Thursday, May 11, 2017

Spankie Spun

Who's ready for Spankie Spun? Our very own yarn line!
 I'm so stinking excited!!!  Yes while we are closing for a vacation we are combining it with a bit of work as we are picking up all that fiber we dropped off down south while we were there last time. 

The entire back of our Sequoia was packed! We dropped of 6 large fleece which turned into only 11.4 pounds of roving, such a small amount, the fleece were at least 4-5 pounds each with one well over that which was turned into a sport weight yarn.  

I thought it will be best as sweater yarn. Much of the fiber was from Spankies descendants but the sport weight yarn is his actual coat! I'm so jazzed. We will offer up the dyed yarn for cost and a touch over for our dyeing. 

Oh and your thinking itchy! NOPE! You know micron counts? Our standard merino is 21, that's a lot of our bases. Going up to 25 in our silk/merino lace weight so. Spankie is Suffolk cross, the micron count standard is 26-28 Spankies actual fleece was probably the finest cause he's just super soft, we made that one into the yarn.  
While I don't have a method for figuring out the micron count, my person is a great barometer as I find the higher the number the more itchy I get. When I try a new yarn I'll tie it around my wrist and leave it there. If I can forget it's there it's a fine yarn, if it turns red, then it's an itchy base and we wont carry it. That said, I spun Spankie and there's NO itch, it's just lovely.

Then we took all this other stuff down, see video here. Bats, fiber from all over, a dyed fleece from Spankie, others that I'd dyed over the years.  Sent down the fiber from our own animals and another fleece from Spankie.  

Here's the list

  1. Spankie Spun Pencil/Sliver Roving (can be knit like this for a bulky effect) only 11.4 pounds $17.60 per 3.5 oz
  2. Spankie Spun Sport weight yarn $5.5 per oz

There's just a small amount of each type of the process and then it's gone forever as Spankie and his herd is gone :-( can't get any more. What can I put you down for?  :-) PM me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ & .)

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