Tuesday, May 30, 2017


A special request was made for our yarn to be used for the upcoming summer MKAL of Donna's. πŸˆπŸ±πŸˆ
     The more I thought of this, the more the color theme spoke to me.

Top 2 were painted on Milky Silky but would look the same on Elf Kisses.
Seal Point Siamese

Tan Siamese

Siamese on Imp Sock

George on Elf Kisses
You can send in your photos of your kitty for painting differently cause we can do all breeds. I'd love to paint a tabby kitty! Or a deep gray one, YUMMY.
      Meanwhile Cleo is a dark saturated multiple brown in color and shade in our Meldy Deep technique so that it's purrrrfect for cables and lace. πŸ™€
You will find several browns, blacks and even some deep golden brown colors riddled throughout the skeins for the main color. 
This is how she came out on silver shot sock. We are toying with the idea of making the contrast the color of your cats eyes. Still dyeing for this one.

She's almost calling for a gunmetal (ear tips) but I'm not sure I want to go there. We could do London Calling Dark done in super saturated for a gray/brown kitty, something like this on the right, super saturated but as you can see, still capable of lace.😻
     The contrast is an almost undyed with tiny blips of gold and a touch of brown sprinkles which turns into brown, gold and even tiny orange dots when applied in our special method. This will result in a slightly darker then cream color which will go a touch into gold and in the final rinsing but still read mostly a pale tan color. πŸ˜Ή

     You can have Cleo, or your own kitty, painted on any of our sock bases which can be found here.
     πŸ˜½After determining which of our 435 yard (or higher) sock yarns you'd like, put 4 skeins into the cart. The shipping is in a separate button, you need to add $11 for the 4 skeins. Think about doing this on Gold Shot sock as the gold would be nice for those of your with golden kitties. If you prefer, PM me all of your information for an invoice.  wmdress at sbcglobal dot net 😺

    Many of you know we have an amazing Cats collection of 27 stitch markers in a cute cotton bag all for just $17.50 you can find them on the stitch marker page.  There's also a Chunky Monkey bracelet you can have to complete your MKAL set. 

     Kitties rule! 😸 Even when they jump on you, you loose your bead box 😼 and your stitches fly off of the needles. 😾 Then they give you love and all's well in the world.


  1. Received the Kitty yarn called George and it is even better than the picture! Fantastic job. I absolutely love it. Half the fun was waiting to see what you would create from the pictures of George.

    1. I know right! I LOVE how Elf Kisses sort of doesn't take the colors as well and as saturated as our standard yarns do. Throughout all the sizes it just takes enough and blends out really well. I adored George, but then I'm sure you do too. ENJOY!