Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tour and Yaaarn

WOW so we have been SUPER busy this week and it's only Tuesday. Pixie #1 is leaving for a week, so it was time to do the hustle.

First lets talk Tour Dr France. Every year we like to congregate on Ravelry for TourDe Fleece, while they pedal, we pedal from the safety of our living/craft/studio room's. This year we'd like to offer up free Tour packs for everyone in the USA... something along these lines for the color. Click here to order your pack. These need to ship solo, please don't add anything else to your order.

This is the wholesale order and what 300 skeins looks like.  That batch was processed on Monday. 
Gee, come to think on it, some of them dried overnight and were removed from the drying box. This is not a full 300 skeins but you get the idea. There had been another pole across the 
center of the fencing. 

Today was the last day we could dye together so we started at 9am and made a good press on these 150 ish skeins. 

Here in the following photos you can see the Christmas Club and 
Tuscany bags. It's all dyed and will be ready to ship here soon.  I left the club open as we dyed WAY too much yarn, what else is new? After we fill the orders the remaining yarn will be posted on the Twist page so ya'll can have a crack at it.
It was great when DD popped up and said, gee I'm having a great time. Ahhh totally amazing to hear. Normally we've been in our own world with earbuds in, today my Bose made an appearance and we had fun. Her friends going to be here in short order to wisk her away.

Quick Update
The 4th Quarter Fae Yarn Club is open but will be closing at the end of this month.

Little Mermaid has shipped but there's still time to get into this MKAL before it begins.

Tuscany Silk Bag has been dyed and there's still time to get into this one. Not a mystery but we are going to KAL it on Rav.

Evil Queen KAL has begun, yarn is still available.

2018 blanket, we still have a small amount of the yarn used for this one. It will begin end of this month.

Mystery Fiber Box, all three of them are open, Fine, Medium and Long wools. This page will disappear shortly not to be returned as we begin to head towards something new.

Finished Object contest is closing on 6-30, go sign up. It's super easy, just as easy as loading a photo. There are 3 prizes and few people enter so your chance of winning is super high.


  • Flirtatious Foxy scarf/neck warmer, pattern and kits will be available.
  • Next MKAL Dancing Princess with 8.5 skeins of Imp Sock WOW!
  • Following MKAL will be Sleeping Beauty 2600 yds fine lace, need TKERs, PM me if interested.
Enough! If you made it down here, congratulations. Enjoy your knitting.

What!? She's still going? Yuppers you betcha... but change of venue... a bit of an embroidery natter. Really didn't think this was going to be my cupa but here we are. Feel head over heels for bead embroidery, this is a headband before it was finished. All the purple has been covered now. Just need to finish the edging now.

Also fell for crewel and hand embroidery.
And made a keen bag like a crazy quilt but with beads. I'll be doing a video of this bag here shortly cause it's just full of fun stuff and needs much more elaboration.

Ok, now I'm done. :-) Well, it's over I'm not finished sharing that will end eventually but will be done over on FB instead.

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