Thursday, May 3, 2018

2018 Blanket, Mystery Fiber Box Fine and Snow

Got time for a quick update? So do I - wanted to pop in and let you know that we are all green lights for the 2018 sampler blanket which is named Innisfree. An amazing Celtic Braid inspired blanket. The Theme is a poem and movie, hop on over to the page and check it out.

Mystery Fiber Box
Our Raw fiber boxes have been very well received. Now you have Fine Breeds available, just got in a massive Rambo fleece just for this box. Here you'll find the fine micron breeds we have in stock, Arapawa (rare), California Varigated Mutant/Romaldale, Merino & Rambo BFL, blends and other fine breeds. We might include blanket alpaca, baby camel, cashmere and the like. Micron counts of about 17-21. If you'd like to get 2 of the different boxes, pm me for an invoice as the shipping is only $25 for two.

Next week we will be opening Little Mermaid, our least expensive KAL of the year. She's just a skein of sock and a bit of lace which knits up very fast. For those of you who love our larger shawls we are working it up in Fairy Deluxe as well.

Come out and play!!!!

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