Thursday, February 2, 2017

Official? & BIG discount

     When do you step into the big time? When you paint wholesale orders (several each year) or when you get a sign!?! HAHA yuppers, we have a sign for the front gate. Or is it defined by something else entirely?
     Through all of these items, I'm attempting to share the Fae Realm with you all.  What we think it should look like, the vibe and feel of it.  Above you can see wee Pixies fluttering about (ok so they are some kinda butterfly LOL). 
     And we are using the bookmarks for labels, well we are trying to... it's difficult with all the different bases we carry.  Then there's the gradient sets which sort of need a longer tag.  I did see a really nice one with just a logo on which which was real classy looking.  They put the white stickers on and it didn't look as mashup as ours have been looking. We have white labels on purple background. That's going to have to change.
     Anywho... we have these cards for fiber, makes it easy to just check the boxes and bag the roving up with the card. The front is just like the sign above and this is the back.
     And while I was at it, we got new business cards, course I had to change them again.  Oh and we got PENS! Love this pen, it's a Paragon, clickable, writes when you put it to paper, none of that having to pull the ink down. SQWEE!
     So I ask you, what's the "marker" for having "made it"? What with learning all these graphic skills and where to get all the images etc, it's made doing this so easy.  The only thing missing is the mugs now.  I really wanted to send ya'll the fixings for Tea with Kanuck... hum... no reason we can't still do this.  Head over to CafePress and get you a mug. I love the purple mushroom ones but there are others. We have enough tea and possibly enough hot chocolate to put them into all of the Kanuck orders. Sqwee,,, cause we love to spoil all ya'll.
     Back to winding off massive quantities of Imp Sport in the Hummer color.  One for an order, and another for myself.  I have to make a sweater of purple, blue and green with black all over!!! :-) 
      Yeah my hands, they HATE me, I love what we do though and can't seem help it. Anyone else for some deeply discounted yarn?  Imp Sports been discontinued so we bought a massive box full of cones from the mill.  This is the merino/nylon/cashmere which is so amazingly, next to the skin soft that you'll never want to take it off. I was thinking pants, skirts, undergarments LOL. We have a special going any yarn or fiber order (excluding kits-already discounted) over $100 gets to take an additional 25% off. This base normally sells for $21.50 but we can sell it to you for just $17.50 per 4 oz skein.  We can make any size skeins you'd like but I'd prefer to make 8 oz. Off to play, have a great day! 👼

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