Monday, January 22, 2018


Hi Kiddies, have a request for you. Seems YouTube has changed their rules and we now need over 1,000 subscribers in order to make a few cents when you view our videos. We just purchased a bunch of new gear for making vid's and I was hoping to make some of it back. What can you do to help? Just subscribe, click here.

I made two new video's yesterday, the first is for fiber farms, sharing tips about how to pack fleece to make them super small.

The second shares all about our newest pattern, so new it's not up yet, look for it later today. If you love the shawl collar with our Curly Locks, but don't want to mess with wet felting? You don't have to, this ones knit! Tada! I finished it last night and hope to have a good photo, the pattern and kits up a bit later. I love this shawl and want to wear it all the time as it's a bit chilly here.  There's a great deal of warmth in all this wool.

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