Thursday, August 4, 2016

Where did we go? & New KAL

     Yup, been under a swathe of peacock feathers... or up to our eye balls in the birds? Take your pick it's been insane here while we attempted to fill all of the Sivia Harding MKAL orders for Peacock. Which is fun cause this KAL came about through she and I chatting back and forth.  We came up with the design and Sivia took the ball and ran with it.  Love the end results, so will you.
    Next up we give you MMario's Fairy Dusted, a lovely circular shawl that he just made, because. We went a bit nutter with the fairies to go with this one and had so much fun with it.  And the tiny wee fairy!  Go and check it out.
     Cocoon is open and available.  It's a color work cape or poncho, depending on if you'd like to steek or not to steek.  Cause that's the question.  This pattern has been clamoring to be set free for YEARS... literally years.  I was going to make it into a corset for a book and then realized it was just so much work and I didn't want to do all that work for a book. LOL yeah I know, backwards what can I say.
     What's up next?  I can hear all of you yammering back there, keep it down!  Depending on how well ya'll go for Fairy Dusted, next up is Neverland.  This is our (what's this!!! really?) yearly Faroese cape style shawl.  There second star from the right makes an appearance as does Big Ben cause you can't have the star without the clock tower.  We have some great colors for this one but shhhh ya'll have to have patience for that.  Yes, there's a fairy!  She's flying up the center back panel cause you just can't do Neverland without some fae blood in there.
     Sample knitters are needed for some circular patterns that came to me last month while in the dentist chair, they just flooded in.  I've began one pattern and just need to do the edging now so one's almost ready.  It's a 32 wedge pinwheel with a lot of interest and I'm thinking about doing it on a nice luxury yarn in a semi solid or Meldy Deep as you can really almost get away with our Multi colored hand paint. Course a puddle making yarn would be lovely as well.  I dunno quite what to do with this just yet. The interest in the circular shawls seem to be split.  I asked a question on Ravelry if you'd prefer to see these come out as KAL's or if you'd like them just as patterns and then to have them all go into an e-book. You can find that info here. Post #405 has the poll in it and so far it's 50/50 looks like they want both!  Course they also want them split up the center and the first one is a pinwheel which can't be done, that I know of.
     We are sending a slew of samples off to Yarn Box to see if they want to take us on as possible contributors.  We'd really love to dye up yarn for them one month.  We already did one for Spinning Box which was fun and we made up a fiber page for that one.  You can find that here. Open to making new colors as well.
     This winter we have a good number of KAL's for you.  We ordered the Imp Sport and we have 2 different ones for you using this base.  One is a fully shaped Faroese shawl named Canuck with winter theming.  The second has two patterns, Cuddle Duds or Cuddle Muffin.  One is a circular vest and the other is the same with sleeves.  
     Lastly topping off this year we will have our Holiday Pressie Club again.  We will end this year by open Tangers, that's our 2017 heirloom shawl.  I can't wait to see how that one takes shape, I only hope we have the time needed to see all of these come to fruition. Hope you are all well and happy.

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