Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tour De Fleece 2017

     We have an unofficial YF group in our Ravelry group for ya'll to share your photos and maybe even a prize for everyone's favorite come the end of the tour this year.
 ALREADY SHIPPED in time for Tour Aida our super fine super lovely alpaca. This was dyed up turquoise/purple with hot pink and dots of another dark color to settle the hot colors.  In a word, AMAZING, hopefully will have photos shortly.   
     We will be dyeing a variety of raw fibers up for you, we aren't nearly done, only just started.  Then we will split everything for each participant and away the fiber will go to you to spin up into something lovely.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Mojave & quick update

Do you remember the Mojave gradient color we painted on Elf Kisses? 
The finished product, well, WOWSERS!!

It was used for the Just Be You shawl by Boo Knits and I have to say I'm in love! Such a pretty gradient.
     So quickly, I'm needing to give you an update. Spankie Spun's almost sold out, if you want some of the yarn, please hurry. We have painted more of the roving and will be loading Rainbow and Indian Corn on the roving next week.
Hope all my fiber friend are ready for this. We have been gathering sheep fiber sheep from everywhere and will be offering up large sampler boxes of fiber for spinning.sheep It will all be dyed in our fab colors and some new OOAK’s. Everything from pristine fat roving to raw dyed fiber and our Spankie Spun sliver.
 The list so far contains all these breeds:
Lincoln Locks already dyed some of these.
Wensleydale lamb baby locks 
dorset down 
bfl x cormo sooo soft 
Teeswater XL locks 
Rambolliet Cormo X 
Dorset Down, 
   Plus all the roving we have on hand, 
Cellulose mint 
Cellulose pearl 
merino and merino blends 
Corriedale X 
Spankie Spun
  so that the box will contain both locks and roving.
     And anything else I can get my hands on. We will be dyeing only ONE pound of each breed and then making up a sampler box of every breed with label containing breed information. I can see it now, this amazing rainbow of colors to play with. ONLY 16 people will be able to participate. The list is forming in our Rav group. There are only TEN more slots available so please hurry.
     Then when you fall in love with one we will have a few pounds left to purchase since we are attempting to buy just 5 pound increments. In some cases we purchased an entire fleece, but that’s a personal sort of thing. I can’t wait to play!!! What about you?sheep sheep
     Next up an unofficial Tour De Fleece, any regular customer can get in on this. We are gifting you (for the price of shipping) about 8 ounces of dyed fiber, 4 ounces of alpaca and another sheepy fiber. That list has been started here
      The Mini’s are now available to order from the Order Yarn Here page in a button all there own, just below there 100g skeins. Brand new we have 50g skeins of our Silver Shot Sock available, no more hanking from skeins. Also the merino cashmere sock will be here next week. We are getting cones to wind off 20 and 50g skeins of these to make gradients in. Now you will have THREE choices for your gradient sets.
     Speaking of gradient of gradient sets… we have a OOAK 3 skein set which will be available first to our Instagram Peeps for 24 hours before we open it up everywhere else. This is a 50g set of 3 called Spring Heat Fade which is hand painted, multi colors and goes from a medium blue to purple… radically! It’s called Heat for the hot/fluorescent colors in it. Hop on over to our IG account (Yarn Fairy and the Pixies) for a chance at this lovely fade.
    We have 2 others available from yesterdays dyeing, a lovely pale blue on Imp DK I’m calling Baby Blues, this skeins got a touch of pink or purple in it as well… lovely pale colors, weaving in and out but all very pale for a mostly solid look. The last is an Imp Sock also named Spring Heat as it has the same characteristics of the Fade. If anyone thinks they might be interested in the later 2 skeins, sight unseen, PM me.
     As you can tell, yesterday was dye day, we will have a photo shoot on Monday, label on Tuesday and Cleo will be revealed shortly thereafter. As will a lovely G6 with turquoise border for Kaleidoscope. Amazing color! And a Phoenix fade from red to purple to blue, totally love it! So will all ya’ll who are on the receiving end of these new colors.
Have a great weekend. ENJOY!!