Friday, March 30, 2018


     Just a quick pop in to let ya'll know that the Fae Yarn Club will be closing next week for the 2nd quarter. Did you get in?
     The Fae Spinning Club is open, March received mini bats, grab your space now, cool batts and other stuff going to come out of our Woll Haus as we are able.
     Snow White's in test knit and will be available shortly. A very pretty elongated shawl made with a drapy yarn, with plenty of cables and lace for you.
     We want to thank all of you who helped us to pay the taxes this year in the annual sale. Unfortunately the first of the quarterlies are due right on the heels of the 2017 payment... crazy how they expect us to keep afloat. To help out, we are going to be closing out some more bases which means we will have another sale of sorts.  It wont be as good as our annual sale but we will reduce the prices for the discontinued bases.
       FIBER!!! we snagged some blanketed 100% BFL and will be making this available soon. It's like 99.9% VM free LOVE IT! You can get it raw, washed, dyed or carded.  I recommend raw so that you can go through the process by yourself and see the wee curls in the fibers... so cute you'll want to spin them into your project leaving them intact. On the right is Unicorn and on the left is Unicorn Poop. 😁 The photo's not doing it justice.

     Happy Resurrection day.

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