Friday, May 5, 2017

The Process

Ever wonder what it looks like around here while we work? Here to share that with ya'll today. 

This is a panograph which made it look a very odd shape but it's a square pad at the back. Left to right, soak overnight in tubs, rinse station, you can just see Pixie #1's purple gloves and feet before the table.  We set the very light colored yarns on the table to keep them from getting other colors on them.
Another panograph but this one is less weird. Left to right, shipping, our dyes, see the table on the right? This is where all the magic happens, our dye table.  I'm at the closest station and Pixie #1 is by the door. See all the jugs? They are full of the dyes we'd used that day.
Our outdoor drying solution, this is 200 skeins of yarn. This is 3 corners of a 4 corner fencing unit which we can then hang horizontal poles between. We've never packed it completely but I imagine it can hold about 500 skeins when packed.
Skeins are pulled from the poles and put into massive bed in a bag type zippered bags.  This protects the yarn from any contaminants while we are in the labeling process. The guillotine cutter is on the bay window seat, we print all labels in house. Since our base list is so very large we haven't figured out how to make one label which could work for us... still thinking.

When we make up a wholesale order we line our largest boxes and can then put 100 skeins each into them. This order required 10 boxes.

When we aren't working wholesale the post office sacks will do. We fill about 2 every other week on a normal week. Here's Pixie #1 wrapping up your orders for Secret Garden. I'll try to update this for ya'll here one day.  We have video's up on YouTube if you'd like to see more. ENJOY!

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