Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Scotland and Vanishing Point

We are hard at work attempting to get Advent out before the KAL begins. There was a flood of orders 20 days ago and that's what we've been focused on ever since. 
    Even so the creative side never sleeps. It was busy in the back of my mind while my hands were busy with the work, this is the result. Drum roll please... we give you Scotland.
Above on Elf Merino, below left on Fairy Medium, right on our Cash/merino sock base. A bad photo so I took the one on the left today out in the sun.

Finally in the toes of a pair of socks. More to come on social media as we have more length on the socks. Isn't this a fun color? Anything you work up will swirl and it had to be Scotland as it's the only place DH and I really need to see before we die.
     Next up is Vanishing Point, this was an accident I needed to recreate and so I did.

Dyed on a few different bases so that you can see how they vary. I love the Fairy Glamour, it's so classy on that silver. Will look great in a shawl and I can make it more subdued, to have less variation on the pops. It will end up being more of a solid blue/purple color instead of with these great pops of color.  :-)  LOL talking myself out of painting it in a shawl as we speak. I think it will still come through with all the fantastic colors but they will be subtle enough to work up lace.

 These skeins look even better in person, no matter what I do, they always look so much better in real life. PM me for your invoice and join the ranks who are knitting this up for Christmas presents. 
     Oh and don't forget the Holiday club will close first of December which is just over one week away. We have been listing new Advent colors, the shawl KAL begins on Friday but there's no time like the present to get you a set of these lovelies. Still dyeing for Mandala, Cleo and all the other KALs we have open. Spinning Club and Fae Yarn Club for this month have been dyed and will ship by the end of this month. And the Breed Study version three is open but will be dyed here soon. We need about 3 more of us now, which is a good thing :-) wmdress at sbcglobal.net, enjoy!

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