Monday, October 3, 2016


We have so much going on it's hard to know where to start. Do I give  you bullet points or do I allow Chatty Patty to yammer your ears off?

Opening as soon as we get this order in.... Very late last night Last night I had an epiphany, vials of "poison" for a necklace/earring set. There are so many to choose from, the forerunners are strychnine and deadly night shade but there are several others that caught my eye. These are coming from our China distributor, opening has been delayed until I can make up my mind. Part of me wants to go with the yarn colors and part of me wants to have consistency for simplicity sake. Then there's the practical part of me that wonders if they will sell out should the KAL do better then anticipated, hence more then one color. Haha I just realized how causally I'm speaking of handing y'all poisons!
     Today I shored up our order and got ya'll some AMAZING stuff. For the poisons we are getting 12 blue, 12 green and 4 sets of white ones. We have vials which are brown glass with polymer clay covered, free for the first 10 Kit 1 orders.  You can mix up your own poison should you want to load it up. There are some other fun things coming as well.... Big Ben, a London large dooolybob and a "Believe in Sherlock" tag, FUN! So I got a bunch of large lobsters for a metal project bag thingy.  Gee, perhaps I can put some poison in there too! Then I found a I heart London button/badge/pin thingy for the outside of your Pressies. Can't wait!  I paid extra to get it all extra fast, hopefully it will be here end of next week. 
     On top of our normal orders, we are waiting for this massive yarn shipment, about 800 more skeins.  So far we've dyed up 4 of the 10 colors (420 skeins)which were ordered. It's wholesale, in case you didn't figure that out.  Once we are able to share the details in January we will send you the information.  Think large yarn club order, we did the free sock pattern that comes with this order.  I wouldn't mind a few more TKers to double and triple check the pattern.  PM me if your interested.
     Sitting out front, is a box. It's going to Spinning Box, anyone interested in our new Monet colorway?  Yes,,, we will do it on any SW yarn too! would look AMAZING on the silk sock!!  But if you want the box you really should check them out at the link above. There are people who've reviewed the boxes on YouTube, so fun watching them unpack their goodies. You get 1 ounce of our 80/20 SWmerino/nylon in your Spinning Box. I so NEED this to spin a pair of socks.  I have zero brown socks and while it's got brown it... it's not brown... just sort of reads it with all this other loveliness inside.  Then when fluffed it becomes more subdued. 
   Check this out... the difference in the dye lots, I believe this is due to a heavier hand with the pink and purple. The wheel above is shown at the bottom of the pile here.  I didn't think I'd like it so I went heavier on the purple and pink... but I actually really love that browner color.
     Did ya'll see?  We got a Facebook page!  Go hit like page and then give us a review.  While your there, check out our very first video!  We have wanted to do that for ya'll for literally, years.  Thought about doing audio vs. video and something just snapped the day we did it.  I just set it up and hit record.  We did our thing and hit upload.  If ya'll like it we will do it monthly cause we loved sharing with ya'll.  Oh and do check out the photos,,, I never loaded all the photos to the Twist, can you believe it!??? I think this is the first time I've ever not loaded the Twist.  Who know's perhaps it's all destined for the Christmas pressies and I don't know it yet.      
     Speaking of which, look forward to the Christmas club opening on 11-15.  

  Also in November is the Christmas Star.  Those of you on Ravelry have already seen the inspiration photo I pulled way back when. We were talking Victorian inspiration and out came all these lovely shades of purple and bronze. 
This photo inspired both the color way and bits of the pattern. There are 2 colors for this, a brighter one and this darker one at the left.  They are very similar but the other is brighter, more like a yellow gold.  Anywho, expect that to open some time in November?

     Before that opens we have an amazing sport weight shawl for you this year.  

So the thought was of the Northern Lights, snow, Canadians rule! and winter snows, out of doors in general.  Which is where some of the shawls patterning is coming from. Anywhoo... what say you to this lovely Aurora Borealis colorway?  We have that and the peacock transparent AB noir lined 6/0 beads... love them, you will too once I get a photo.  These are very special beads and will look smashing no matter which color your working on in the shawl at any given time.
    We have one last KAL, or is it of the first KAL of 2017? It's the Feather and Fan,,, we made up 2 color ways and have teamed with Paradise Fibers.  You'll be able to get the pattern from them. This one is great fun but very "dark ops" until I'm allowed to share I just can't.  SHHHHH BUT this one needs a name, help!  This isn't your standard F & F pattern but the YF edition.  Keep that in mind as you thunk up something and PM me.
     The 2017 line up has begun.  Tangiers is our heirloom and we have brought the yarn in.  A 70/30 silk/cashmere, nice, strong, but thin enough for our purposes.  It's a heavier yarn at 2/48 so I think we are going back to the size 0 needles.  Loose knitters can go down smaller with our interchangeable needle kits should that be necessary.  We still have the merino's of last year as well as the Chocolate Cash Cob,,, perhaps several others?  I'm not sure but we are very well stocked in undyed cobweb now.
    Lastly we have Wesleyghan... least that's what I've been calling it.  This lovely blanket for next year... we have 16 bright colors in the center blocks.   Black to break it up and lastly a multi colored yarn to work a 1 foot multi edging of either texture or lace.  I think I'm going to throw all of the ideas I had into the charts.  Then you will have to decide cause I just can't.  There are so many ideas in here for it.  Oh and we had a poll on Ravelry and the consensus was to go with our Imp DK.  This was due to the fact that it's super inexpensive and takes up all the dye and then asks for a 2nd helping. We will be able to give you all 16 colors but only half of those skeins so that you will only have to pay for 8 skeins.  The price will be a bit higher to cover our reskeining costs but it will still be cheaper then having to buy 16 skeins just for the center.  I think I came up with 15 skeins total for the entire thing.
     Other then that, patterns.... a slew of older ones and some new ones.  I really need to get some of the multi colored yarn patterns out.  We have so many  of them and they are just wasting away here.  We got this fingering weight silk in that's just like the Italian silk... perfect for the top we made up.  I can't wait to dye it... course we have to hunt it down.  I got in it and lost the kilo.  Whatchagonnado? It's not the first base I lost, probably wont be the last.
    Chatty Patty is no longer welcome...

  • Silk Top (done)
  • Circular - Kalediscope Pinwheel (almost finished)
  • Patels Petals (patterns not started)
  • Tighs Cowl (TKer needs yarn)
  • Cable Guy free with purchase of sock yarn (finished, just needs final edits)
  • Beady Duo (January super secret shhh)
Well Kiddies, that about sums it up. Hope this gets ya'll caught up to speed and has you smiling. ENJOY!!

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