Thursday, October 6, 2016

Siren Line

   WOW you guys!  I'm so floored!  We made all the new yarns submit and go saturated... they went!  I even got the mink super dark.  I'm getting more of the product as we are now out of Siren Mink. 

     We sold out for the Pandorf Dragonfly photo on the left.  Order these yarns and more on the Siren page.
Siren Yak in Greenwood

Siren Bamboo in Cafe Au Lait
Siren Bamboo in new Twlight color

Siren Mink Poison Frog
Siren Silk fingering in Seaweed color way
     We are also pulling in some silk that we can sell for only (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) $26 per 100g skein!  YIPPEEEEWe are beginning with fingering weight for the top that we designed.  Eventually we will be able to bring in the lace that sells for the same price.  While it isn't our "Italian" this stuffs amazing.  Still takes all the color and keeps asking for more. AND this is the FIRST time we've dyed a silk that still has the smell of silk once it's dyed and dried.  So cool!  I rate this somewhere between the Italian and the Indian as it's only a 2 ply so it's way softer then the Indian but it doesn't reach the silkiness of the Italian.

Ships at Night 50/50 silk merino
     The 45/55 silk/merino lace that we have is also being replaced.  Why? because this stuff's just way softer! I think that the micron is lower on this one then the older one.  We will be selling the old stuff off and bringing in this new one which is actually cheap too at just $22 per 100 gram skein.
    These two new yarns can be ordered now from the Siren page, as can all the above yarns.
     Here we just have a new color that I'm calling Peacock.  We can do this on any of the SW bases.  This skeins is our Yak Sock which really takes the color well.  All my favorite colors in one skein of sock weight yarn.  Hum,,, I wonder what it will be? Socks! You guessed it.  Through the years I've made our family a good many socks and have made all of our sock patterns the way our family likes best.
     You can have anything you see here in any of the bases we carry, please feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Our first storm this year produced this photo, love it.

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