Wednesday, August 31, 2016

TWIST, last calls, Spinning Box & SIREN

TWIST Is now live, go have a look see at the top of the page for our latest Spill Rag and other offerings. Twist

Loaded a video with a sample of our work in Spinning Box it's Poison Frog which can't be sold until after the boxes are out so any incoming orders will be held until about 9-15.  But if you hurry you can get some in the box for September. Video

Last Call for Fairy Dusted in time for the KAL, we are loading photo of some custom color ways today.

Dyeing next week after a long weekend, closed Thursday PM-Tuesday AM when we return.  Dyeing Neverland again on Wednesday and hopefully will begin shipping the following week as we will open this one sooner then later.  We hope to post the first clue on 9-21 but that's only if everyone has their yarn first.  So this is a last call for Neverland as well.

We got in a new line we are calling Siren.  Why that word? Because the entire line will be nothing but amazing, high end luxury yarns, some at rock bottom prices. 
  • For starters, Siren Bamboo Sock 65/20/15 EX Fine SWMerino/bamboo/silk this will be amazing dyed!  The colors will go saturated and deep in the silk and SWM.  Due to the fact that there's no nylon I'm going to be using this in shawls, only $20 per skein 380yds/100g!  Can't you think of some gradient sets? 
  • Next up, two pure breds, both lace weight 100% Mink 655 yards/100g $34 
  • and 100% Yak 490 yards/50g $24.  
  • These are low introductory prices which will go up after our initial stock sells out.  
  • In the Siren line we will also pull to fill our 2017 heirloom, it's a silk/cashmere! Perfect for our needs.  This isn't in the pre-sale line up though, more about that one at a later date. 
That's all for now folks, enjoy!


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