Friday, November 10, 2017

Weekend Update

    Quick update for ya'll, not sure ya'll know that we got a major shipment of roving in over the summer months. Yeah I've been quiet about it, ya'll been kept out of the loop far too long. Finally got some of it, (most of it?) loaded onto the Fiber page and made a button for it. You'll find them dirt cheap and some exotic, all are very lovely when painted in any of our colors or just give me guidelines or just tell me to go for it. Fiber 
     Did you see the video yesterday? It was a chopped video (loaded the wrong one) so I'm making another one today. There I'll share how the wool batts look like animal skins when dyed in one piece, up to 8 oz at once. These are just $15 per 4 oz and didn't make it into the button, sigh. Video's are found here be sure to subscribe and click the bell (alarm) button.
  List of happenings: 
Mandala's Heart has begun, clue 2 comes out next week.
Caesar and Cleopatra last call
Advent in full dyeing mode-special requests welcome. Shawl has been revealed 

Holiday Club open only until 12-1 
Boutique open 

Test knitters needed for Madame Du Pompadour and Plain Jane PM me at wmdress at

Have a great weekend.

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