.  International and heavy items will receive a shipping invoice as will anything that can't ship for $5. 

PLEASE NOTE  If you want an even finer hook see the HiyaHiya page, second button has the 17/.05mm hook works GREAT for loading a bunch of 11/0's.  There's also a size 13 which is perfect for 6/0s and larger beads.

If you end up NOT paying shipping and don't have an order up, you will receive an invoice for shipping, just didn't want to have you paying $25 for shipping cause you wanted one item in each button.


Accessories and Cables items 

Cables Choose size type length below
Cable Length?

NEEDLE TIPS size small only and so far, for lace only, will get them all eventually. 

Choose size by price
Choose size
Kit contains one of each crochet hook we have available to us at this time as well as caps and free organizer box.
ChiaoGoo Bamboo handle size 14/.80
ChiaoGoo Bamboo handle size 16/.60
HiyaHiya size 17/.50mm 
HiyaHiya size 13/.90
Lacis size 16/.40mm (should be US 18)
Lacis size 15/.50mm (should be US 17) come with caps.
Total of six different hooks and 4 caps .Also see bead cases available on knitting notions page.



  1. Wendy, thank you so much for offering the small metal case for the crochet hook! You are the only source I have found for the case! Great idea!

  2. I am curious, I wish to learn about chiaogoo spin. There are no mention of this product here. Can you help?

    1. This is their interchangeable needle sets. We have them in sizes 2-8 ($95) or a full set ($165) above. You can order them here in the first drop down box. If you have further questions please PM me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ and . remove spaces)

    2. After further searching, seems this is the same product only made from bamboo. We can get these in anything you desire, takes about 2 weeks to get to you. Would you like to order?