Sunday, August 12, 2018

Maleficent & Twist

Hi Kiddies, TWIST Time!
 YUP we have a Twist sale and this time around we dyed Back in Black again but for lace weight. We used various samples we had lounging about so the yarn ranges from bulky to lace weight, NSW and SW. Time for you to make a deal and get a steal... if you want all 11 skeins just make me an offer and they are yours. We will be dyeing these over again on our lace base to get a real fee for how these are going to work up.

   And it's that time again, the Year of the Grimm continues with Maleficent. This amazing design has circles on the back and it's then picked up and made into a heart shaped shawl with lace edging. Really cool knit will keep your interest, start to finish.
   Also open Lagniappe 3, a little bit of something extra is a free shawl pattern in triangle or square. The design leans heavily on the Shetland inspired shawls. We have some fun colors available on any of our sock weights. Milky Silky and our Fairy MerSilk will be back in stock next week. There's still time to get in on this one. Tell all your friends and Knit Night, we don't normally do free patterns.
    Advent kits are available again this year. We have the least expensive kit (to my knowledge) and some great color combinations. We are also sending much more yarn then the designer used so you will have extra. If you haven't checked out our new Version 2,,, head on over and have a look see. You get 5-20g, 5-50g and 1-100g skeins for a nice stripe effect with the larger skein taking the forefront. We can dye that skein up in any color, you don't have to have what's in the photos, just be sure to tell us when you place your order.
    Really enjoying knitting on our new Multi color hand painted Rainbow sets. Wow what a mouthful this name is. This yarn would be amazing for the Advent KAL and we can easily stretch it to 25 skeins as I keep dyeing up more for even better transitioning.

Here's my scarf so far, matching hat and gloves coming up for our trip to Alaska 8-25. The blend is just amazing to me. I'm much further along now, all the way through the greens and up to the turquoise I dyed after the yarn photo was taken.
 Yes, I will dye up a fuller sample next week, hopefully, on the 25 skein minis, is it yours?  Or perhaps I will dye it up on the 10g Micros. We still need to make up more of them but hey, aren't they adorastinkingble! The Micros have been made in 10 skein (just $23) kits so far... perfect for a pair of socks or gloves. We can make them much larger though, just need to ask. These are also great for gloves, shawl accents, bee keeper type blankets, etc.
    Shipping all next week as we dyed all this week and need to move everything along to it's rightful homes.
    Upcoming patterns, getting back into color work and it's been fun. Racky Kacky is a raccoon hat to honor a neighbors pet from my childhood with the same name. It's adorable in that all the faces are different around the hat. And I got to use Unda Da Sea, this new amazing color we launched. Did you get a chance to see it? 
    KC a top is slotted for release in early October, again some color work, movement in the body and topped with a cowl of sorts. Works up really fast in our Elf Merino sport weight yarn. Heavy on the color work in the cowl section. It's been fun taking a dip into stranded work again. I'd forgotten how satisfying it can be to design. What I haven't forgotten was Foxy, (scarf) she was put on hold so that I could finish up the Mal sample... which needs to be blocked now.
    Enough outta me, hope you are having a fantastic weekend and that you stop on by for some goodies. PM me if there's anything I can do. wmdress @ ENJOY!

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