Saturday, December 2, 2017

Madame Du Pompadour

Needed to pop in and let you know how the designs are progressing.

To start with Madame Du Pompadour has these amazing materials, 55/45% silk/cashmere blend of yarn with crystals and silver lined beads to make for a high end, luxurious knit. The shawls in test knit but I'm still tinkering with the edging. I know what I want and will work and re-work it until I'm satisfied with it. What with it being a mystery I think I can keep it as such and just say that it's AWESOME! It starts with a pretty flower which marches into Versailleske garden paths, bringing you out to this scalloped ending. SMASHING, no modesty here. This design has the old school Yarn Fairy written all over it. I dug deep for this pattern and I'm very pleased with it. Will set upon the goodies this coming week and open sales shortly thereafter. Then we will get everything pending out the door as well. This coming week will fly.
     The other patterns we have for you are the yearly KAL's. Not sure when these will hit but we are hard at work on them. Baltimore Album Blanket is cruising along at a steady clip but requires some very intensive pattern working in order to make it. This isn't your normal "knit work" but rather an applique blanket. Tangier's is much simpler to chart and the design is still solidifying. That said all the yarn is in stock and inspiring all by itself. We are going back up in both needle (1) and thread size (extra fine lace) to a manageable numbers.
     Upcoming in 2018, we introduce the Year of the Grim, as in Grimm Fairy Tales. Fairy tales the way they were meant to be, a little darker then the Disney versions. We will be bringing you a true "blood" color cape/shawl with a variety of reds to choose from. Can you guess which tale this is from? We've planned and drafted the entire year out, something new for us but with the work load, entirely necessary. This will keep us moving along at a nice clip and still allow for life's interruptions and other designers KAL's.
All in all, ending and beginning the years with a bang. We hope you'll all attend, enjoy. YF

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