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    Unbelievable! I still can't believe we are doing this but hey, it's perfect. We have all this fiber, ya'll want it, time to share the wealth, we are doing a Breed Study. Loads of different fiber to share with you. We are pulling in roving, fiber, locks, all sorts of stuff which we are putting into a box.  
I would like to purchase a lovely box special, one that you will be able to keep your study inside of, one you will WANT to keep your study in. I want to decorating them to a certain extent but so far I'm finding it cost prohibitive, not giving up yet.
      We are dyeing everything so that you will have an exploding rainbow when you open your box. The locks will be long multi colored gradients like these Lincoln Locks. You will receive one ounce of each fiber, in roving that's almost a yard. Well over 1 pound of fiber as we have at LEAST 20 different breeds for 1 pound 5 oz of just the fiber weight, papers (getting a book going) and the weight of the box as well as other goodies, so the shipping is a bit high.  If we find we've over shot it we will refund it. :-) Or just add more nummy's!

The list so far contains all these breeds:

  Raw dyed fleece

BFL x cormo sooo soft
Black Welsh Mountain ? (sheering 6-10)
CMV x Merino x? 
Dorset Down
Lincoln Locks
Old Faithful Lincoln Locks (colored?)
Rambolliet x Cormo
Teeswater extra long locks 
Tunis Roving 
Wensleydale lamb baby locks

Corriedale x
Spankie Spun sliver (our very own sheep)

    Why so far?  cause I'm not stopping! I will load these boxes until the 11th hour and beyond! Yes, I've been known to open a box or two and jam something further into already over stuffed boxes. Each box will contain both locks and roving. Each breed bagged, labeled and researched with cards. Not sure yet if we are making a card stock flip ring or some sort of notebook for you but there will be research and room for you to do your own. 
     Speaking of which, we can chat about our study on our Ravelry group. Your thoughts about each breed, uses, sharing your swatches made from the fiber, etc.
     Not only will your box contain all of the above but there will also be fun charms, stitch markers and anything else we find pertinent.  So far we have a lime green sheep charm which will be turned into something fun for ya'll.
     There's a limit to what we can do at this low price though so there are only 16 slots. A quick search of the market revealed the following... 
5 breeds $20 
15 breeds $167 
4 oz $20 
6 breeds RAW $33

Not processed, none was dyed, we always go above what the market does. We always go below the prices we find so we are above the 15 breeds and WAY below the $167 price tag on that one, came with a book? Not sure but regardless, our box is a great bargain. Ahem, time to go find more fiber, tole ya, I ain't stopping! :-) Might have to make a Breed Study Version 2... which some of you are already ready for but let me get the first one out eh?

ORDER HERE-outside the USA will pay the USA shipping and the button for where you live per drop down box.

  • Give us time, I'm writing this on 6-4, the last big chunk of fiber isn't shipping until 6-8 and then we need to clean it and dye it. We can only dye one breed at a time so that we don't get them mixed up. Hope to begin shipping end of July at the latest, we've already begun to dye.
  • Make sure your Paypal info is correct. We are shipping to that address. If your outside the US please put your phone number into the notes section in case the PO has trouble finding you.
Yeah I can't seem to help myself, see our YouTube channel
#1 box of Rambo x Cormo and Teeswater comes in.
#2 Teeswater beginning process.

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