Friday, December 22, 2017

Pantone 2018, Elf Fat, Dog and Harry Potter stitch markers

Hi Kiddies, time for an update before I have to go on forever so much has been happening.

First we give you Ultra Violet, the color of the year per Pantone 2018. Personally I love the hair/glasses combo but we took the color from the photo of the moon. 
Color can be dyed on anything you like. Yarn, Silk scarf, silk ribbon, embroidery ribbon, yarn, roving, any raw fiber, the list goes on.

Madame DuPomp is open we still have 5 goodie bags left, will you get one? Also added into the mix is this portfolio bag I found. Cool right?
We ordered more yarn, it will be in once we get ready to dye this one. We are still making everything so we have slotted dyeing to begin first week of January.

Real big news is that we got a GREAT buy on a sock base, we call it Elf Fat Sock. It's a nice merino/nylon super wash 380 yards/100g and it's now my "go to" yarn for dyeing samples since it just does everything I ask of it. Special Introductory price of just $15.50, trust me the 10 pounds we bought wont last long at this price. As soon as we need to restock it will go up at least three dollars. Time for a sweater right! Along with this base we got in Elf MCN (merino cashmere nylon) in sock weight. This one is on sale for $24 as an intro price. If it sells well we will be replacing the one we currently have. To order either you need to PM me as we haven't had time to load this to the Order Yarn Page.

Along with the new base we have new colors. Glazed is a term which has been bandied about a good deal of late but it's a technique we have been doing forever. Above is Glazed Burgundy, below is Glazed Azure. Both are shown here on our new Elf Fat Sock. Can only be worked on super wash bases. You can order here or PM me.

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, see buttons on the right (PC only) you've already seen our keen new dog stitch marker set. Many breeds are represented here and if we run out, we'll replace one with another fun one. Some of them can even stand alone.  

Along with the dog set we are making a new Harry Potter set. First few people to order this set will be getting some fun goodies. One extra is the time turner necklace (really moves) and we found a neat Snitch bracelet, more on that in a few weeks.

If you hang in our Ravelry Group you know that we just gave away a massive amount of yarn. More then enough for a sweater it was a bag and a half. We have another contest going on right now, this one has 12 skeins of yarn up for grabs. Head on over and tell us your favorite shawl shape. The last contest was for the most inspiring photo that we need to turn into yarn. Rise won with this lovely.
Soon as I saw it I knew I had to try to paint it. Sometimes what looks great doesn't translate but we are sure going to try. There were many great photos displayed in that thread. What's fun is that Pixie #1 choose different photos then I did to play with. You can look forward to many more new colors... in both our styles coming out in 2018.

Fae Yarn and Fae Spinning Clubs are now open, be sure to nab your spot. We are keeping this open long enough for you to get your Christmas present funds in, probably closing towards the end of the first week of January. We are going to go to the Grimm realm for inspiration. We each are getting this leather bound book to RAL (read a long) with you all. We are really excited to be working on the following designs for ya'll: Briar Rose, Little Mermaid (yeah not Brothers Grimm but the design!) Seven Sisters (even have several slipper charms already), Hansel & Gretel, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood (Faroese cape! Blood will flow, think the wolf will make an appearance?), Sleeping Beauty and of course Maleficent (I WILL make her bow to the needle). Which one do you want to see the most?

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