Friday, December 30, 2016

Yarn Ordering now Available and secret revealed

       That was a long row to hoe but it's done.  You can now order yarn online from us.  There's a base yarn page where you can see all our different bases (I think we missed a few) the price, yardage and other specs.  Then there's a color page of all the different colors we can support and replicate.  WOW what a long time it's taken for us to make these two pages.  They only took 2 nights from me and VIOLA FINI! I can't believe it. I really should have done this sooner.  To order yarn just search through the colors and right down which names you want and then go to the base page, find the base that suits and order as many skeins as you'd like.  Pay for shipping (Internationals I'll send a shipping invoice) which is discounted and tada, you have a custom yarn order without all the fuss of finding the color you want.  Or worse yet, hunting the color you want down off of Ravelry, ugh.  
      We have also made a single gradient page.  Combined the Cupcakes and Mini Me's into the Gradient page and everything we have done is on that page.  We can still do custom bases for those colors so please feel free to order more then what's on that page.  Happy to reskein say Milky Silky (one of the bases that didn't make it onto the Base page) into 6 skeins and paint a gradient onto it.  Takes more work what with reskeining and having to set it in a kettle but hey, totally worth it as that base is just <drool> totally lovely.
     AND that super deep, dark ops I wasn't able to tell ya'll about for the last 6 months, I can finally share.  We are in January's Yarn Box! WHOOOOOHOOOOO!!! Go to and sign up for the Classic Box and you'll get our yarn!!!  I'm just thrilled to finally be able to share that with everyone.  There's a free YF pattern for socks (Beady Sock) in that parcel.  So go sign up, what are you waiting for?
      Happy New Year Ya'll!  Thank you for supporting our small home business this past year, we love ya'll.  OH and we are buying ya'll some lovely high end pens.  If you purchased from us in 2016 more then once, we're going to do a mass mailing and get ya'll some lovely Yarn Fairy pens!  WHOOP! WHOOP!  
      Yeah, by by 2016, hello 2017.

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