Yarn Fairy and the Pixies is a small, family run operation.  We began dyeing yarn as an extension of our knit a longs, it just flowed naturally, one into the other.  We have gone through several Pixies, one has stayed constant, Pixie #1, my DD and model.
E-mail address: wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace at with @ and dot with .)
     We are located at:
     P.O. Box 1491

     Lebec, CA 93243

     Other then custom dyeing yarn, we offer custom dye of the finished garment, when you purchase the yarn from us.  Please take into consideration that if you have beads on your item that this might become an issue.  If there is silver lined beads, these will have to go into a kettle.  If you have gemstones, this might not be possible at all.  The AB finish might under go a change with the vinegar we use to set your garment. I have not had that happen to date. We can kettle dye or hand paint the item, your choice.  The fee for this is just $5 ($10, $15) for a small (medium, full square) shawl $5 ($7, $10) for blocking.
      Professional spinning is also available. Did you some how get a hold of some fiber but don't have a clue what to do with it? Contact us for a quote or see the Twist page for some hand spun yarns.  We charge by the yardage, if you want a single ply about $15 (2 ply $30) for 220 yards.  For a thinner sock weight about $25 (2 ply $50) for around 350-400 yards.  Lace weight is about $45 (2 ply $90) 700-1000 yards and so on.  This is with you providing the fiber.  If we provide the fiber it will be more, but that depends on what type of fiber it is as we have everything from medium grade wool up to Quivet and carry everything between. We don't charge full market value when we spin though so this charge will be minimal.
     While we want everyone to be happy with their purchase, we realize that will not always be possible. Since it's difficult to replicate some colors we recognize that you will not always be happy with your choice.  We want all our Peeps to be happy though, as a small Indie if you are unhappy with your yarn you can exchange (not refund) your yarn (yarn only) for a replacement.  This must be done within 30 days of receipt and must be returned in HANKS. Please do not send us your work in progress, we will have to pay someone to rip it out.  Do not send us your balled up yarn, we will have to pay someone to hank it up.  If you ignore these two rules we will return your work for you to rip/hank.  We will charge you $3 per skein to hank for sock yarn.  Price goes up with yardage... lets just not go there, as it's double for lace, triple for cobweb, you get the picture.  I prefer that you do not use your yarn if you don't like it.  Immediately write to me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace at with @ and dot with .) and arrange for a replacement. Customer pays to ship return yarn, we will ship it back to you for free.  


  1. Dear Wendy,

    I'm interested to be a test knitter for you (either coins or the wild one).

    Kind regards,

    Cornelia Piloth from Germany

  2. Is the $8.00 shipping the norm for the Rona yarn? Thanks.

    1. The shipping was based on a full kit as there's a box that ships with the yarn. If you only want yarn, please put into the notes either: REFUND SHIPPING or SEND GOODIES to replace shipping over charge.

  3. Hi Wendy -- I left you a PM on Ravelry but - I ordered The Raven kit but got 2 skeins for the Rona KAL instead. How do I get my Raven Kit?

  4. I would like to order two skiens of the multi color yarn for the Fae Garden shawl ( I already have lots of black sock yarn). How can I do this?

    1. Write me at my e-mail and we'll set up a custom order for you. wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace at with @ and dot with .) I have to write it out like that to avoid the spam crawlers.

  5. Wendy- I want to thank you for the prompt and wonderful customer sevice. My Arsenic and Old Lace cobweb arrived yesterday and is beautiful. You are definitely on my list of preferred dyers! Thanks again! XO.