Wednesday, November 23, 2016


We have so much going on that I felt like I needed to see a list of the patterns and KAL's.  If I feel like that I wondered how you all were getting on and decided we needed a bit of an update. Without further ado, here's our list.

KAL just begun
  • Twilight Waltz

  • Holiday Club (closing just after Thanksgiving)
  • Fae Yarn Club open for 1st quarter of 2017

  • Kinich Ahau
  • Fantastic Beasts scarf kit
  • Star Heirloom (2017 year long KAL heirloom)

  • Christmas Star (in TK-hope to open before end of this month)
  • Weasleyghan (2017 year long blanket-TKERS needed)
  • Moriarty Shawl (in TK)
  • Kanuck in 2017 (TKERS needed)

PATTERNS which need final edits for publication:

  • Neverland (needs a few more photos)
  • Tigh's Cabin cowl (Battlestar Gallactica)
  • Seaweed stockings
  • Kaleidoscope Pinwheel Circular Shawl (in TK)
  • Oberon's Sunrise Socks (in TK)
  • Curlicue series Heart shaped shawls (2 more coming)
All of that to say we are working even when you don't hear from us for a time.  Or if your wondering, "where on earth's my order?" We are swamped but it's the way we love to roll.  

ENJOY and Happy Thanksgiving!

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