Thursday, October 27, 2016

Happy Birthday

Said in my bestest Frosty the Snowman voice, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To me... and because it's my birthday you get a shot a scoring big time.  
     This lovely is Indian Corn the latest edition of new colors of 2016.  Painted on a 75/25 brown/white BFL blend roving, it's a lovely little nice, nice.  The little one at the bottom left is a fine micron merino. These little guys weigh 3.6 oz in all and you can have them for just $7 and shipping of $3, total of $10 SOLD  Yea, I know it's under way under market, it's my birthday and I can celebrate as I like. They look just like the corn on the cob!  I love this one.
Before you ask, yes we will paint it on yarn, an entire blanket worth if you like.  But not until after this long weekend and my birthday cruise is in the past.  :-) Ya'll know how this works, whoever pays first gets first dibs.  IF your in the Rose Fiber buy and want to us to hold the BFL, you save $3 and only need to pay $7!! Pm me, upper left corner of the blog. Yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  

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