Friday, December 28, 2018

Jane Gloves

   Finally after all these years I'm going to receive payment for our dear Jane's gloves. These were in the book and then the publisher pulled them for individual sale and I didn't get anything from them for years. Finally figured it all out and loaded it so here we are.
     As a "thank God I finally figured it out" and a Happy Holidays, pattern is free with any silk sock skein (just one) or kit purchase.
      There's a lovely skein of silk sock on the Twist page that would be smashing for these gloves.
     Been having a really bad time loading patterns at Ravelry for the last month or so. I've worked with Ravelry, sent DH to another local (thinking our upload from sticks) had him try it from data. Nothing worked. Finally today I started to mess with the PDF's and found it was on the origination side... go figure, operator error again. I can't tell you what a huge weight this was off of my mind as I feel like I can now move about without problems and fretting about KAL loading. AHHH what a relief it is. 
I'm going to go work on the hankie pattern from the book and see if I can get that loaded too. :-)
     I know many of you have this week off again, we seem to work all of the time but we are at least taking it easier. ENJOY

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Foxy for FREE

FINALLY!!! After 6+ months in the various stages that a pattern has to go through... we are sharing today.

Oh so cute! This flirty little scarf is bound to garner second glances for you. This wee wrap was designed to replicate the vintage 1940's fox stole, big and full of “fur”, fluffy, soft, snuggly and warm, you will love it. I'm so in enraptured with our curly locks, from the corkscrew springs, shine, and texture to the way we can work with them. Sexy, flirty, cute and oh so warm, can't go wrong with this scarf.
Choose from Natural on the right or Colorful on the left
Find on the kits page, pattern on Ravelry. For everyone who orders a kit in the next 48 hours, the pattern will be gifted to you for free. ENJOY!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Swirl Hat Series, Yarn Club

Hi Kiddies, hope this finds you well and happy. Just needed to pop in and let you know we have published a series of hat patterns. Sqwee! This is in support of our Swirl yarns which you can see here, scroll down past the Self Stripping. The method of working the skein and painting makes swirls when you paint around. Around what? Well hats, gloves, scarves, socks, anything worked in the round will achieve the results of stripes in the knit. This pattern contains 4 hats and a cowl to match one of them. While the black one isn't swirl, it is a very nice knit and a snuggle to boot.

It's that time again, we've shipped the final club allotment for 2018. You can see everything we painted for the quarter above... purdy. All unique, one of a kind paint jobs, never to be repeated. It's time for 2019 1st quarter, which you can find here. The club will stay open until early January, just a few weeks so do hurry to reserve your slot.

With all of the advent flurry behind us we are concentrating on Swan Lake and attempting to begin shipping in the next weeks. This shawl is our 2019 heirloom, the pattern is proving to be another jaw dropper. We are trying something new this time which is beginning the end in chart 6,,, an all over pattern which drips through to the edging, an absolutely stunning and very fitting ending for this shawl.

To honor Advent and all the support shown to us we have 20% off our patterns from now until the end of this year. Put anything into the cart and use the code Advent2018. Thanks for your support and for telling a friend.

Speaking of telling a friend, December is a month of contests and free yarn over on Ravelry in our group. The current one ends tomorrow so do hurry, it's for hand spun yarn. Another will open on it's heels, do tell a friend. Share our social media posts, like everything and comment as much as possible so we can get in front of more people and around FB's algorithms which stink. I can't see most of the people I want to and see things I never wanted to see. It's unfortunate but me and FB aren't getting along... iG is right in step behind them as FB bought them out. So the only way we can keep doing what we love is with your help. Surprise, surprise,,, it's always been that way.  :-) And we love you for it.

New Bases
Sprite Line in both roving and yarn, there's a list in a prior post. My favorite is by far is the new MCN, doesn't feel like your standard sock but rather like it's 100% cashmere. If you didn't get a skein of this, stop, drop and get one now.

Selkie Line This one is prefaced by silk and my favorite in this line is the Seacell. Again if you don't have a skein, hurry and get one. We are out of the sock base to paint but you can still get one off of the Twist page.

Upcoming shawls 
Iceyln-full circle split, sock
Briar Rose-stole, fine lace
Hexy-blanket 2019, sock
Raven's Brother-full circle split, lace

Price Increase in 2019
Hate to do this but we haven't had a price change in 15 years of business. Our vendors keep hiking up their prices but ours hasn't changed... which means we are taking too big of a hit. In 2019 you'll see our prices go up about 6-10% depending on the product. A necessary evil... so meantime, get it while the getting is good. About $1.50 across the board on all sock and lace bases. 

And on that somber note I wish you a great weekend and beyond. If you don't like what your knitting, knit on something else, life's too short.
Happy Holidays from our studio to yours.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Pantone Color of the Year 2019

I remember a few years back when all the stores came out with royal and salmon and I thought, they are trying to shove the orange again. Sure nuff here we are again... they don't get it, USA orange and yellow don't fly. accessories... well, we can and do go there.

The color of the year has already been made up in our Cupcakes, I give you Flamingo Mac. The pink subdues the orange a bit and yeah,,, it's a flamingo not a salmon and the coral is in there as is the pink... so it's a totally complete representation of this coming years color. 
We can paint a multi colored hand paint, Meldy Deep for lace, whatever your heart desires. Any base but camel or yak will work for this one. PM me if you'd like an invoice at enjoy.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Laura Aylor new colors

Guess what? New colors!  LOL the Laura Aylor KAL starts in a few days and here I am still painting new colors! UGH somebody stop me.

Basically I wanted to add the greens to the body of the Christmas Feast color which then made me make up the larger skein in different colors. 
    There's one really new color in here,,, far right side, That Yak? which is a play with grays.
    We also have a few ready dyed color sets if anyone is interested. Way down at the bottom of the Twist page is sets of 10 micros... we have many singles sitting around here that we can add to any of these to get up a set of 12. Then we can dye the larger skein whatever color you'd like.
     We have Sari silk for you today as well as a few MCN are done as well.  See the top of the Twist page.
     We have several hat patterns coming out in one pattern, bigger bang for your buck. They use the Swirl yarns we have been painting. Also available on the Twist page.
    The Bring a Friend contest is ending tomorrow, are you going to be there? All you need to do is post to win. There's three prizes for three winners. We have more contests set up through to the end of this month... giving is what it's all about for us.
     Weekends coming, you all set for knitting? I sure am. Need to b/o some more complicated stuff so I can c/o a st st sock,,, something so cathartic about knitting a plain sock in the round.  OHHH and I'm dyeing to swipe some of the Back in Black, 2 strands of Imp DK held together to make a fluffy slouchy, snuggly hat. Just texture, k1 p1, garter and the like to make a nice hat. Which is your color? I LOVE Hair... it's my favorite.  

Monday, December 3, 2018

TWIST and sale

Ya'll asked for it... INTERNATIONALS DAY!!!  We are loading this late at night here on the West Coast in the hopes that all of you who aren't in the USA will be able to get first dibs on the yarn sale.

Just  loaded the new Twist SALE with a bunch of OOAK items along with our new Selkie line,,, Seacell and silk for our seal lovers. These are on sale at 20% off of what will become the regular price. All our yarn will receive a price increase early in 2019 so grab them all now while you can. We haven't had an increase in all these years but find it's necessary now as our people continue to raise the wholesale price on them.

Back in Black solids are ready to be loaded but I'm out of time here. I'll get to them in the morning. Meanwhile I can tell you that they are all on Imp DK which makes them super dark and happy. These are the same colors under the black as before but they are solid like Raven, Lestat and Rachel. I've been wanting to get all of these done for you now for years... here we finally have it. 
Back in Back original with loads of color...
This update they are solid black and you need to look to see the color
Sort of like a Raven which is where this all began in 2012

If there's a color you think you might want, feel free to call dibs and we'll get that onto your invoice.  PM me at for an invoice. LET'S GO SHOPPING!