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     Breed Study 1, 2 and 3 were a complete success! 


NEXT UP WE WILL BE DOING A REALLY FUN BOX.  In the planning stage is a mystery box with a variety of fibers dyed the same sort of colors, with differences.  Something like this.

Ever wanted to get a box in the mail geared towards an end product? Join us as we do just that and come spin with us in our Ravelry group. Each box will contain raw fiber which we have washed and dyed. It will need more processing, you can determine which direction you'd like to take your fiber in. Each box will contain about 1.5-2 pounds of the squishy stuff, a good amount to dig your teeth into.

The Fine Fiber Box perfect for tops, sweaters, next to the skin wear. Here you'll find the fine micron breeds we have in stock, Arawapa (17 mic) CMV (18-21 micron) Merino & Rambo (about 20-21) BFL, blends and other fine breeds. You'll end up with extras like silk waste, threads, noils, fun stuff to card into your fibers and of course, locks to play with too.

Down Fiber Box will have slightly higher micron count breeds with nylon to get your socks on. Here you might find Dorset, Baby Doll, Romney etc. But you will still get other fun fibers in your box in case you'd like to make something super fun.

Rug Fiber Box would be terrific for rugs, market bags, lined hats and gloves, anything that requires heavy wear and tear on the yarn. Still you will also get other goodies cause that's the way we roll. We can get together on Ravelry too and chat about what ya'll want in the boxes, how many breeds you'd like to see and what else you'd like in the various boxes.

Fine wool sheepFine wool sheep produce wool fibers with a very small fiber diameter, usually 20 microns or less. Fine wool sheep account for more than 50 percent of the world's sheep population. Found throughout Australia, South Africa, South America, and the western United States, most sheep of this type are Merino or trace their ancestry to the Merino.

The Rambouillet, related to the Merino, is the most common breed of sheep in the U.S., especially the western states where the majority of sheep in the U.S. can still be found. Fine wool sheep are best adapted to arid and semi-arid regions. Besides being known for their high quality wool, they are known for their longevity and strong flocking instinct.

Long wool sheepLong wool sheep produce long-stapled wool with a large fiber diameter, usually greater than 30 microns. Long wool sheep are best adapted to cool, high rainfall areas with abundant forage. They are commonly raised in England, Scotland, New Zealand, and the Falkland Islands. In the U.S., the fleeces from the long wool breeds are popular among niche marketers and hand spinners. Popular long wool breeds include Border Leicester, Coopworth, Cotswold, Leicester Longwool, Lincoln, and Romney.

Medium wool meat sheepMeat or "mutton-type" sheep produce wool, mostly medium (or long), but are raised more for their meat qualities. Medium wool sheep account for about 15 percent of the world's sheep population. The most popular meat breeds in the U.S. are Dorset, Hampshire, Shropshire, Southdown, and Suffolk.

Carpet wool sheep
The coarsest grade of wool (usually over 38 microns) is used in the manufacture of carpets. Carpet wool breeds are usually double-coated, with a coarse long outer coat for protection against the elements. They are generally adapted to extreme environments. Carpet wool breeds found in the U.S. include Icelandic, Karakul, Navajo Churro, and Scottish Blackface.

BSv3 has a lot of older breeds, come play. We will shower you with beauty in our rare and ancient breed box. A list of breeds you might find in this rare study:
Welsh Mountain Badger Face
Kerry Hill
Drenthe Heath
Schoonebeek Heath
Castlemilk Moorit
Valais Blacknose - oh so cute!!
Graue Gehoernte Heidschnucke
Whitefaced Woodland
Dutch Spotted
Swifter and a few more as I gather them up. You might have to have some curly locks as I LOVE to dye them. 

ORDER HERE-outside the USA will pay the USA shipping and the button for where you live per drop down box.

BS v.1 Still available for a short time.


BS v.2

Ship to?

BS v.3 SOLD OUT all dyed 2-8

Ship to?
  • Updated 8-11-17 still waiting for many different varieites of fibers to come in from orders placed around 7-4. The last big chunk of fiber should be here by the end of this month. Then we need to clean it and dye it and we can only dye one breed at a time so that we don't get them mixed up. Hope to begin shipping end of September at the latest.
  • Make sure your Paypal info is correct. We are shipping to that address. If your outside the US please put your phone number into the notes section in case the PO has trouble finding you.
  • Chat happens on our Ravelry group in the Breed Study thread. Your thoughts about each breed, uses, sharing your swatches made from the fiber, etc.
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#1 Box of Rambo x Cormo and Teeswater comes in.
#2 Teeswater beginning process.
#3 Update on fibers
#4 Combing and techniques you are going to love.

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