Friday, December 30, 2016

Yarn Ordering now Available and secret revealed

       That was a long row to hoe but it's done.  You can now order yarn online from us.  There's a base yarn page where you can see all our different bases (I think we missed a few) the price, yardage and other specs.  Then there's a color page of all the different colors we can support and replicate.  WOW what a long time it's taken for us to make these two pages.  They only took 2 nights from me and VIOLA FINI! I can't believe it. I really should have done this sooner.  To order yarn just search through the colors and right down which names you want and then go to the base page, find the base that suits and order as many skeins as you'd like.  Pay for shipping (Internationals I'll send a shipping invoice) which is discounted and tada, you have a custom yarn order without all the fuss of finding the color you want.  Or worse yet, hunting the color you want down off of Ravelry, ugh.  
      We have also made a single gradient page.  Combined the Cupcakes and Mini Me's into the Gradient page and everything we have done is on that page.  We can still do custom bases for those colors so please feel free to order more then what's on that page.  Happy to reskein say Milky Silky (one of the bases that didn't make it onto the Base page) into 6 skeins and paint a gradient onto it.  Takes more work what with reskeining and having to set it in a kettle but hey, totally worth it as that base is just <drool> totally lovely.
     AND that super deep, dark ops I wasn't able to tell ya'll about for the last 6 months, I can finally share.  We are in January's Yarn Box! WHOOOOOHOOOOO!!! Go to and sign up for the Classic Box and you'll get our yarn!!!  I'm just thrilled to finally be able to share that with everyone.  There's a free YF pattern for socks (Beady Sock) in that parcel.  So go sign up, what are you waiting for?
      Happy New Year Ya'll!  Thank you for supporting our small home business this past year, we love ya'll.  OH and we are buying ya'll some lovely high end pens.  If you purchased from us in 2016 more then once, we're going to do a mass mailing and get ya'll some lovely Yarn Fairy pens!  WHOOP! WHOOP!  
      Yeah, by by 2016, hello 2017.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Beast SOLD


.......... sorry Kiddies, it all went fast.  This is a Peacock blue beast (wool)/mohair/silk blend that I have in both roving and top. This was made up special for Carolina Handspun a few years back.  I purchased it thinking I'd make a massive sweater coat from it. Due to the pain in my hands I need to send it on to a good home so it's just $16 per pound (yes you read that right) and shipping. 

We have 2 bags of top, 1 roving, 2 bags of turquoise mohair and 1 of white.  This was to be a special project in which I spun it all up and it went into the same thing but it's just been sitting here ever since.  PM me wmdress at sbcglobal dot net to purchase.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Swift Sale

THE SWIFTS HAVE ALL SOLD OUT  at the discounted price.  If you'd like one for the full price we can still get them for you.  If you'd like a really GREAT deal on an umbrella swift I recommend the green one on the Knitting Notions page.
Our lovely wood swifts are all deeply discounted at 40% off, they can all be found on their pages at the blog. Prices shown are PRIOR to the 40% off and there's only ONE of each available at this low price.

On the HiyaHiya page, Nirvana table top ($41.50)
Chiaogoo table top ($39.95)
and we have a large wood umbrella swift on the Knitting Notions page ($35) SOLD
You wont find this good of a price anywhere (and doesn't include shipping), PM me for an invoice. Discount only good until the end of this year, invoice has to be paid immediately.

Friday, December 23, 2016


Merry Christmas everyone!

Just wanted to pop in and let you know bout a couple of things.  One, Santanico, I LOVE our latest new color.  This is her on superwash.
I'm in love with this new color way and might have to make a coat out of it, YUM!

The other item is I found a set of cable needles dirt cheap!  It's here at the top of the page with a little buy now button.  They are US size 2, 7 & 9 and they are just $3 which includes shipping in the USA!  I plan on using this with my size 1 needle with the socks I'm working on, even though it's a size 2, I just need the point so we're good.

I've been working on all the STUNNING goodies for Kanuck.  This shawl's in Imp Sport and it's to honor our Canadian Peeps who've been so supportive even through all the exchange rate troubles. Canada in the winter of course led me to snow. There’s a lot of snow here! Then I found something called Polaris, it’s a bead that you hold up and has this black, smoky look to it with a bit of AB and it’s just magnif! It’s got a slight blue cast to it and the cabochon snowflakes are all backed in blues so blue comes through loud and clear with this set.

Polaris are your SM’s with a Canadian flag and a snowflake (of course) for the lobster.
There’s a shawl pin covered in cabochon snowflakes but it’s got a Steam punk vibe. It has this center flower with lovely filigree lace petals. Then has a heart filigree link with another drop off of that, both of them have the snowflakes in them.
Then this set has a matching book mark AND bracelet! I love this set! Did I say that already?
The fobs just amazing, I did wild things and made the beads jump through all sorts of hoops. There’s no chain on this one but rather lots of pieced metal and open jump rings were used to give length. We have snow flakes, “Let It Snow” a tiny bell and a slightly larger one for a bit of extra tinkle. Then blue crystal beads… OH HECK! I HAVE to share! 
HAHAHA ya'll know I have a really hard time keeping all these lovely goodies under wraps until KAL opening day. When's that?  Right after we get back from break.  I finally got the yarn to behave (color wise), had a sunny day in which to take the photos and shazam!  Goodies all done, steady, ready, Freddy.
It's official we are closed now, I hope you have a great Christmas.  I hope that all of you enjoy your gifts and have a special time.  Stay safe and warm this year. See you next year.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Club


If you are in the Christmas Club you might not want to go one inch further. 

For those of you who aren't,,, it's drool time. 

We began to pack it today and while the labels are dated tomorrow,,, well that might have been a bit ambitious.  Also the wrap might get a bit mushed because... well they flat out DON'T fit into the boxes!  I'm going to have to figure out a new method of shipping for July.  Meanwhile we give you the mess of Christmas Club.... it's take over the front room. 

See! They will not fit into the boxes. The wrap is very thick, we might have to skip it for some skeins, it's just not fitting.

      "It ain't fitting, jus ain't fitting." Mammy from Gone with the Wind.

The lovely yarn inside the boxes also contain a bit of Chubby Baby Camel which came out awesome in these bright happy colors.

Much of what we did will not be replicated but we are going to attempt this lovely super saturated which is an upgraded Cask of Amontillado.

 It's overcast here so the photos aren't true to life but as you can see from how many I took, I love this color way.

I hope you all enjoy your goodies.  We had a lovely time preparing everything for you this year.  It's all bound to keep ya'll busy for a very long time. Until we meet again, ENJOY!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

ChiaoGoo Fixed Needles

As promised the ChiaoGoo fixed needles are here and ready to ship.

These are the lovely red cables, the tips are all sharp for lace work.  They come in size 0-6 and the length is 32 inches.  If ya'll love these needles we will bring in the longer lengths for you.  Meanwhile you can order them towards the top on this page.