Sunday, July 2, 2017


     Just wanted to give you a quick heads up. We have new Neko Kitty stitch markers for you, some really cool ones are just below the large collage of Neko here. We still have the tin deal too, any marker order over $20 will get one (or another) free OOAK tin. If you have an existing order (that didn't ship last week) we can add your marker order to it and will ship free from additional shipping fees.
     Hedgehogs have been added to the hand carved critter markers.  These have been added to the existing sets (only 2 available) at no additional charge.
     We have a snap contest on Instagram, it is in full swing under Yarn Fairy and the Pixies.  There are great prizes for this one, instead of just a skein of yarn we have a sock blank, knitting notions complete kit in a box and mini sock blockers. The contest ends when we hit 1,000 followers and it should finish fairly quick so head on over on your mobile device.
     There's still a few more Pirates skeins left from the Twist update, my favorites are still up there. I loved the Captain Jack so much I ended up painting it on 2 bases.  
If you put both of them together you'd have enough for a large coat sweater, blanket, car cozy? Head on over to the Twist page.
     We got a LeClerc Gobelin loom in this week. What a chore to set up a brand new loom. All the extra fiber from the breed study is going to go into making rugs on the loom. These rugs will be 32x54 (ish) and will look something like this. Well what do you know, below is the photo that got all this moving in the first place. It will be fun to see what colors I end up with as the rug wont look like the one at right (stripes) so much as designs going over the length of it. 
Eventually we will begin to sell them. After I cover the floors, walls and beds here, get a lot of practice under my belt then we will roll them up and ship them to all points N S E & W.

   Happy 4th of July, hope you have a great, safe weekend.

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